Peavey Classic 30 Guitar Combo Amplifier

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    Product Description

    The Peavey Classic 30 112 is the newest member of the Classic tube amp family using the same basic preamp design as the Classic 50, with the addition of the boost switch.
    The 30 watt power amp, when combined with the specially-voiced 12-inch speaker creates a very powerful amplifier that’s portable enough for backstage or practice, yet loud enough to jam with a rhythm section. The dual channel preamp allows quick variation of tone - from vintage blues, to modern hard-rock and grunge tones. The boost switch is particularly useful in obtaining the more traditional cranked-amp tones without the harshness generated by sending too much low end to the power amp. The 30 watt power level is just the right amount for power amp chunk and sustain at a reasonable volume.

    Two particularly modern additions to this amplifier are the reverb and effects loop. The reverb unit is the long-spring type found in most guitar amps since the 50's. The effects loop comes in especially handy when used with delay, chorus, and many other effects units, racks or stomp boxes - when you don’t want the associated noise of connecting them in-line with the amp.

    For a special treat, try plugging one of the Classic enclosures or even a 412-Peavey 6505 cabinet into the external speaker jack. You’ll find this particular combination has plenty of knock in the low-end. And best of all, it’s very LOUD.

    Peavey Classic 30 Features

    • All-tube preamp and power amp
    • 30 W RMS into 16 or 8 ohms (16 ohms only on Head)
    • Tweed-covered cabinet with chrome chassis
    • Lead and Normal channels: footswitchable (not included)
    • Three-band vintage EQ
    • External speaker capability
    • Reverb with level control: footswitchable
    • Effects loop
    • Boost switch

    Product Specifications

    Peavey Classic 30 - 112 Specifications

    • Four 6BQ5/EL84s with 12AX7 driver
    • Rated Power & Load: 30 W RMS into 16 or 8 ohms
    • Power @ Clipping (Typically) (5% THD, 1 kHz, 120 VAC line): 30 Watts RMS into 16 or 8 ohms (Bias must be reduced to measure.)
    • Frequency Response: +0, -2 dB, 50 Hz to 15 kHz, @ 20 W RMS into 16 ohms
    • Hum & Noise: No greater than 80 dB below rated power
    • Power Consumption: 150 watts, 50/60 Hz, 120 VAC (Domestic)


    • Two 12AX7’s

      The following specs are measured @ 1 kHz with the controls preset as follows:
      Pre & Post (lead) @ 0
      Reverb Level @ 0
      Bass & Treble EQ @ 12
      Middle EQ @ 0
      Channel Select Out
      Boost Switch Out
      Nominal level is with Input Gain @ 6
      Minimum level is with Input Gain @ 12

    • Preamp Normal Input:
      • Impedance: Very high Z, 470 K ohms
    • Lead Channel (Post Gain @ 12):
      • Nominal Input Level: -40 dBV, 10 mV RMS
      • Minimum Input Level: -70 dBV, 0.3 mV RMS
    • Normal Channel (Post Gain @ 12):
      • Nominal Input Level: -17 dBV, 140 mV RMS
      • Minimum Input Level: -28 dBV, 40 mV RMS
      • Maximum Input Level: 0 dBV, 1.0 V RMS
    • Equalization (Lead and Normal Channels): Custom bass, middle, and treble passive-type EQ
    • Effects Send:
      • Load Impedance: 1 K ohm or greater
      • Nominal Output Level: -6 dBV, 0.5 V RMS
    • Effects Return:
      • Impedance: High Z, 2 M ohms
      • Designed Input Level: -6 dBV, 0.5 V RMS
        (Switching jack provides Effects Send to Effects Return connection when not used.)
    • External Footswitch Function:
      • Reverb Defeat (when reverb control is raised)
      • Normal/Lead Channel Select (when Lead activated)
    • Speaker: One 12-inch Blue Marvel, 16 ohms

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  601-483-5365 Warranty:  Guitars/Basses, Amp, Pre-Amps, Mixers, Electronic Crossovers & EQs: 2 years   Drums: 2 years   Enclosures: 2 years   Digital Effects, Keyboard & MIDI Controllers: 1 year   Mics: 2 years   Speaker Components (incl. replacement parts) and all Accessories: 1 year   Tubes & Meters: 90 days
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