Novation X25 X Station Synthesizer Keyboard

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    Product Description

    The Novation X Station is a powerhouse keyboard with world-class key action and incredible sounds!
    Novation stands for innovative sound and music production tools. The X-Station combines a Novation-class synthesiser, an audio solution, MIDI remote controller, MIDI interface and a multi-effects processor. All in one - complete with USB* or battery power for extended total mobility!

    Superb Keyboard in 3 Sizes
    The keyboard employs a premium-class mechanism with semi-weighted keys and aftertouch. Even if you're not a trained piano player you will instantly feel the difference! Aftertouch, a joystick and the assignable X/Y touch pad controller provide you with extra dimensions of expression for your performances. What's more, X-STATION comes in three sizes: 25, 49 and 61 keys - your choice of ultimately portable or plenty of keys! All models may be run off batteries, power supply or USB*.

    Audio and MIDI Solution
    X-Station includes a fully featured audio interface with two phantom-powered, hi-quality converters, two Neutrik combined XLR and jack sockets, digital S/PDIF out, and much more. Dedicated headphone and monitoring connections with separate controls even allow you to work without a mixer. What's more, the onboard DSP effects processor provides instant, zero-latency multi-effects for monitoring or recording applications. Each audio channel has its own effects chain. You can even record audio with effects on one channel - and use the synthesizer on the second at the same time! On top of that, X-Station has a built in MIDI Interface on board, allowing you to integrate external MIDI Gear as well.

    Hardware Synthesizer
    A fully featured Novation-class hardware synthesizer also runs on the unique X-Station hardware thanks to its powerful DSP processor! The 3-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer is based on the renowned Novation KS-series and is 8-voice polyphonic. The extensive control interface provides instant access to all key parameters, making it ideal for live performances. And forget cables - the synthesizer is fully integrated: The stereo audio output is sent straight through the USB cable onto the track in your sequencer via ASIO!

    DSP Effects
    X-Station provides two channels of onboard multi-effects! Up to six effects may be used simultaneously on each channel. The palette includes Chorus, Delay, Reverb Distortion, EQ and even a Compressor. The effects can be routed for monitoring only (like giving the singer some Reverb while recording) or for recording as well (e.g. recording a guitar with Chorus). Thanks to the unique design, synthesizer and effects for incoming audio can even be used at the same time!

    Direct Remote
    Want a first class remote control for sequencer functions? Need a hardware surface for your VST-Instruments? Would you like to remote control other hardware from one surface? Here's your solution - no matter if you want to remote control your Access Virus or Propellerhead Reason. X-Station offers a total of 55 assignable physical controls, including 3 Encoders, 16 pots, 9 sliders and 22 buttons. And that doesn't include the dedicated controls in the Audio section. A template can have up to a massive 150 virtual controls in total using the shift functions!

    Tired of Wires?
    X-Station only needs one for everything - the USB cable. That's it. Even power is provided via USB* or batteries whenever desired! So if you really want to make your recordings on the beach - take your laptop, X-Station and enjoy the sun as inspiration. But don't say we didn't warn you about the sun-burn and the sand all over your gear!

    * The USB bus must be able to supply the required amount of current in order to power the X-Station. Please verify that your computer provides enough power.

    Novation X Station FAQ
      1) What is the difference between the X-Station, the Remote Audio and the Remote Audio Xtreme?
      Since the introduction of the synthesiser section into the Remote Audio, this product has now been rebranded as the X-Station. This powerful product is a synthesiser, MIDI controller keyboard, audio interface, dual mic preamp with phantom power and a stereo effects processor. Functionally there are no differences between the Remote Audio and the X-Station. The Remote Audio Xtreme was a Remote Audio bundled with the limited edition Xtreme software pack. This software pack comprised Steinberg Cubase SE, Novation Live and the Novation V-Station.

