Radial Tonebone Dragster Load Correction For Guitar

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    Product Description

    The Radial ToneBone Dragster gives you back the full, rich tone you loose when you plug in to a wireless transmitter or mixer.
    Restore the full rich tone you lose when you plug your guitar into a wireless transmitter or other types of buffered inputs like those of effects, mixers, sound cards or recorders. Dragster's exclusive Drag™ control makes passive pickups think (and sound like) they're connected directly to a amplifier input by allowing you to precisely dial in the correct amount of impedance loading. Result? Your guitar tone regains it's warmth – it feels right again and your performance sounds great!

    Radial ToneBone Dragster Features

    • Stand-alone Drag control™ load correction
    • Pickup impedance load for wireless systems
    • Regain your guitar's full natural tone
    • Eliminate thin, brittle, squeaky sound
    • Compact - lightweight aluminum construction
    • Bracket for guitar strap or pedalboard attachment

    Dragster Development
    Without a direct guitar-to-amp connection, the minimal impedance load on the pickups results in a sound that can be described as brittle, squeaky, thin, lacking in punch and devoid of character. Radial's Drag control was developed as the perfect solution to correct this by re-establishing proper impendence loading of pickups when they are connected to any device that buffers the guitar output.

    Drag was first introduced on the JD7, Radial's award winning 1-in, 7-out signal routing system for creative tracking and re-amplifying. The Radial JD7 is now used in studios around the world; tracking with the JD7 is considered an essential creative recording tool. In fact, some of the world's most renowned recording artists, producers and engineers will not record without it!

    Drag control is also a key feature in Radial Engineering's flagship direct box, the renowned JDV mk3 (possibly the world's finest DI). and in the Tonebone Switchbone (possibly the world's best AB-Y box!).

    Using the Dragster
    Insert the Dragster between guitar and wireless transmitter/buffered input. Adjust the less - more dial to establish a pickup loading that suits your guitar/amp combination – it should adjusted to sound the same as if you plugged directly into your amp. Start with the contol at around the middle of its range and listen... Each pickup reacts differently to the amount of Drag dialed in. A typical Strat™ single coil plugged into a Fender® Twin™ sounds right with the control backed off (less) slightly from the middle.

    The Dragster's light weight aluminum shell features a slotted back panel that can easily be secured onto a guitar strap or pedalboard using velcro strips or tie wraps. Needle and thread can be used, if a more permanent attachment be desired.

    Product Specifications

    Radial Tonebone Dragster Features and Specifications

    • Load correction for guitar pickups
    • Emulates the impedance of an amp
    • Easy-to-use thumb wheel adjusts Drag™ control
    • Completely passive - no power required!
    • Flanged bracket for strap or pedalboard attachment


    • Use whenever a guitar is connected to a buffered input
    • Eliminates thin, brittle sound caused by buffers
    • Wireless transmitters, direct recording, digital effects

      Cool Stuff

    • Regain the natural relationship between guitar and amp
    • Perfect to round out the tone of a wireless system
    • Compact design fits on guitar straps and pedalboards
    • Rugged aluminum construction

      Dimensions (W x D x H)

    • 2.5 x 2.12 x 1 inches
    • 60mm x 53mm x 25mm
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  604-942-1001 Warranty:  3 Year Transferrable
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