Pioneer XDJ-RR Professional DJ System

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Product Description

Transition from playing at home to performing at parties, bars, clubs, and any other venue that requires use of a pro-grade DJ controller! The XDJ-RR is a 2-channel all-in-one DJ system for rekordbox that is the ideal solution for you. The system inherits all the basic features from Pioneer’s club-standard NXS2 set-up and packs them into a lightweight, portable body that’s easy to take to parties and gigs as you progress through the DJ ranks.

The XDJ-RR offers you flexibility, so you can practice and perform however you prefer. It’s compatible with Pioneer’s professional performance application rekordbox dj (license included) but if you don’t want to use a PC/Mac, you can export your rekordbox-analyzed music to USB storage devices, plug them into the controller and play tracks directly from them.

Layout and features from club-standard NXS2 set-up
The XDJ-RR inherits its layout design and many of its performance controls, features and FX from our flagship CDJ-2000NXS2 professional multi player and DJM-900NXS2 professional mixer set-up. You can play rekordbox-analyzed tracks directly from USB storage drives or connect your PC/Mac to the XDJ-RR and use rekordbox dj – our professional performance application. You also have the option to use Link Export mode.

Dual USB-A ports and single USB-B port
Connect your PC/Mac to the USB-B port at the rear of the XDJ-RR and plug USB drives into the dual USB-A ports on the top of the system to ensure seamless handovers between DJs.

7-inch full-colour screen
Browse and select tracks quickly and intuitively via the 7-inch full-colour screen, using the GUI design and large rotary selector from the CDJ-2000NXS2 multi player. Get a quick visual reference of track information such as playback position, BPM and waveforms for more accurate mixing and scratching.

Pioneer XDJ-RR Professional DJ System Features

  • All-in-one design enables simple and speedy set-up
  • Connect the XDJ-RR to a power source and your speakers or sound system and you’re ready to perform. There’s no need for cables between the player and mixer sections
  • External audio input
  • Play music from external sources or mobile devices thanks to the AUX input 
  • Link Export mode for rekordbox
  • Connect your laptop directly to the XDJ-RR with a single USB cable and play the tracks in your rekordbox library without exporting them to a USB drive
  • Includes rekordbox dj license key
  • Performance controls
    • Hot Cues – mark various points in your tracks and instantly play from them by hitting the Hot Cue pads. Create live remixes by triggering Hot Cues in unique sequences
    • Beat Loop – loop a section of a track and the XDJ-RR automatically sets the loop-out point based on the BPM. You can chop up loops on the fly for even more creative performances
    • Slip Loop – switch on Slip Loop and tracks keep playing silently in the background when you’re scratching or using other performance features. Then, when you’re ready to drop the track back in, it plays from exactly the right place
    • Beat Jump – easily change the way a track develops by jumping backwards or forwards by the number of beats you choose
Mixer section with professional FX
Perform smooth, precise mixes using the EQs and channel faders, which feature curves equal to those on the DJM-900NXS2 professional club mixer. You can spice up your sets with FX also inherited from the flagship mixer:

Beat FX – change the sound in sync with the beat
  • Echo 
  • Reverb 
  • Flanger
Sound Color FX – add texture and tension by simply turning the knob
  • Filter
  • Noise
  • Dub Echo 
  • Pitch
Lightweight and portable
Take the XDJ-RR wherever you want to practise or perform thanks to its portable design. It’s compact and weighs just 5.2 kg – almost 4 kg (43%) less than the XDJ-RX2 – making it perfect for carrying to your next house party or gig.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  800-872-4159 Warranty:  1 Year

