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    Product Description

    The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the ideal choice for DJ’s in search of a high quality controller with the performance specifications of Pioneer’s top professional DJ products and the convenience of an all-in-one system. This 4-channel DJ Controller has been specifically designed for Serato DJ Software and combines key features from Pioneer’s CDJ and DJM series.

    Two large CDJ style JOG wheels provide immediate response and playability, while also displaying the playback status and position of your tracks. Easily control various functions across 16 multi-color LED rubber velocity performance pads designed to respond to any remix function you choose. Featuring two sound cards, two USB ports, a high quality effects section, oscillator and Magvel Crossfader, Pioneer's DDJ-SZ has all the tools to satisfy even the most demanding of performers.

    Pioneer DDJ-SZ Professional DJ Controller for Serato

    • BIG JOG for accurate performance
    • 4 Channel Mixer using the same layout as in professional models
    • Large pads for dynamic performance and comfortable controls
    • Two USB soundcards for smooth DJ handovers
    • Various performance functions deliver diverse music arrangements and smooth mixes
    • The latest DJ software Serato DJ (free to download) for a truly unique DJing experience
    • Supports DVS control and can be used as a stand-alone mixer
    • Pioneer Exclusive MAGVEL cross fader for enhanced operability and durability
    • High quality audio circuitry delivers a professional sound
    • All buttons and knobs, as well as the soundcard, are PLUG AND PLAY, configured for Serato DJ.
    • Top plate and jog wheels built with an aluminum stylish finish
    • Slip Mode for precision scratching: Slip Mode silently continues track playback during a loop, reverse or scratch, and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance. It also adds a further level to the Performance Pads, enabling tricks such as Slip Hot Cue
    • Needle Search: touch strip for intuitive, fast searches
    • P-LOCK Fader Caps are impossible to pull off in the heat of a mix.
    • Auto Standby function switches to standby mode when no use or signal for a certain period of time.
    The DDJ-SZ features a Big Jog with a diameter of 206mm – the same as that of the CDJ-2000NXS pro DJ/club-oriented multi player – with excellent operability. Precise scratch performances have been made possible with the inclusion of an ON JOG DISPLAY in the center of the JOG, showing the playback status and position. The popular JOG FEELING ADJUST feature from the CDJ series also returns, so users can adjust to their liking the control load and continuous backspin time, etc. during scratch performances. The DDJ-SZ also features the industry’s fastest JOG response time (the time from operation of the JOG until the operation signal is transmitted to the software), enabling scratch performances exactly as intended.

    4-Channel Mixer
    The DDJ-SZ inherits its control parts layout from Pioneer's professional-oriented DJM series, which is used in clubs around the world. With a simple, easy-to-understand layout, and generous spaces between each control part, the DDJ-SZ delivers comfortable, dynamic controls. Also, level meters are positioned next to the control interface for the master and each channel, so the input and output levels can be ascertained instantly during performance.

    Performance Pad
    Large rubber Performance Pads have been positioned at the front of the unit for control of functions such as HOT CUE and SAMPLER. As well as being able to apply arrangements to music with dynamic actions such as hits and rolls, the audio volume of these actions can be made stronger or weaker depending on the strength with which the pads are hit. Also, the color and on/off status of the multicolor illuminations built into each pad make it possible to determine the mode of the selected pad and the performance status of all pads at a glance.

    Two USB Sound Cards
    Two sound cards and USB ports enable two computers to be connected at the same time. A dedicated A/B button on each side of the controller enables DJs to split the controller and assign each half between the two USB ports for seamless DJ handovers with no more awkward gaps in the music.

    Performance Functions
    DJs can enjoy even more creative freedom thanks to a high/low pass filter on every channel, including the two MIC channels and sampler, plus Master channel, while each effects can be fine-tuned using the large rotary parameter dial. High-quality FX include the new Oscillator– Noise, Siren, Cymbal and Horn – as well as popular Sound Color FX – Pitch, Echo, Jet and Filter.

    The DDJ-SZ is equipped with an Oscillator that emits four types of sound (NOISE, SIREN, CYMBAL, HORN). Simply select the type of sound you want to output and turn the knob to produce new developments in the music by overlaying sounds on top of the music being played, further emphasizing exciting parts of the music, and so on.

    Sound Color FX
    The DDJ-SZ includes four types of Sound Color FX functions (PITCH, JET, ECHO, FILTER), which are a popular part of the DJM series. Various effects can be added to the music simply by turning the knob, opening up the possibility of a diverse range of remixes. It is also possible to synchronize ECHO to the BPM of the music being played by obtaining BPM information from Serato DJ.

    Serato DJ
    In addition to 4-deck and sampler functions, the latest “Serato DJ”DJ software from Serato also comes with SLIP MODE, and FX powered by iZotope to arrange tracks in a wide variety of styles.
    • SLIP MODE - DJing function that allows tracks to continue playing in the background while other tracks are looped, scratched or hot cued, without affecting the original track.
    • FX powered by iZotope - High quality FX newly developed by iZotope. With the new effects, DJ can apply more creative and more unique arrangement to the music.
    Other New Functions
    • 8hot cue points can be set in each deck.
    • Vertical waveform display to visually sync the tempo.
    • Serato DJ software is available free of charge from
    Supports DVS control and can be used as a stand-alone mixer
    The four external inputs allow DJs to connect CDJs and turntables and use the DDJ-SZ as a stand-alone four-channel mixer. In addition, the unit has two dedicated MIC inputs with Hi/Low EQ, enabling voice MCing without sacrificing mixer channels. Plus two Master Out ports (balanced and RCA) and one balanced Booth Out port mean DJs can connect to a variety of PA set-ups.

