Radial Tonebone TriMode Distortion Pedal

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The Radial Tonebone TriMode Classic Distortion is a 12AX7-equipped tube distortion pedal with true-bypass clean tone and 2 distorted channels with separate input drive & output level controls. This lets you set-up completely different clean, rhythm and solo tones from a single pedal & amp combination. An innovative effects loop on channel-2 lets you insert an effect such as echo automatically when soloing. Features include 3-position overall tone shaping & drive ranges switches, master bass & treble EQ, independent mid boost on each channel and high frequency roll-off. Power supply included.

In response to the demand received by Tonebone aficionados for greater flexibility on stage, Radial Engineering is pleased to introduce the Tonebone Classic Tri-Mode, a distortion pedal that features a true bypass clean tone, and two separate distortion modes for rhythm and lead settings.

According to Radial President, Peter Janis: Since we launched the Tonebone Classic, we have received countless emails from guitarists praising its amazing scope and its ability to produce tones ranging from bluesy grit right up to full-on heavy metal saturation. For players that want to switch between two tones on stage, they have had no choice but to buy two Classics to get the job done. These more demanding players have unanimously asked us to produce a programmable solution that would at once give them more flexibility while reducing the space requirements on their pedalboards.

The Classic Tri-Mode is the solution that these players have been asking for. It is akin to having a two-channel guitar amp with separate input drive and output level on each channel and in bypass mode, you also get the third clean tone of the amp. With these controls, the player is able to set up a basic direct clean tone, a thick chunky tone for rhythm, and a searing power tone for soloing and can toggle between them with a single foot switching action. Just like the Tonebone Classic, the Tri-Mode cleans up like a real tube amp when the guitar volume is turned down, resulting in greater dynamics and more of the guitarist's personality and style to shine through.

Like the Tonebone Classic, the Classic Tri-Mode is a 12AX7 equipped tube distortion pedal that combines a proprietary solid-state overdrive circuitry with the warmth and harmonic generation of a vacuum tube to create its distinctive amp-like character. It features two distortion channels each of which is equipped with variable input drive and output level controls plus three position selectable mid-range controls for added body and sustain for soloing. For added flexibility, channel-1 is minutely characterized with a more open sound while channel-2 is more focused in the mid range to accentuate soloing.

Common controls to both channels include a three-position drive range control for low, medium and high saturation, bass and treble passive interactive equalization, and a high frequency roll-off filter that lets you tame overly bright amplifiers. The overall character of the Classic Tri-Mode can be set for'dark, normal or bright to allow the guitarist to further achieve his ideal tone.

To add even greater control, the Tri-Mode is equipped with a 1/4 inch TRS effects insert loop on channel two whereby when channel two is engaged, and effect such as reverb or echo may be automatically activated to enhance the solo. This allows the guitarist to pre-set upcoming effects and with a single foot action. No Tap Dancing!

Amazingly compact, the Classic Tri-Mode measures a mere 8 x 5 inches and is constructed from 14 gauge steel for added durability and supported with a 3-year warranty.

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Phone:  604-942-1001 Warranty:  3 Year Transferrable

Customer Reviews

Review: bob from des moines ia. Submitted: 3/6/2012

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


great pedal
Product Rating

like i said i havent had it long but appears to be well constructed

Your general opinion of this product.

i havent had this for very long but i have already replaced my ac plus with this on my pedalboard for my main distortion.

every setting i came up with sounded great.

Review: JM from Chicago Submitted: 2/5/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Great, a rich distortion sound cause of the tube

Your general opinion of this product.

This thing is well made. The case is metal, the knobs feel like hard plastic/rubber. The footswitches are durable, and the "feel" switches are regular old plastic switches. Feels pretty durable. (haven't played out with it so I don't know, but it probably can take a beating). You just need to remember that there is a tube in this thing, so you might not want to drop it or hit it really hard with something :)

The sounds you can get with the different filters/settings you can select. I like the bright/dark, the type of gain, etc. The sounds were really cool and rich. I don't have a tube amp, I have a hybrid VOX AD30VT (awesome amp by the way), and it really adds to the sound. The vox has the tube in the power stage, but the preamp is solid state, since this thing sits infront of the tube amp, it adds further richness to the sound...really neat.

Pretty simple, but the manual should be better written. I hop

Review: AMS Customer from USA Submitted: 2/5/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


The best overdrive pedal on the market - no questi

Your general opinion of this product.


Fantastic ability to boost warm mids

Very straight forward and easy to use

It's expensive, but is simply the best overdrive pedal available today.

Can make even a Tele sound like a fat Les Paul


20+ years

This pedal adds versatility to a Strat or Tele based rig. Set your amp for crystal clear clean tone, hit one button on the pedal and get a little overdriven tube tone, hit the next and you're playing a Les Paul through a Marshall stack - with all the warm, fat, creamy sound most rock guitarists dream of.


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