Orange Fur Coat Fuzz with Adjustable Octave Pedal

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    Product Description

    Octave/fuzz pedals provide incredible tones and textures which add excitement to any riff or solo! The Fur Coat from Orange is a fully controllable old school fuzz pedal inspired by the legendary Foxx Tone Machine. The compact size make the Fur Coat the perfect addition to any pedalboard and will inspire your playing in a new way!

    Always place it first in the signal chain with no buffer as a passive guitar pickup as part of the circuit. When running the Fur Coat into the clean channel, the EQ should be set to halfway or lower. If into the dirty channel, set it higher. If the octave level is set to less than flat out, the octave can be controlled using the guitar volume. Depending on your location, fuzz pedals can pick up radio signals, this is completely normal.

    The Fur Coat can be powered by 9 or 12V DC. A regulated DC power supply fitted with a center negative plug (2.1mm) must be used. Running at 12V will increase the headroom and the output volume available. To replace the battery, unfasten the four screws on the base and secure the new battery in the battery clip, making sure to observe the battery’s polarity (+ / -).

    Product Specifications
    Orange Fur Coat Fuzz with Adjustable Octave Pedal Specifications                     
    • VOLUME: Output level
    • FUZZ: Controls the level of fuzz gain
    • EQ: Sculpts the tone produced
    • OCTAVE: Adds upper octave to the tone  
    • INPUT: Connect guitar here
    • OUT: Out to amp or next pedal
    • OCTAVE: Activates octave control
    • FUZZ: Activates fuzz control
    • 9-12V DC INPUT: Ensure only a center negative adaptor is used
    • Current draw: 20mA at 9V
    • Dimensions (WxHxD): 95 x 65 x 130mm 
    • Weight: 462g exc. batt.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  404-303-8196 Warranty:  1 Year; 3 months speakers
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