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    Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Software Controller

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    Product Description

    Numark Provides An Evolved Electronic Take on Turntable DJing!
    The turntable for the DJ of today, the Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Software Controller provides unmatched feel and power for controlling your DJ software. Based around the adjustable torque, motorized-platter design from Numark's NS7, the V7 delivers a host of professional features including real vinyl and a slipmat that analog turntablists will love.

    The turntable control on the V7 is ten times the resolution of standard MIDI and features mouse-less library navigation and Strip Search virtual-needle drop. V7's link function enables you to combine two Numark V7s with your choice of any mixer and your Mac or PC for a completely customizable, totally seamless performance environment. 

    Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Software Controller Features

    • High-resolution turntable software controller
    • Direct-drive, motorized turntable platter with high and low-torque settings
    • Includes Serato ITCH software, compatible with Serato Scratch LIVE libraries
    • Works with all DJ mixers for custom system configuration
    • Extensive loop, cue, and track-access controls
    • Strip Search virtual needle-drop control
    • Complete effects controls for audio manipulation
    • Premium, rugged, all-metal construction with high-end knobs and buttons
    • Audiophile-grade audio circuitry with line inputs, system and cue outs
    • Handoff between two DJs using separate computers for up to four virtual decks
    • Link two V7s together or use a single unit to control two decks
    V7 turntable controller includes a professional 24-bit audio interface and contains premium faders, knobs, and buttons including controls for selecting tracks and blending audio effects in the included Serato ITCH software.

    Perfect Feel
    Forget your experiences with other controllers. Numark V7 has a seven-inch, motorized, high-torque aluminum turntable platter. The turntable features modern and classic settings that alter the feel to model the feel you prefer. A seven-inch, legit vinyl record with 45RPM adapter sits on a real slipmat. There’s no simulation here – V7 software controller is the real deal. 

    Numark used premium, rugged, rubberized buttons and knobs for an unquestionably high-quality feel. Its recognizable, professional appearance is supported by clean design in matte and glossy black. Numark V7 is housed in a heavy-gauge, industrial-strength metal casing that is ready for the torture of travel.

    Professional Setup
    Forget the mouse. Forget the keyboard. V7 renders software perfectly simple to operate, with its click knob and large, backlit buttons navigating though your music library. You’ll spend less time looking at the screen and more time enjoying performing thanks to the visual feedback you get from V7’s extensive LEDs and hands-on controls.

    Grab a pair of V7s and your favorite mixer, such as DXM PRO, and you’re ready to rock. V7 software controller has right and left deck audio outputs to connect directly to your mixer.

    Precision Control
    Numark V7 sends control information over USB at more than ten times the standard MIDI rate. This innovative communication technique yields extremely high-precision, low-latency control.

    There’s nothing like dropping the needle on a record for quickly locating a point in the track. Numark took that idea and developed their own modern take on it with Strip Search, the unique virtual-needle-drop touch strip. You can locate a point instantly within the track using the on-screen waveform and Strip Search.

    Five hot-cue-assign buttons on each deck digitally mark your cues on the track. These marker points are recallable in ITCH, and you can even load Scratch LIVE cue points in ITCH.

    Numark developed an extensive loop-controls section for creative remix capabilities. You can choose between manual and auto-loop functions and an automatic BPM analyzer further assists loop makers. Creating automatic smart loops of any measure length is a breeze, and you can mutilate and modify to your heart’s content with a variety of controls such as Doubling, Halving, Shift, and manual controls. Multiple loop banks make Numark V7 a great choice for scratch and club DJs alike.

    Beat matching is straight ahead with 100mm, smooth, stiff pitch sliders and plus and minus buttons, by popular request, for bending. There’s a zero-point LED, so it’s easy to know when you’re in the middle.

    Audio Quality 
    Numark took extraordinary care in selecting the components of the audio signal chain. V7 controller contains a multichannel, high-resolution 24-bit USB digital-audio interface.

    The high-definition analog audio output features a minimized circuit path with containing only one audiophile-grade bipolar capacitor. This optimized design maximizes phase coherence, ensuring that audio is tight and punchy.

    Serato Itch Software
    Numark V7 comes with Serato ITCH. For one-to-one communication, each knob, button, and control on V7 corresponds exactly to that function in the software. Serato ITCH is already familiar if you use Scratch LIVE. ITCH builds on Scratch LIVE and adds some key, new features. ITCH makes timecode a thing of the past, so you won’t need to worry about needles skipping or vinyl wearing out. You can load your Scratch LIVE crates, loops, presets, and cue points seamlessly in ITCH. V7 also works with most other compatible MIDI DJ software and supports your iTunes library.

    With natural vinyl feel, precise control, pristine sound, custom flexibility, advanced performance, and rock solid design, the turntable has evolved. Meet V7. 

    Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Software Controller Includes
    • V7 motorized turntable software controller
    • Turntable platter system
    • 7-inch vinyl record
    • 7-inch slipmat
    • Spindle wrench
    • Spindle screw
    • (2) Stereo audio cables (RCA)
    • Link cable
    • USB cable
    • Power cable
    • Software CD
    • Quick start guide

    Product Specifications
    Numark V7 Motorized Turntable Software Controller Specifications
    • Audio Outputs:
      • Deck 1 (Stereo RCAs L/R)
      • Deck 2 (Stereo RCAs L/R)
    • Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz
    • Bit Depth: 24-bit
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 12.625 x 14.5 x 4.375 inches
    • Weight: 16.4 lbs
    Minimum System Requirements:


    • Operating System: Mac OS 10.4.11 or higher
    • Processor:
      • 32-bit - Intel processor, 1.8GHz Core Duo; 1GB RAM
      • 64-bit - Intel processor, 2.4GHz Core Duo; 4GB RAM
    • RAM: 2GB RAM
    • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
    • Other:
      • Available USB 2.0 port
      • Available Hard disk space for music
    • Operating System: Windows Vista, or XP
    • Processor:
      • 32-bit: 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo processor; 2MB L2 cache
        • 2GB RAM(Win Vista), 1GB RAM(XP)
      • 64-bit: 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo processor; 2MB L2 cache
        • 4GB RAM
    • Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768
    • Other:
      • Available USB 2.0 port
      • Available Hard disk space for music

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  401-658-3131 Warranty:  1 Year
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