      2) What templates are provided with the X-Station?
      The X-Station is loaded with templates for the following software and hardware:
    • Novation A-Station/K-Station/V-Station, Bass Station, Supernova/Nova
    • Propellerheads Reason Subtractor, Maelstrom, Sampler (NN19, Dr:Rex, NN:XT), Redrum, Mixer
    • Native Instruments Reactor, Absynth, FM7, B4, Pro53, Kontakt
    • Propeller Heads Rebirth RB338
    • Roland JP8000/JP8080, SH-32, General MIDI 2
    • Clavia Nord Lead 3
    • Korg MS2000
    • Access Virus A, B & C
    • Steinberg , Cubase SX, Cubase SX2, Model E, Groove Agent, Halion, Virtual Guitarist
    • Waldorf PPG Wave 2.2
    • GMedia Oddity, ImpOscar
    • Emagic Logic Platinum 5, Logic Platinum 6
    • LinPlug Albino
    • Spectrasonics Trilogy/Atmosphere, Stylus
    • Ableton Live
    • Cakewalk Sonar

    • 3) What computer operating systems can the X-Station work with?
      The X-Station is shipped with a driver CD for Windows XP and Mac OSX 10.2 or greater. The OSX driver will work with Jaguar, Panther and Tiger operating systems. There is no Mac OS9 support. There is no support for Windows versions other than Windows XP.

      4) How is the X-Station powered?
      The X-Station can be powered from USB, from batteries or from the supplied 9V DC power supply. If rechargable batteries are fitted, these can be recharged either by the USB power supply or by connecting to the 9V DC power supply. The X-Station needs to be turned on for the battery charger to work.

      5) What is the latest Windows driver version for the X-Station?
      The latest latest ASIO driver is 2.5.5 and the latest MIDI driver is version for Windows XP. This can be checked by connecting the X-Station via USB to a computer, turning on and then checking the properties of the control panel sytsem/device manager/sound, video and games controllers X-Station icon. The latest OSX driver version is 1.1. The latest drivers can be downloaded from the Downloads page.

      6) Can the X-Station transport buttons be used with Reason?
      Reason has a fixed MIDI implementation for most functions but the transport bar and the mixer controls do not have fixed MIDI functions. The controls for transport and mixer functions need to be 'learnt' into Reason in order for these to work. See the Tips & Tricks page in the User Area to learn how to do this.

      7) What type of footswitch can be used with the X-Station Remote Audio?
      The footswitch control is specified within each template for the X-Station and can be assigned to any MIDI function. Either a normally open or a normally closed footswitch can be used with the X-Station.

      To set the footswitch to control sustain within a particular template, press the template edit mode button. Press the footswitch to make this the control active for editing. Set the control type to CC, the CC number to 064 (MIDI sustain), and the button type to toggle. For a normally open footswitch, set the high value to 127 and the low value to 000. For a normally closed footswitch, set the high value to 000 and the low value to 127. Write the template to memory to save the changes.

    Product Specifications
    Novation X Station Specifications
      Keyboard Mechanism
    • Keys: 25, 49 or 61
    • Type: Semi-Weighted
    • Aftertouch: Yes

    • Pitch and Mod Wheel Mechanism
    • Pitch Wheel Lever: Rubberized - spring loaded, centre return left to right motion
    • Mod-Control Lever: Rubberized - spring loaded, front to back motion or free running forward and backwards

    • X/Y Touchpad
    • Touchpad: Pressure Sensitive
    • Parameters: 2 assignable in X direction; 2 assignable in Y direction

    • LCD Display
    • LCD: 2 x 16 character silver. Blue LED backlit

    • Audio
    • Audio Inputs: 2 x combined quarter-inch/XLR sockets
    • Phantom Power: On/Off 48 Volts
    • Gain Control: -60dB - +10dB Signal Range
    • A to D Converters: 2 x 24 bit Delta Sigma
    • Audio Outputs: 2 x quarter-inch jack sockets
    • Digital Output: SPDIF - phono

    • MIDI and Audio Interfacing
    • MIDI Ports: 1 x MIDI In; 2 x MIDI Out
    • USB: 1x combined MIDI and audio I/O

    • Effects Processors
    • Effects: 2 x multi-effects processors
    • Type: Delay-Reverb-Chorus; Phaser-Compressor-Distortion-EQ (Bass-Mid-Treble)

    • Controls
    • Rotary Potentiometers: 20 - rotation 0 to 270 degrees
    • Rotary Encoders: 4 - rotation 360 degrees continuous
    • Sliders: 9 - 30mm length
    • Transport Controls: Rewind-Fast Forward-Stop-Start-Record
    • General Operation: Play-Template Common-Template Edit-Write-Global-Snapshot-Panic
    • Cursor-Page Control: Bank - page up-down; Program - cursor up-down; Inst Channel - cursor left-right
    • Keyboard Control: Octave up/down

