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    Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amplifier Head

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    Product Description

    The Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amp Head features six 12AX7 preamp tubes and four 6L6GC power amp tubes, with presence and resonance controls and three-band EQ for taming their notorious tone.

    Peavey proudly introduces its 6505 Series guitar amplifiers, named in celebration of Peavey's first 40 years, 1965 to 2005. The 6505 is also the relaunch of the 5150 Series, the immensely popular amplifiers Peavey designed with Edward Van Halen.

    While known as the 5150, these amps became the undisputed go-to guitar amps for scores of rock, hardcore and metal bands due to their raw tone, relentless power and road-proven reliability. The 6505 is still the unquestionable choice for an ever-expanding list of endorsers, including 3 Doors Down, Ted Nugent, Atreyu, Steve Morse, In Flames, Arch Enemy, Visqueen, God Forbid, HIMSA, Darkest Hour, Sworn Enemy, Unearth and many more.

    Peavey 6505 Plus Guitar Amp Head Features

    • Two distinct tube channels with footswitch control
    • LED "active" indicators for each channel
    • Bright switch for Rhythm channel
    • Crunch switch on Rhythm channel with footswitch control
    • Separate equalizer sections for each channel
    • Separate power amp controls (Resonance and Presence) for each channel
    • Separate preamp controls (Pre and Post Gain) for each channel
    • Standby power switch
    • Bias test points on rear panel
    • Effects loop with footswitch control
    • 1/4 inch Preamp output jack
    • Speaker impedance selection switch (4, 8, 16 ohm)
    • Two parallel 1/4" speaker output jacks
    • 120 watts output power
    • Metal three button footswitch with detachable 25-foot cable

    Product Specifications

    Peavey 6505 Plus Specifications

    • RATED POWER AND LOAD: 120 W RMS into 16, 8, or 4 ohms
    • POWER @ CLIPPING (Typically @ 5% THD, 1 kHz, 120 V AC line): 130 W RMS into 16, 8, or 4 ohms
      (Bias must be reduced to measure.)
    • FREQUENCY RESPONSE: +0, -3 dB, 50 Hz to 20 kHz @ 100 W RMS into 8 ohms
    • HUM AND NOISE: Greater than 75 dB below rated power
      • Active Presence: +10 dB @ 2 kHz
      • Active Resonance: +10 dB @ cabinet resonant frequency
    • POWER CONSUMPTION (Domestic): 400 watts 50/60 Hz, 120 V AC
    • TUBE COMPLEMENT: Six x 12AX7 preamp tubes (1 for clean/crunch, 3 for Lead, 1 for EFX and 1 phase splitter 4-6L6GC

    The following specs are measured @ 1 kHz with the controls preset as follows:

      Low and High EQ @ 10
      Mid EQ @ 0
      Bright out
      Lead and Rhythm Posts @ 10
      Presence and Resonance @ 0 dB
      Nominal levels with Pre Gains @ 5
      Minimum levels with Pre Gains @ 10
    • PREAMP INPUT: Impedance: Very high Z, 470K ohms
    • Lead Channel (with channel select in):
      • Nominal Input Level: -60 dBV, 1 mV RMS
      • Minimum Input Level: -76 dBV, .15 mV RMS
    • Clean Channel (with channel select out):
      • Nominal Input Level: -30 dBV, 30 mV RMS
      • Minimum Input Level: -34 dBV, 20 mV RMS
      • Maximum Input Level: 0 dBV, 1.0 V RMS
        (Subtract 24 dB with Crunch switch in.)


    • Load Impedance: 47 k ohms or greater
    • Nominal Output: -10 dBV, 300 mV RMS


    • Impedance: Very High Z, 470 k ohms
    • Designed Level: -10 dBV, 300 mV RMS


    • Load Impedance: 47 k ohms or greater
    • Nominal Output: +10 dBV, 3 V RMS


    • Special 3-button unit with LED indicators (supplied)
    • Channel select and effects loop

    (20 Hz to 20 kHz unweighted)

    • Greater than 63 dB below rated power


    • Custom Low, Mid, and High passive type EQ
    • Push Bright (Rhythm Channel only): +6 dB @ 2 kHz
    • Push Crunch (Rhythm Channel only): Increases gain

