ROLI Lightpad Block Bluetooth Wireless Controller

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    Product Description

    When a musician meets their creativity side by using the Lightpad Block controller, the results are limitless. The Lightpad Block is the center of the BLOCKS system. You make music through natural movements on the Block’s smooth, glowing, pressure-responsive surface. Drop beats and shape melodies by striking, sliding, and pressing your fingers on the surface. Illuminated grids help you find your notes. Light Trails guide you to learn musical gestures quickly. To get started on BLOCKS, all you need is a Lightpad Block and NOISE, the iOS app.

    ROLI Lightpad Block Bluetooth Wireless Controller Features

      5D Touch
      The surface of the Lightpad Block is tactile and pressure-responsive, letting you shape music through taps, glides, presses, and other intuitive gestures.

      Illuminated surface
      The surface is arranged in illuminated grids that guide you to find notes and shape sounds. Special modes help you learn, play in tune, and stay in time.

      Powered by NOISE
      The Lightpad Block connects wirelessly with NOISE, the free app, so you can choose a sound on NOISE and play it on the Lightpad Block.

      Connects with other Blocks
      The Lightpad Block connects to other Blocks in the system, so you can expand your kit and add more control.
    Add lots of NOISE
    NOISE is the iOS app that powers BLOCKS. It’s free to download on iPhones and iPads. On NOISE you choose from over 100 sounds to play on your Lightpad Block. You also use the app to record loops — so you can easily make a track. Everything works wirelessly. With NOISE, BLOCKS becomes as powerful as a professional-grade synthesizer.

    A powerful instrument that’s easy to pick up
    Music is a language that everyone understands but few people can speak. BLOCKS changes that. It lets you make music naturally through intuitive gestures on a touch-sensitive playing surface. Each individual Block fits in your hand or your pocket, and they’re incredibly powerful. Just connect BLOCKS to NOISE, the free iOS app, and you have a wide array of sounds and effects to explore.

    Build as you grow
    BLOCKS introduces a new, modular way to make music. You can arrange your Blocks in many configurations to create kits that are perfect for you. The Blocks connect magnetically, so you simply add more Blocks to do more things. BLOCKS is a modular music studio that you build as your skills and interests grow.

    Product Specifications
    ROLI Lightpad Block Bluetooth Wireless Controller Specifications
    • Included:
      • Lightpad Block
      • USB-C to USB-A Cable
      • Quickstart Guide
      • Warranty Information
    • Dimensions and weight:
      • Width: 94mm (3.7 inches)
      • Height: 94mm (3.7 inches)
      • Depth: 20mm (0.78 inches)
      • Weight: 250g (0.55 pounds)
    • Connectivity / ports:
      • USB-C port (MIDI out and power)
      • Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth LE
      • 8 DNA connectors
    • Buttons: Mode
    • Battery: 4 hour battery life; 2 hour charge time
    • Bluetooth:
      • 15 meter Bluetooth range
      • 30 ms touch to sound Bluetooth latency
      • Lightpad Block is a Master BLOCK, meaning that it can “host” other BLOCKS on its MIDI-over-Bluetooth connection.
    • Pad:
      • Silicone with a durable, smooth urethane coating
      • 225 LEDs on surface
    • System requirements: iPhone 6, 6 Plus or newer. iPad air or newer. iOS 9.0 or above.
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-593-2451 Warranty:  1 Year
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    Great concept but horrible execution. The ROLI Dashboard software constantly crashes which makes this and other ROLI block devices useless when paired with a compatible DAW.
    $152.95 - $179.95
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