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Product Description

PRS has created a supremely versatile, powerful amp designed for the modern player. The Archon provides incredible high-gain tone as well as a beautiful clean channel not normally found in amps with this much crunch. Four 6L6 tubes, 100-watts of power switchable to 50-watts, and robust PC boards with extensive handwired construction make this an amp deserving of the Paul Reed Smith name.

PRS Paul Reed Smith Archon Amp Head Features

  • 100/50 watts [1/2 power switch]
  • 6L6 power tubes
  • Fixed bias
  • Bypassable effects loop
  • Volume, bass, mid, treble, bright switch and master volume for each channel
  • Global presence and depth controls
  • 2 button LED foot switch
  • Chassis mounted pots, jacks, power tube sockets and switches
  • Covering - stealth/charcoal burst
High-Gain Heavyweight
Greek for ‘ruler’ or ‘lord,’ the PRS Archon is a commanding and versatile 2-channel amp with aggressive overdriven tones and sparkling cleans with plenty of headroom. The Archon’s lead channel was designed with five gain stages before the master volume, delivering full, lush distortion. The clean channel provides ample headroom with rich clear tones that retain clarity even at high volume and are an excellent platform for pedals. The Archon has remarkably responsive tone with incredible note separation.

Utilizing a ‘no flash or trash’ approach, the Archon’s control layout features volume and tone controls for each channel, a global depth control to add a thunderous low end, and a presence control to effect the high end chime. A half-power switch allows players to choose either 100 or 50 watts of output adding to the Archon’s extreme flexibility.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  410-643-9970 Warranty:  2 Years

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
PRS Paul Reed Smith Archon Amp Head Specifications
  • Watts: 100W/50W (Half Power Switch)
  • Channels: Lead/Clean
  • Power Tubes: (4) 6L6GC
  • Preamp Tubes: (6) 12AX7
  • Output Jack Configuration: 4/8/16 Ohm Selectable
  • Fixed/Adjustable or Cathode Bias: Fixed Bias (Adjustable)
  • Dimensions (LxHxD): 21.57 x 10.5 x 10 inches
  • Weight: 43lbs

Customer Reviews

Mike Submitted: 10/4/2018
Product Rating
More than expected... Risk paid off
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
So I was an avid Kemper user for several years... Sold all my tube heads. Have played bogner, Marshall, orange, Peavey, Mesa, and all the cheapys you can think of and more in their true tube heads. I tried several of the archon profiles on Kemper and found them lacking, but saw many positive reviews for it. I found after a while feeling the Kemper was lacking that natural vibe and figured it was time to switch it up. I was the most happy with some bogner profiles so I looked at some of those but on a whim thought I should give the Archon a shot. I wanted to get a head that was built to last and have great cleans and heavier tones. The build quality of the archon was immediately evident. It was much nicer than anything I had played. Coming from a Mesa mark V most recently before the Kemper, it looked inside and out higher end. Now sound wise... I have not found an amp that does both worlds so perfectly. The cleans are so amazing. The gain channel is perfection. Considering I keep a close eye on the noise level of the dirty channel, I have not found an amp that you can run such a high gain on without a terrible amount of hum or buzz from the gain stage. It's clean through and through. The risk totally paid off as I no longer feel like I miss the Kemper and the tone is much better than I felt like I was getting with the Kemper after hours upon hours of tweaking. I wasn't super sure about putting my eggs in the PRS basket on an amp for the heavier stuff I play... But now I'm really glad I did.
Scott Dexter Submitted: 11/2/2017
Product Rating
Face Melting
What is your opinion of this product?
First let me start off by saying here are some amps I have owned and make my comparison from. Ironheart 120 and 60, Peavey 3120 and XXX, Peavey 5150 III, Marshall DSL 100, Marshall Mode 4, Boogie Dual Rec, Tri Rec, Bugera Tri Rec, Various Boogie, Peavey and Marshall Combos. The drive channel is like the title Face Melting. Can get from the Highest Gain to clean up nicely for a more classic sound and this sound is a clean dirty, some people would call it firm, warm, with great sustain. I have a guitar with PAF's that sounds so creamy and one with Sentient Nazgul that sounds insane, both clean up well in the drive channel. The clean is about as clean as one can get, a little reverb and delay and you get whatever sound you want from sweet rock to classic Jazz, totally dig the lack of compression in the sound. Cabinets, I play through a laney 2x12 with V30's and a 4x12 with G12T75's like the Marshall 1960A or B cab, but it is home made. Really this amp is a treat. Just Love IT!
AMS Responds:
Carlos Submitted: 4/8/2015
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Where do I begin? This amp is great!!! Buy it and you will hear it for yourself. The drive channel: Off the wall high gain wonderland. I play Metal and have my gain set and around 11 o'clock and it is perfect. Power chords are rich and huge. Lead licks on G,B and E strings are clear and stand out of the pack. Use an EQ or Gain boost pedal in the loop and Solos cut through everything. The channel also responds well to volume pedal and knob roll offs nicely, unlike other overly compressed amp in the same range. Even with the gain pushed to max, the amp is relatively quiet (feedback issues) unless you're standing 5-10ft. away from, but by then you'll probably be more worried about your melting face. I use an ISP Decimator II in through the loop and it works perfectly. The clean channel: This channel is great. Few can top it (AC30 & Deluxe)but it really depends on what you're looking for. It works perfectly for me with my Metal band. Find it, try it, buy it. No need to try though.


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