Roland JDXi Analog Digital Crossover Synthesizer

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Product Description

Tiny, mighty, and affordable, the JD-Xi puts a true analog synth engine, Roland’s famous SuperNATURAL synth sounds, and many other creative tools under one hood. Equipped with 37 mini keys, this compact instrument delivers fat, warm analog bass and lead tones with ample controls for hands-on tweaking, plus polyphonic PCM essentials like pads, strings, brass, and more.

Create impressive loops in a flash with the pattern sequencer and built-in drum kits, and explore expressive vocal textures with the gooseneck mic, Vocoder, and AutoPitch. Small in size and large in versatility, the JD-Xi is all about big sounds and big fun!

Roland JD-Xi Analog-Digital Crossover Synthesizer Features

  • Interactive crossover synthesizer with analog and digital sound engines
  • Analog synth section provides authentic lead and bass tones
  • Two digital synth sections with SuperNATURAL synth tones and 128-voice total polyphony
  • Four-track pattern sequencer and high-quality rhythm sounds
  • Included gooseneck mic for use with built-in Vocoder and AutoPitch
  • Process sounds with four simultaneous effects (Effect 1/2, Delay, Reverb)
  • USB for audio/MIDI communication with computer music software
  • Includes a large selection of ready-to-play sounds and patterns
  • Additional sounds and patterns available for download at Roland’s Axial sound library site
Analog and Digital Synths in One Keyboard
With its unique crossover sound engine, the JD-Xi provides the best of both worlds: the warm, smooth response of classic analog, and the clarity and versatility of modern digital. The newly developed monophonic analog synth section features saw, triangle, and square waveforms with pulse-width modulation and an analog filter, plus an independent sub oscillator for low-end power. Two digital synth sections offer 128-voice polyphony and a wide range of high-quality SuperNATURAL synth tones, including pads, strings, electric piano, sound effects, and many others.

Gooseneck Mic for Vocoder, AutoPitch, and Other Vocal Effects
The JD-Xi comes with a sturdy, high-quality gooseneck mic that brings even more fun to the party. Using the Vocoder, you can sing into the mic and control the tone and pitch via sounds played on the keyboard. With AutoPitch, it’s simple to achieve the exaggerated, robotic vocal sounds that are common in today’s pop and electronic music styles. There’s also a cool Auto Note function that allows you to ‘sing’ JD-Xi synth sounds without touching the keyboard!

Build Loops with the Four-Track Pattern Sequencer
Using the intuitive pattern sequencer and large selection of onboard sounds, you’re able to create and perform sophisticated music with only the JD-Xi. The sequencer offers four separate tracks—two digital synth parts, analog synth, and drums—allowing you to build rich-sounding loops for any genre. Real-time and step recording modes are provided, along with a special TR-REC mode for programming in the style of Roland’s classic TR-series beatboxes. It’s easy to play patterns and tweak sounds as you perform, and many preset patterns are built in for jamming right out of the box.

Pro Drum Kits for High-Impact Beats
Packed with a variety of dynamic drum kits, the JD-Xi delivers quality rhythm tones to suit any groove. Included are many types of electronic and acoustic kits, and the drum instrument assignments are conveniently labeled above the keys for quick identification. You can also personalize the kits for your music by adjusting filter, envelope, pitch, and pan parameters on individual drum sounds.

Shape Sounds with Impressive Effects
The JD-Xi includes four simultaneous effects sections for enhancing any sound. Effect 1 and 2 provide selectable processing options such as Bit Crusher, Slicer, and Ring Mod, while dedicated Delay and Reverb sections make it easy to envelop sounds in spacious ambience. Each effects section can be turned on/off separately for the three synth section and drums, allowing you to shape your mix with many creative combinations.