    Pioneer Exclusive MAGVEL cross fader 
    The DDJ-SZ is equipped with Pioneer’s own magnetic crossfader for smooth, steady control. Two metal shafts support the fader knobs, while the robust contact-free magnetic system can be used more than 10 million times. The operational load, fader curve and cut lag can be adjusted to suit the DJ’s preference.

    High Quality Audio Circuitry
    The DDJ-SZ inherits high quality audio circuitry from Pioneer DJ’s pro-DJ equipment, including two built-in 24-bit sound cards, a precision engineered Wolfson DAC providing a signal-to-noise ratio of 111 dB on the Master Out to ensure incredibly pure sound reproduction.

    Product Specifications
    Pioneer DDJSZ Professional DJ Controller for Serato Specifications
    • Software: Serato DJ
    • Number Of Channels: 4 audio channels, 2 mic channels
    • Input Ports: 
      • CD/LINE×4 (RCA), PHONO×2 (RCA)
      • MIC x 2 (XLR & 1/4 inch combined PHONE x 1, 1/4 inch PHONE x 1)
    • Output Ports: 
      • MASTER OUT×2 (RCA×1, XLR×1)
      • BOOTH OUT×1 (1/4 inch PHONE)
      • HEADPHONE MONITOR OUT×2 (front panel 1/4 inch PHONE, Φ3.5mm MiniPin)
    • Other Ports: USB x 2 (Type B)
    • Sampling Rate: 44.1 kHz
    • D/A Converter: 24 bit  
    • A/D Converter: 24 bit
    • Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
    • Total Harmonic Distortion Ratio: 0.002% or less (USB)
    • S/N Ratio: 111 dB or above (USB) 
    • Head Room: 19 dB
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 34.25 x 16.52 x 3.87 inches (870 x 419.5 x 98.4 mm)
    • Weight: 22.9 lbs (10.4 kg)
    Serato Dj System Requirements
    • Windows OS: Windows 7
      • 32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo /(Memory) 2GB
      • 64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo / (Memory) 4GB
      • 32-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz / (Memory) 2GB
      • 64-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz / (Memory) 4GB
    • Mac OS: Mac OS X v10.9.1/10.8.5/10.7.5/10.6.8 
      • 32-bit: (CPU) 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo / (Memory) 2GB
      • 64-bit: (CPU) 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo / (Memory) 4GB
      • 32-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz / (Memory) 2GB
      • 64-bit: (CPU) Core i3, i5 or i7 1.07 GHz / (Memory) 4GB
    • Display Resolution: 1,280 x 720 or higher resolution
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-872-4159 Warranty:  1 Year
    Dj Uzi T
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Luv it.
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    This is an excellent controller. The Crossfader is excellent.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstar
    Amazing controller Except....
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I really love this controller but I've had a constant issue that nobody has been able to give me an answer on. No matter the volume or gain.... I can actually turn all the gain and volume off.... My booth out monitor has a constant hiss or white noise. I've unplugged everything from the mixer except the usb and even disconnected the usb from the laptop and it still happens. Swapped cables. Still there .... Unfortunately I'm out of warranty and can't seem to find a fix. Oh, and even though i've seen postings on this same issue pioneer says nothing has been reported.
    Dj NeoFite
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    The complete package!!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Whether you are using as a controller with your pick of software or just as a stand alone mixer, the Zed is all you need. I've been using the Zed since 2015 and couldn't imagine using anything but.
    Dj Pollito Mix
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Love it
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I always wanted to have it. Now that I have it in my hands, I can't believe it. Best service ever! Fast shipping!
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Best Controller Ever.
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Great controller from Pioneer, it saved me money from buying Cdj's 2000 nexus 2, it has same quality and size, reason why I went for it is color limited edition, I had a set of white color on Cdj's and Nexus mixer too that I bought in 2013 for my birthday.
    Robert Collett
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    This is definitely the end all be all solution.
    DJ Right There aka DLG Entertainment
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Worth the investment
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I can only say that this controller is awesome. It is nothing but the truth. Sound Qaulity is on point and it will also let you know true playback qaulity of your music files. Has a bit of a learning curve if you are coming from vinyl.... but you will have fun learning all the new possibilities.
    Rodney Bonner Sr
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Awesome piece of equipment!
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I have been dreaming of owning the SZ since it was created. AMS has made that dream a reality. Thank You. R & C Entertainment
    Roy Aaron
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    The most amazing controller yet. Its does everything. I was in tears when it arrived..Thanks
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Omg. No more long cords to my mixer. I plugg in my power speakers directly to ddj-sz. Awesome controller. Love you guys. I will be a customer for life.
    Dj Mark P-Lo Roane
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    I love the larger footprint. It feels more like professional decks.
    What is your opinion of this product?
    It's a great device. I had some issues early on getting the software properly configured with it as I'm using it with Virtual Dj 8, but other than that I am enjoying the layout and numerous effects and features. The sound quality is exceptional, I was able to hear the true audio quality of some older mp3s I had and I discovered that they were inferior. Yes it is a large controller, but it seems just the right size to me. I used a Numark NS6 before purchasing this and although it was and still is a great controller, it always seemed toy like to me because of it's smaller size.
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