Novation Launchpad Controller for Ableton Live

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    Product Description

    Novation and Ableton Come Together to Bring You the Launchpad Controller!
    Get control of the nuances contained in Ableton Live and put them right at your fingertips. An ultimate solution for the live DJ or for studio music production, the Launchpad makes music creation as easy as hitting a button. Featuring a multi-color 64-button interactive grid, the Launchpad controls and displays its actions along with the dedicated scene launch buttons, Launchpad triggers and manipulates your Ableton Sessions to provide a full-on interactive experience. 

    Novation Launchpad Features

    • Made for each other - Designed in partnership with Ableton, Launchpad and Ableton Live integrate seamlessly; just load up Live, plug-in Launchpad and you’re ready to roll.
    • Launchpad and Live operate as one - Bi-directional communication between Launchpad and Ableton Live ensures that, at any given time, each knows the status of the other.
    • Instant Visual Session Overview - With its backlit multi-color 64 button grid, Launchpad gives instant feedback on your session view – see at a glance what's loaded, what's playing, and what's being recorded.
    • Launch clips and scenes – Launchpad’s 64-button grid and dedicated scene launch buttons are ideal for launching and controlling your clips and scenes.
    • Innovative control over your mix - Including volume, pans, sends, track arming, soloing and muting. Launchpad lets you jump to different levels across eight channels at once.
    • Expand your Ableton control solution - Novation’s Automap-enabled controllers work seamlessly together – a ZeRO SL MkII to control the mix, whilst Launchpad triggers clips!
    • New to Ableton Live? – Launchpad comes with “Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Edition”, fully functional for performance and production. For existing users, Ableton Live 7 and 8 are Launchpad-ready.
    • Create and perform anywhere, anytime - Launchpad is USB-powered, with no need for an additional power supply. Just a single USB lead, powered from your computer.
    • Go Large! - Launchpad supports multiple unit operation. Connect up to 6 Launchpads at a time! Expand your grid with multiple Launchpads, or have one Launchpad dedicated to mixer mode, and the other to launching clips.
    • Jump around your Live set - Using simple page buttons and a ‘Session Overview’, Launchpad gives you an overview of the clips you have loaded across your entire Live set.
    • Don’t move! - With large rubber grips to hold it steady, once you choose a performance position for Launchpad, that’s where it stays!
    Each button has three color states so you can see at a glance what's loaded (orange), what's playing (green), and what's being recorded (red). Similarly, Live's interface tells you what section of the Session View the Launchpad is currently controlling. This two-way communication ensures that Launchpad and Ableton Live are always perfectly in sync.

    Ableton Live Launchpad Edition
    Launchpad features a dedicated Launchpad Edition of Ableton Live 8, providing all you need to start performing and composing in Ableton Live. Launchpad doesn’t just launch clips. Switch to mixer mode and the same button grid offers a unique way to control Ableton Live’s mixer. Volume, pans, sends, track arming, soloing and muting can all be controlled via the grid. Using buttons instead of dials, Launchpad lets you jump to different levels across eight channels at once, great for controlling multiple effects sends.

    Launchpad is also great for sketching out beats. Switch to ‘user mode 1’ and the 64 buttons become drum pad triggers laid out for playing Ableton Live’s Drum Racks. However, Launchpad has two 'user' modes, and both are fully customizable. Using Live’s own learn function, they let you create your own control setup, exactly the way you want it.

    Launchpad is not exclusive to Ableton Live. Outside of Live, Novation’s Automap software gives Launchpad the power to control almost any other music software.

    Features Outside of Ableton Live
    • Automap-enabled - For instant, intelligent control over VST/AU/RTAS/TDM plug-ins and an increasing number of standalone samplers and step-sequencers
      NOTE: Launchpad will only operate in Automap mode when it is NOT the selected controller in Ableton.
    • See what you’re triggering - Automap provides a customizable heads-up transparent display across your computer screen. Ideal for seeing at a glance samples that you're about to trigger.
    • Editing control maps has never been so simple - Automap lets you create, customize and delete button assignments directly from your computer screen using lightning-fast ‘click’ and ‘tap’ facilities! Click a parameter and then tap a button to assign it.
    • Get to the right software fast! - Control maps are automatically placed into categories depending on type (instrument, effects, custom etc.) quick and easy browsing and selection via Launchpad.
    • Old-school MIDI control - Utilizing Automap, Launchpad can operate as a standard MIDI controller, creating custom MIDI maps with 72 of its buttons transmitting either CC or MIDI note data.
    • Flexible trigger platform for Max MSP and Reaktor programmers - Programmers can utilize variable brightness and multi-color LED states to their full advantage when designing new and innovative tools in Max MSP and Reaktor.
    Launchpad is also the ideal controller for Max for Live. The customizable user modes are flexible enough to deal with even the most detailed Max for Live devices and can handle generic parameters and controls with ease. Programmers can utilize variable brightness and multi-color (eleven) LED states to their full advantage when designing new and innovative tools in Max for Live.

    Want more buttons? Launchpads are designed to work together, with up six units at once! That’s 432 assignable buttons! Need faders, keys, drum pads and more? Launchpad works seamlessly alongside all of Novation’s other controllers, including the SL MkII with its dedicated co-designed Ableton control layout. 


    Included DVD-Rom features:

    • Ableton Live 8 Launchpad Edition
    • 1 GB of Loopmaster loops and 1/2GB ‘Mike the Drummer’ drums samples
    • Ableton Live demo project designed for Launchpad, utilizing the above loops

    Product Specifications
    Novation Launchpad Controller Specifications
    • Physical controls and Indicators
      • 64 (8x8 grid) square multi-color back-lit buttons
      • 8 round multi-color back-lit system buttons (assignable)
      • 8 round multi-color back-lit function buttons (not assignable)
    • Connectivity: L-shaped USB 1.1 connector
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 9.45 x 0.79 x 9.45 inches (240 x 20 x 240 mm)
    • Weight: 1.6 lbs (717 g)
    Minimum Operational Requirements

    10.4 or later recommended 
    G4 or faster / Intel Mac
    512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
    Windows XP or Vista
    1.5 GHz or faster
    512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-431-2609 Warranty:  As of 12/14/2017: 2 Year
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