    DIMENSIONS (H x W x D)

    • 10" x 26.625" x 11.75" (25.4 cm x 67.6 cm x 29.8 cm)


    • 48.3 lbs. (21.91 kg)

    Features and specifications subject to change without notice.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  601-483-5365 Warranty:  Guitars/Basses, Amp, Pre-Amps, Mixers, Electronic Crossovers & EQs: 2 years   Drums: 2 years   Enclosures: 2 years   Digital Effects, Keyboard & MIDI Controllers: 1 year   Mics: 2 years   Speaker Components (incl. replacement parts) and all Accessories: 1 year   Tubes & Meters: 90 days
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Love it
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I have the first 5150 this 6505 plus is great, been using Peavey my whole career, love them.
    rob orbin
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Love this tging
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Straight out of the box kicks ass. A few adjustments and it was good to go. Plenty of volume for sure.
    Zak, horismoku11@gmail.com
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    amazing tone
    What is your opinion of this product?
    After getting a blackstar 2x12 combo, and not being happy with the dirty channel, I returned it for this bad boy. It came in the mail yesterday and I got to try it out at my bands practice. We're just doing basic rock covers, zeppelin to system of a down. So I needed a variety of tones. This thing does it. First off, holy shit, the dirty channel. Gain at around 6 and volume at 3...it's loud! It sounds so damn good. The crunch over always wanted. I was playing it through a peavey 4x12 and the cleans, dirty and heavy gain tones were perfect. Barely any hum or feedback at loud high gain volumes. If you want a loud, crunchy as balls heavy tone, don't think twice, buy this 6505 plus. The cleans are nice, didn't break up at all how I've been reading. I love this head and especially you American Musical Supply. Thank you for your payment plans. I love this company, their customer service and their products. I will definitely be a lifelong customer and tell everyone I know.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Outstanding! Finally!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Simply put, Awesome! After trying so many amps, tubes and solid state, this amp takes me right back to that perfect sound I had in the 80's! This is straight the Balls to the Wall/Motley Crue sound I've been trying to recoup. Arrived on time and perfect condition.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    This amp is a beast
    What is your opinion of this product?
    If you need heavy this is your amp. but that is not all it does. clean is not crystal clean fender clean but it is good. Crunch channel is where i live anything from classic rock to Van Halen 80's style. lead channel is face melting high gain destroy everything. No need for distortion or boost pedal here. highly recommend this amp. and built like a tank.
    Jeffrey Osborne
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    I keep coming back to you...
    What is your opinion of this product?
    When I think of that dream thump and tube powered air-cannon tone all guitarists dream up I sigh and say, "That ****ing Peavey." Not going to diss other heavy music/rock n' roll amplifiers by name but they should really just stop and move along because the 6505+ amplifier can produce any and all overdriven tones. As a sufferer of GAS, I have owned them all and I can say without a doubt that it's truly pointless to look elsewhere. Dependable, sturdy, commanding, and affordable as the dickens. The new 5150iii has people's attention but eventually they'll come crawling back. A+ for Peavey! (Side note: Reverb would be rad.)
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    This thing is amazing
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I've played on a lot of amps, this is single handedly the best of them all. I jammed on my buddy's a couple times and ordered it the next month.
    Rick T
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Very Nice!!!!!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    This amp is a beast!!!! everything about this amp is great. I purchased this amp with a Marshall 1960 A 4x12 loaded with Celestion g12-75 speakers and the combination is perfect. I tried this amp for 2 weeks with the EVH 5150III 4x12 and that cab is very "honky" in the midrange and has an overly bright top end, soloing was harsh sounding but the rhythm was chunky sounding. The Marshall cab is a perfect match with a singing lead tone and an aggressive crunchy rhythm. This amp is also extremely quiet at full gain unlike the original 5150 that I had years ago that had the high gain "hiss" no need for a noise suppressor with this amp. Made in the USA. I bought this amp for its incredible tone and because of the trouble free performance that I had for 12 years before trading my original 5150 in on a new guitar.
    12 Payments! 0% Interest!
    12 Payments! Ltd Time!
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