Pearl P2002C Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal With Case

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    Product Description

    The Pearl P-2002C Eliminator Double Bass Drum Pedal is an incredible dual chain drive system with interchangeable cams, 4 beater surfaces, and Pearl's adjustable PowerShifter footboard.
    Bass pedals rely on the shape of the cam - round or offset, large or small - to give each pedal its characteristic action and feel. Some brands offer more than one shape to cater to the diverse style differences and preferences of the drumming public. Unfortunately, if you want another cam you have to buy a whole new pedal or install a new cam providing you can buy one separately in the first place.

    Pearl’s PowerShifter Eliminator pedal comes standard with four cams, each with a unique shape and all interchange at the push of a button thus giving the Eliminator the action and feel of four different pedals for the price of one!

    Interchangeable Cam System
    The interchangeable cam system features four uniquely shaped cams. The Black Cam is Pearl’s original linear-feel cam for smooth, well-balanced action. The White Cam is also linear but larger in diameter for a lighter feel and increased power. The Blue cam is offset and starts with a light feel at the beginning of the stroke and accelerates with speed and power upon impact. The Red cam is radically offset and provides great response for sensitive footwork and extreme power upon impact. Two other cams are available for purchase separately: the Purple CAMPL and the Yellow CAMYL Cams. The Purple Cam has a feel that is in between the Blue and Red cams while the Yellow Cam has a unique top heavy feel that generates the most power of all the cams. All cams attach and detach easily at the push of a button.

    Traction Control Footboard
    The footboard features Pearl’s Traction Control system that permits the user to alter the amount of slip-resistance on the footboard for optimum control and speed. The integrated Traction Plate features Traction Grip dots, rubberized disks, that can be removed completely or inserted one at a time and selectively positioned to provide just the right amount of slip-resistance where you want for your playing style. In addition, the Traction Plate can be rotated with the Traction Grip dots facing toward the front or the rear of the pedal for traction control near the ball of the foot or near the toes for additional customization of the feel.

    Toe Clamp Height Adjuster
    The PowerShifter Eliminator features a Toe Clamp height adjuster that accommodates bass drum hoop of all thickness. The pedal is secured to the drum hoop with a side mounted clamping system that allows easy attachment and removal.

    PowerShifter Feature
    The PowerShifter allows the footboard to move forward or backward to change the leverage for light, normal, or heavy feel. Combined with the Interchangeable Cam System, the PowerShifter Eliminator is the most adjustable pedal in the world.

    Stainless Steel Universal Joints
    All Pearl Double Pedals feature precision Stainless Steel Universal Joints. We made them 20% thicker than standard steel universal joints to make them the most dependable and precise on the market today!

    Standard on all PowerShifter Eliminator and PowerShifter pedals, the QuadBeater features 2 plastic and 2 felt faces to create four distinctly different sounds.

    Roller Cam Hoop Clamp
    Side mounted for easy attachment and removal of the pedals.

    Uni-Pressure Spring Clamp
    Allows infinite beater angle for perfect pedal feel.

    Floating Spring Pendulum
    The Floating Spring Pendulum attaches to the rocker cam in-line (not off to the side) for significantly improved waggle (the number of times the beater oscillates before stopping). Roller bearings provide outstanding speed and smoothness.

    Ergonomically Designed Footboard and Heel
    Footboard surfaces are smooth for power slides but give ample resistance for control. The integrated hinge adds speed and increases reliability and the heel is tapered for comfort and control.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  (615)-833-4477 Warranty:  As of July 13, 2009 Pearl has a lifetime warranty on shells.
    Before July 13, 2009; 1 Year Finish, Stands & Pedals; 3 Years Shells; Pearl Percussion, 2 Years
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