PreSonus CS18AI and RML32AI and Studio One 3 Professional Bundle

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An incredibly powerful package with the tools you need for pro-grade studio recording and live sound! The included CS18AI control surface, RML32AI digital rack mount mixer and Studio One 3 Professional work seamlessly together for a streamlined workflow that allows the user to navigate the massive capabilities this system provides. Get yours while supplies last to take advantage of HUGE savings!

PreSonus CS18AI StudioLive RM Mixer Control Surface
With a CS18AI combined together with a StudioLive RM mixer, you can keep your mixing I/O on stage in a rack, while running the mix from hundreds of feet way via a lightweight Ethernet cable—eliminating the need for a cumbersome analog snake and a separate stagebox. In addition to mixing with the CS18AI’s touch-sensitive motorized faders, a StudioLive RM as your mix core allows you to integrate an iPad, a large Windows 8 touch screen, or a combination of them all for an unprecedented mixing and control environment.

PreSonus CS18AI StudioLive RM Mixer Control Surface Features

  • 18 100mm, touch-sensitive motorized faders: 16 Channel, 1 Flex, 1 Master
  • Control StudioLive RM AI mix systems of up to 64-channels
  • Navigate using traditional layers or with intuitive PreSonus Filter DCA groups
  • Active Integration with PreSonus software includes UC Surface software for extended 2nd screen workflows and direct Capture control for live recording and virtual sound checks
  • Studio One 3 control surface functionality
  • AVB / Ethernet connectivity
  • 4x2 AVB audio transport with 2 remote XMAX mic preamps for talkback, room mic or other local inputs, 2 balanced 1/4” TRS line inputs, and 2 XLR line outputs + stereo headphone output
  • 16-channels of high resolution 64x96 scribble strip display with pan indicator
  • Variable-color Select buttons for easy channel and groups identification
  • Full PreSonus Fat Channel DSP control
  • 4.3” / 399mm color touch screen
  • 4-pin XLR lamp connection
  • Footswitch input
  • Silent internal PSU with no fans
  • Same footprint as StudioLive 16.4.2AI for integration in 19” rack mounts and 3rd-party studio desks
PreSonus StudioLive RML32AI Digital Rack Mount Mixer
The powerful StudioLive RML32AI is based on the StudioLive AI-series engine and controlled with UC Surface touch software for Mac, Windows, and iOS. The StudioLive RML32AI rack-mount digital mixer is scalable and compact.

PreSonus StudioLive RML32AI 32 Channel Mixer Features
  • Fully recallable, 32-channel digital mixer
  • 24 locking XLR inputs with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • 8 locking XLR mic/balanced TRS line inputs with recallable XMAX Class A mic preamps
  • 16 XLR line outputs on the front, mirrored on rear-panel DB25 jack
  • 3 XLR main outputs (left, right, mono) with analog trim pots
  • 32 LED meter grid
  • 25 mix buses: 16 aux mix buses, 3 main mix buses (left, right, mono), 4 internal FX buses (2 reverb, 2 delay), stereo solo bus
  • Fat Channel signal processing on all input channels and all buses, with 4-band parametric EQ, compressor, gate, limiter, and more
  • AVB cascading with a second RM or RML mixer for up to 64 channels
  • 52x34 direct digital FireWire recording interface
  • Complete solution: Includes UC Surface touch-control software for Mac, Windows and iPad; Capture live-recording software and Studio One Artist DAW for Mac and Windows; compatible with free QMix-AI personal monitoring control for iPhone/iPod touch
  • Integrated preamp and Fat Channel control from Studio One
  • USB jack and included Wi-Fi LAN adapter provides wireless control
  • 2 FireWire S800 ports, 1 AVB Ethernet port (in option card slot), and S/PDIF digital output
PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional Software With Key Card
Built by creative people for creative music production, it contains everything you’d expect from a modern digital audio powerhouse, and adds innovative songwriting and production tools that inspire new ways to craft unique and evocative sounds, plus built-in mastering and digital delivery.

PreSonus Studio One 3 Professional Software With Key Card Features
  • Elegant single-window work environment with powerful drag-and-drop functionality and multi-touch support
  • Unlimited audio and instrument tracks, virtual instruments, buses, and FX channels
  • Pristine sound quality, with a critically acclaimed mix engine, new synthesis engine, native 64-bit resolution, and support for up to 384 kHz audio
  • Arranger Track with innovative Scratch Pads
  • Build unique sounds with Multi Instrument and Extended FX Chains
  • Presence XT sampler with 15+ GB sound library and EXS, Kontakt, and Giga support
  • Mai Tai polyphonic, analog modeling synth with character morphing, modulation matrix, and zero-delay feedback filters
  • Integrated Melodyne Essentials pitch and timing editor (a $99 value)
  • Native Fat Channel plug-in from StudioLive AI mixers includes low-pass filter, gate, compressor, parametric EQ, and limiter
  • Note FX (Arpeggiator, Chorder, Repeater, Input Filter) to assist composition and add dynamism to virtual instrument tracks
  • UPDATED Content browser with powerful drag-and-drop functionality and keyword based “musical” search; find, preview, and drag-and-drop tempo-matched backing loops, samples, effects, instruments, presets, and more
  • Integrated online PreSonus Shop provides easy in-app access to more professionally produced content
  • NEW Studio One Remote for iPad
  • AudioBend real-time time stretching and pitch shifting sounds better than ever with Elastique Pro 3.0
  • Integrated mastering suite with automatic mix updating, DDP, Redbook CD burning, and digital release
  • Transient detection and editing with groove extraction, multitrack comping, editable Folder Tracks, step recording, event-based effects
  • Automatic delay compensation ensures tight synchronization and phase alignment
  • Control Link: the most intuitive MIDI-mapping system available
  • 36 Native Effects 64-bit effects and 5 virtual instruments
  • Over 4,000 included audio and music loops
  • Score video and edit audio for film with video track
  • Seamless import of Capture recordings with StudioLive AI mixer scenes and Fat Channel settings
  • Wireless transfer of audio from Capture for iPad
  • Import Notion stems with instrument names, mix, and tempo info preserved
  • AU, VST2, VST3, and ReWire support
  • Import and export WAV, MP3, MIDI files, and more
  • Integrated SoundCloud dashboard for sharing your music online
  • Use Pro Tools, Cubase, or Logic shortcut key commands or create your own
  • Compatible with ASIO-, Windows Audio-, and Core Audio-compliant audio interfaces

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  225-216-7887 Warranty:  New Products: 1 Year. WorxAudio, AIR, and ULT loudspeakers: 6 years. B-stock: 90 Days.
Jeff Welsh Submitted: 4/18/2017
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Rackmount mixer that didn't fit in the rack!
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Quickly became disappointed by it's implementation and promptly returned the units. The RML32AI didn't fit in my rack. The main chassis is about an 1/16 of an inch too wide and could not get past the rack rails. I swap out gear quite and bit and have never encountered this issue with any gear. The integration between the CS18AI and the RML18AI isn't exactly clear in the documentation. I quickly discovered I had to directly connect the two units to get audio to pass between the devices. I can mark this up to lack of user education about AVB, but the manual didn't provide much assistance either. The only other way to fully take advantage of the two devices and Studio One is to use wifi (somewhat unstable) or spend $400 on an AVB switch to assure no connection issues. The lack of full, seemless integration between the units and Studio One at the purchase price ended up pushing me to switch to their StudioLive III 32 console for just a few bucks more.
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