Download Additional Sounds at Roland’s Axial Site
Need some fresh inspiration, or maybe a sound for a particular style of music? Just visit the Axial sound library site, where you’ll find a growing selection of free new sounds and patterns for the JD-Xi. Axial features sounds for many other Roland synths as well, all created by top engineers and leading electronic music artists.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  (323) 890-3700 Warranty:  M.I. Products: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
Instrument Amps: 3 years (1 year on speakers) parts, 2 years labor
Rackmount Power Amps & EQs: 3 years parts & labor
BOSS Compact Pedals: 5 years parts, 90 days labor
BOSS (other): 1 year parts, 90 days. labor
ep, MT, TL, E-Series: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
CPM-300 Powered Mixer: 3 years parts, 3 years labor
AC Adapters, Mech, Footswitches, Headsets: 90 days parts, 90 days labor

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Roland JD-Xi Analog-Digital Crossover Synthesizer Specifications
  • Keyboard: 37 mini keys (with velocity)
  • Sound Generator Section: Maximum Polyphony, 129 voices (Digital Synth/Drum Kit: 128, Analog Synth: 1)
  • Parts: 4 Parts, (Digital Synth Part: 2, Drums Part: 1, Analog Synth Part: 1)
  • Tones: Digital Synth Tone (SuperNATURAL Synth), Analog Synth Tone, PCM Drum Kit
  • Effect1: Distortion, Fuzz, Compressor, Bit Crusher
  • Effect2: Flanger, Phaser, Ring Mod, Slicer
  • Delay: 2 types
  • Reverb: 6 types
  • Pattern Sequencer: 4 Tracks
  • Vocal Function: Vocoder, Auto Pitch, Auto Note, Favorite, Arpeggio
  • Controllers: Pitch Bend/Modulation Wheel
  • Display: 16 characters 2 line LCD
  • Headphones Jack: Stereo 1/4-inch phone type
  • Output Jacks (L/MONO, R): 1/4-inch phone type
  • Input Jack (LINE(MONO) / Guitar Input): 1/4-inch phone type
  • MIDI Connectors: (IN, OUT)
  • DC IN Jack: Yes
  • MIC Input Jack: XLR type, unbalance
  • Power Supply: AC Adaptor
  • Current Draw: 1,000 mA
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 22 11/16 x 9 11/16 x 3 3/8 inches (575x245x85mm)
  • Weight: 4.14 lbs (2.2 kg)
  • Accessories: Owner's Manual, AC Adaptor, Microphone

Customer Reviews

ADB Submitted: 11/27/2018
Product Rating
A lot of keyboard in a compact package
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
This synth is full of goodness but it is a bit daunting for me being mainly a guitarist and then jumping to synth with such a jam-packed instrument. I'm still learning to use it but love it and all its features, you can even connect a guitar to it's input to get some out there sounds! The drum kits and effects are also great. I highly recommend it. The only feature I wish it had (being a compact keyboard) is the ability to add a rechargeable battery pack to it and take it to the couch with your headphones.
separator Submitted: 9/26/2018
Product Rating
awsome....well worth it.
What is your opinion of this product?
love it great little engine that could, just keeps giving.
Jakish Submitted: 9/21/2018
Product Rating
Bang for your buck
What is your opinion of this product?
This little guy definitely has some power under its hood. Very lush pads and rich sounds, this synth is definitely a beginner's dream. Add to that it's versatility (two digital synths, drums, a built-in vocoder and an analog synth) and you've got yourself one handy little machine.
Michael Jimenez Submitted: 12/20/2015
Product Rating
Outstanding keyboard!
What is your opinion of this product?
This keyboard is amazing for the price it is. Perfect size to fit into your studio or bedroom with ease. Such an easy keyboard to integrate into your workflow. I'd been looking for a synthesizer for a long time and I'm glad that I chose this one out of all the other ones I researched. Plays directly into my DAW with Audio tracks, but also can play and sequence by itself without assistance of computer. Can honestly say I do not regret this purchase at all. Strongly recommend to anybody looking for a first time beginning synth.
MalcolmSef, Submitted: 5/27/2015
Product Rating
Totally Blown Away !!!!!
What is your opinion of this product?
Honestly I've always wanted to add a synth to my setup and over the years I've had a few and eventually sold them. But this little puppy takes the cake. It's very hands on and once I got the copy and paste down, there was no looking back !! Also is comes with the " backstage pass " support from Roland. The midi and audio via usb is amazing , I play right into logic pro x and Protools with no problem .. Oh yeah and don't be fooled by the size .. It's a monster on the inside !


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