Porter And Davies BC Gigster With Round Throne Top

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    Product Description

    The BC Gigster is made from superior components which provide power and performance giving you great connectivity to your drum kit whilst playing and recording. The BC Gigster is a set 115V voltage system and features a single mic/line input socket. The mic input is via an XLR lead, whilst the line input is via a standard 1/4” jack. The BC Gigster does not have switchable voltage or phantom power but will accept phantom power from a mixing console if needed.

    The BC Gigster system comes with the following:

    • Gigster Engine.
    • Throne top with internally mounted transducer (base sold separately)
    • Speakon NL4 connector cable.
    • Short female XLR to 1/4" jack converter lead to connect a line feed XLR cable to the line input mode of the Gigster Engine.
    • 1/4" jack to male XLR cable for some electronic kits.
    The BC Gigster offers unparalleled response speed (0% lag) and sensitivity, so will faithfully replicate all of your playing dynamics: It will respond to long notes (beater off) as well as short notes (beater on), depending on drum dampening, tuning, and playing style.

    Full control of power and intensity immediately at your side. The system is 100% consistent, night after night, completely irrelevant of acoustics, stage volume, room size, etc. The BC Gigster units are incredibly compact and efficient. As well as the bass drum, you can also feed in toms, snare drum, and even bass guitar. The sensitivity and response are so accurate that even ghosted double stroke snare rolls are represented.

    Born out of a combination of necessity and ingenuity, the BC systems by Porter & Davies are a small, highly portable and tough solution to an age-old problem. Lack of low end. The answer is a device that you are in control of, that delivers the weight and power and the sound of; the bass drum and low end of instruments without the external volume.

    It is literally designed as a "plug in and play" and is astounding with both acoustic and electronic players.

    The BC amplifiers allow you to feel, experience and hear low end like you never felt it before. It consists of a patented throne top or plate, with the finest Tactile Generator mounted internally, coupled to a flight-cased electronics "Engine" pack. The system delivers powerful and nuanced reproduction, transmitted through bone conduction.

    Most of the sound we hear reaches our ears via airborne vibrations, like those produced by acoustic instruments and loudspeakers. However, there are four additional pathways through which we perceive acoustic energy, all of which fall into the category of tactile sound. These additional pathways include:
      Deep tissue and muscle mass (Kinesthetic)
      Skeletal joints (Haptic) 
      Skin sensation (sense of touch) 
      Bone conduction (skull to cochlea transmission)
    To capitalize on these additional means by which we perceive acoustic energy, Tactile Sound Transducers have been designed to send high-quality audio to the listener/player in the form of vibrations over a full range of tactile audio frequencies. When attached to a resonant surface, the transducer reacts with precision and directness to the signal it receives.

    Throne styles
    All BC Gigster thrones have exactly the same performance, internal mechanisms, and transducers. The Gigster thrones are upholstered in British Racing Green. Performance and cost are the same.

    The throne base is NOT included, but our thrones will accommodate 7/8" diameter throne bases as used by Gibraltar, Roc n Soc, Yamaha, DW, Tama, Ludwig, Premier, Custom Percussion, and others.

    Product Specifications
    Porter And Davies BC Gigster Specifications
    • Dimensions: 13.4 x 6.25 x 3.94 inches (34 x 16 x 10cm)
    • Weight: 7.5 lbs (3.4Kg)
    • Cables supplied as standard: 2M Speakon NL4 throne link cable. Twin Axial, 140 x 0.15mm, OFC.
    • Power requirement: 230vAC (115vAC [USA etc] ), 200W peak.
    • Input: Self-selecting combination XLR/JACK input.
    • Mic in: 600 ohm electronically balanced P2 hot XLRF
    • Line in: 10K ohm unbalanced tip: hot
    • Mic out: Hardwired parallel to mic in. XLRM balanced P2 hotv
    • Line out: Hardwired parallel to line in. XLRM unbalanced P2 hot
    • Input gain:
      • Mic: 0dB to +60dB
      • Line: -20dB to +40dB
    • Low Contour: +/- 12dB @ 55Hz shelving
    • Signal Present indicator led, green: -30dB
    • Signal Peak indicator led, yellow: 0dB
    • Signal Limit indicator led, red: +12dB
    • Max output: 150W RMS / 4ohm 0.05%THD 20hz-18khz +/- 2dB.
    • Protection: Anti-thump and noiseless dynamic load protection circuitry built-in.
    • Round Throne Top:
      • 15.75 x 15.75 x 9.45 inches deep (40 x 40 x 24cms)
      • Weight: 12.5 lbs (5.7Kg)
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  Warranty:  1 Year
    Eric M.
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    Worth Every Cent!
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I have played several shows with this now and have to say that it is the best investment I have made. I can't begin to describe the way you "hear" your kick drum in your head. It literally is a night and day difference. I have been able to lock on with the bass player like never before. You feel and hear your kick drum as an "omniscient presence" when you play. You are able to either just send your kick feed to your Gigster or you can have the sound engineer send a signal from the board adding also bass and anything else. I have only tried the direct kick set up. I will say that I am so impressed that I haven't really needed anything else so far. Maybe a very large venue would call for adding bass or other instruments through the mix. Shows, studio, or rehearsals, I will use it every time. It seems on the surface an extreme amount of money spent but I can honestly say that it has been nothing but the best. The console is very well made and appears to be built to last.
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