    • Synth Architecture
    • Voices: 8
    • Modes: Program (monotimbral)
    • Memories: 200 memory locations programmed with the KS factory presets

    • Synth Oscillators 1, 2 and 3
    • Waveforms: Square-Saw-Variable; Pulse-Tri-Sine-Double Saw-Double Tri-Double Sine-9 complex cycle waveforms
    • Noise Sources: White-Crack-Metal 1-Metal 2
    • Octave Range: Shift -1-0-+1-+2
    • Mod Envelope Depth: -64 to +63
    • LFO1 Depth: -64 to +63
    • PWM Source: Mod Env-Manual-LFO2
    • Ring Mod: 1 * 2
    • FM: 2 * 3
    • 2 * 3 FM Level: 0-127
    • 2 * 3 FM Mod Level: 0-127
    • FM Env Attack Rate: 250uS-20S
    • FM Env Decay Rate: 1mS-20S
    • Comprehensive aftertouch, breath and pitch-mod wheel control of both static pitch and modulation of pitch

    • Synth Mixer
    • Osc 1 Static Level: 0-127
    • Osc 1 Mod Level/LFO1: -64 to +63
    • Osc 1 Mod Level/LFO2: -64 to +63
    • Osc 2 Static Level: 0-127
    • Osc 2 Mod Level/LFO2: -64 to +63
    • Osc 3 Static Level: 0-127
    • Osc 3 Mod Level/AD Env: -64 to +63
    • Noise Static Level: 0-127
    • Noise Mod Level/LFO1: -64 to +63
    • FM Static Level: 0-127
    • FM Mod Level/AD Env: -64 to +63

    • Synth Filters
    • Frequency: 0-127
    • Slope: 12dB-24dB
    • Modes: Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass
    • Resonance: 0 to self-oscillation (24dB mode)
    • Mod Env Depth: -64 to +63
    • LFO 2 Depth: -64 to +63
    • Keyboard Tracking: 0-127
    • Velocity: 0-127
    • Overdrive: 0-127
    • Q Normalize: 0-127
    • Comprehensive aftertouch, breath and pitch/mod wheel control of both static filter frequency and modulation of filter frequency

    • Synth Amplifier & Modulation Envelopes
    • Velocity: -64 to +63
    • Attack: 250uS-20S
    • Decay: 1mS-20S
    • Sustain: 0-127
    • Release: 1mS-20S
    • Delay (Mod Env): 1mS-20S

    • Synth LFO1 - LFO2
    • Modes: Cyclic-One-shot
    • Waveforms: Sine-Tri-Saw-Square-Sample & Hold-Sample & Hold-Quantize-Random 24 Intricate Wavetables
    • Speed: 0 Hz-1kHz
    • Delay Fade In: 0-5S

    • Synth Effects
    • Reverb: Level-Echo Chamber, Small Room, Large Room, Small Hall, Large Hall, Grand Hall-Decay-Wheel Level
    • Chorus - Phaser: Level-Rate-Type-Feedback-Mod Depth-Center-Initial Position-Wheel Level
    • Distortion: Drive-Compensation-Wheel Level
    • Panning: Position-Mod Depth-Speed-Initial Position
    • Delay: Depth-Time-Feedback-Stereo Width-Ratio-Wheel Level

    • General
    • Battery Operation: 6 x standard C size 1.5 Volt dry cells or rechargeable cells
    • External Power Supply: Standard center positive 9V DC 600mA (not supplied)
    • Size (25 Key Version) (W x H x D): 18.4 x 2.7 x 10.9 inches (468 x 68 x 278 mm)
    • Size (49 Key Version) (W x H x D): 31.4 x 2.7 x 10.9 inches (798 x 68 x 278 mm)
    • Size (61 Key Version) (W x H x D): 37.9 x 2.7 x 10.9 inches (963 x 68 x 278 mm)
    • Weight (25 Key Version): 5.5 pounds (2.5 Kg)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-431-2609 Warranty:  1 Year
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