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Pioneer XDJ-RR Professional DJ System Specifications
  • Frequency characteristic: 20 Hz to 20 kHz (USB, AUX, MIC)
  • S/N ratio: 112 dB (USB)
  • Total harmonic distortion: 0.003% (USB)
  • Input / Output terminals
    • Inputs:
      • AUX x 1 (RCA) 
      • MIC x 1 (XLR & 1/4-inch TRS jack)
    • Outputs:
      • MASTER 1 x 1 (XLR)
      • MASTER 2 x 1 (RCA)
      • PHONES x 2 (1/4-inch stereo phone jack x 1, 3.5-mm stereo mini jack x 1)
    • USB:
      • USB (Type A) x 2
      • USB (Type B) x 1
  • Accessories:
    • Power cord
    • AC adapter
    • USB cable
    • Instruction manual (Quick start guide)
    • rekordbox dj license key card
  • rekordbox System Requirements
    • OS Mac:
      • macOS High Sierra 10.13 (updated to the latest version)
      • macOS Sierra 10.12 (updated to the latest version)
      • OS X 10.11 (updated to the latest version)
    • Windows:
      • Windows 10, 8.1, 7 (the latest service pack)
      • CPU Intel processor CoreTM i7, i5, i3
    • Memory:
      • 4GB or more of RAM
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 625 x 388.5 x 74.2 mm
  • Weight: 5.2 kg

Customer Reviews

Jorge Salgado Submitted: 12/5/2018
Product Rating
So far i’m loving it!
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
I love it so far, i thought it was a little bigger. Pitch control is small, and it just doesnt feel profesional. It doesn’t have a booth volume control , The only plus i find and got my attention is that you can use usbs to play and there is no need for computer.
Miguel Martinez Submitted: 11/27/2018
Product Rating
I love this thing
What is your opinion of this product?
Really good product and payment plan.
DJ Reflexion Submitted: 11/15/2018
Product Rating
Enjoying This Thing!
What is your opinion of this product?
I received this product on Monday [11/12/2018] when it was scheduled to be delivered on Tuesday, so shipping IS A+. When I got home I plugged the machine in, downloaded the Rekordbox DJ software which comes with this amazing system and downloaded the driver and recorded my first DJ mix right away and I can tell you that I had a blast using the XDJ-RR along with Rekordbox DJ and the recording quality at least in my opinion is far better than Serato's hands down. I still have yet to explore ALL the options, but don't hesitate to get this all-in-one DJ system, I'm sure you'll have as much fun with this unit as I'm having right now. Enjoy!
Clayon Mirander Submitted: 10/23/2018
Product Rating
Solid piece of equipment
What is your opinion of this product?
It’s well worth the money , I have lots of Dj equipment, pioneer S9 mixer , pioneer Sz controller, pioneer Plx 1000 turntables, pioneer cdj 2000 , I wanted a smaller STAND ALONE controller that could perform just as good as all my other equipment, it has the standard pioneer feeling and controller layout, the feeling is very steardy and solid as what to expect when buying pioneer,and the fact that I can just use a flash drive if I want or I can use my laptop also that’s a win win for me , I can switch from one Dj to the next in just a click of a button or from flash drive to laptop without stopping the music is just awesome , pluss all you can’t ignore the big fact that pioneer have managed to pack all that together for under $1200 ????, Of course it would be nice to have the touch screen, it would making searching for songs much faster , so I recommend make playlists and it would have bin nice if it had a booth output, but there ways to work around all that , so I highly recommended
O’Dell, Submitted: 10/6/2018
Product Rating

Dope gear!!
What is your opinion of this product?
I can’t thank you enough with my very first payment this gear due budget reason. After I received mail yesterday and got me hyped re good! Now I’m do my homework and practice mix. Hopefully someone book me their parties. Thank you!! This is worth! You wouldn’t disappoint me
Will, Submitted: 10/5/2018
Product Rating
Best controller if you can't afford cdjs and don't like relying on a laptop and software
What is your opinion of this product?
Pioneer is the only way to go when it comes to DJ equipment. There is a reason it's used for the standard club dj setup. For those who crave the cdj feel but can't afford the $6000 for the 2 2000nxs' and a djm 900nxs this controller comes in super clutch and saves the day and your wallet. I highly recommend this controller for ease of use and portability. If you're used to Pioneer equipment than this controller will definitely please. It feels solid as Pioneer equipment should, and the display is bright and full color and will show your rekordboxed analyzed tracks with every peak and dip in the wav form to make playing and recording a set as easy as ever. Im super satisfied and would recommend this controller to any serious dj with a lower budget.


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