Planet Waves O-Port Acoustic Guitar Tone Enhancer

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Product Description

Bring Out the Richness and Fullness of Your Acoustic!
Planet Waves' O-Port will add projection and clarity to your acoustic whether it’s a beginner guitar or a hand-built custom. The flexible design using a custom blend allows it to fit easily in your sound hole with out worry of harming your finish or rosette. Aside from all the added tone, the O-Port will suppress nasty feedback you may get from mic'ing your guitar or plugging in your acoustic electric for live performance. Give your guitar incredible tone, pick up an O-Port today!

Planet Waves O-Port Features

  • Richer, fuller, louder sound with more clarity and better projection
  • Easy to Install: Loosen or remove strings and fit the O-Port into the soundhole
  • Allows more airflow while blocking unwanted tones before they can escape
  • Excellent Feedback Suppression for Live Performance
  • Available in two sizes to accommodate large and small soundholes

Check Your Sound Hole Size Before Ordering.


Sound Hole Sizing Chart              Click for Larger Image
  • Large Size
    • 3.875 inches - 4 inches
    • 9.843 cm - 10.16 cm
  • Small Size
    • 3.375 inches - 3.5 inches
    • 8.573 cm - 8.89 cm

Simple Installation Instructions
Planet Waves O-Port Installation Instructions

  • Loosen or remove strings
  • Spread strings
  • Squeeze/fold O-Port
  • Position O-Port into place, aligning cutout with fingerboard
  • Check around edge for proper fit
  • Play louder and clearer than you ever thought possible

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  Warranty:  1 Year
Old Bass Wizzard Submitted: 11/7/2013
Product Rating
Tone Enhancement
Product Rating
Your general opinion of this product.
An inexpensive device to enhance tone and control feedback.
Seems to do the job.
After installing it in my Fender Kingman bass I noticed more bottom end and so far no feedback.
Not hard to install. I did have to drill a hole to allow for truss rod adjustment.
Made of flexible plastic. After installation the only hint that it's there is a small black retainer ring around the soundhole.
So far so good.
Littlle Stevie B from New Jersey Submitted: 8/21/2012
Product Rating

bigger sound
very well made
holds up well
Your general opinion of this product.
very good but needs cut out for truss road adjustment
once installed it just disappears except for the sound
makes my Tak Dread sound bassier
practically invisable
installed fast and easy, just loosened the strings and it slide right in to place
Robert from Delmar, NY Submitted: 12/13/2010
Product Rating

Provides a Positive Upgrade, BUT
Yes but they need to acknowledge the need to modify it for pickup controls.
Fine- flexible plastic- seems reliable,
Your general opinion of this product.
The concept is sound
Does not affect action , etc.
More focussed sound- I think it affected my drednaught more than my OM.
Relates to installation- if you have sound hole controls you ahve to cut slots to fit. There are no punch outs or templates provided. I used a sharp utilty knife, diagonal cutters and a self made wood support to assist. The material does cut easy. You may also have to drill a hole or cut a slot to access the truss rod nut.
Tom 'Ketchfish' Inglis from Biddeford, ME, USA

Subject: Sounds like a good idea
Discussion: out of the box it won't work for my primary acoustic. I'll probably buy one of these to use with my dreadnaught which has an active pickup installed. For my primary acoustic though, a little parlor guitar, I use a woodie pickup. If there were another model built to accommodate a soundhole pickup like that it would be ideal. I guess after I hold one in my hands I'll see if I can modify one for that application. Kudos on the concept though. Simplicity and common sense applied. Makes you wonder why someone hasn't already built an acoustic with a projection flange integrated in the design.
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