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    Roland PK5 Dynamic MIDI Bass Pedal

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    Product Description

    The Roland PK-5 Dynamic MIDI Pedal bass note pedalboard lets you play a variety of sounds from any external MIDI device, leaving your hands free to play your favorite musical instrument. The Roland PK-5 puts the excitement and versatility to live bass performance with full MIDI control within reach of any musician. Easy one-foot operation gives you complete command over four separate Performance modes, letting you play bass lines as well as harmonies, drums and percussion sounds, or even sound effects. And the PK-5’s impressive MIDI Controller Mode enable you to control virtually any MIDI function in live performance. Add exciting new dimensions to your instrumental performances with the versatile Roland PK-5 Dynamic MIDI Pedal.

    Live Bass Accompaniment - For Any Musician, Anywhere
    Organists have long enjoyed using an organ’s built-in set of bass pedals to play bass parts along with their musical performance on the keyboard. Now the pK-5 lets musicians enjoy the convenience of using foot pedals to play bass lines on any MIDI musical instrument. Rugged steel construction and a selectable AC/battery power supply enable you to play the PK-5 in any performing environment. Whether you play keyboards, guitar, or any other instrument, now you can easily expand your live performance capabilities.

    A 13-Key MIDI Bass Pedalboard
    The PK-5’s 13-key pedalboard spans the chromatic range of an entire octave. You can adjust the PK-5’s bass pedals for 13 different levels of velocity-sensitivity, providing dynamic expression flexibility far surpassing that of conventional bass pedals. And since the PK-5 is fully MIDI-compatible, it lets you play the sounds of any MIDI sound source from synthesizers to professional samplers. Since you can connect the PK-5 to any MIDI instrument, you can access any variety of bass sounds - everything from traditional spinet and church organ tones to acoustic and electric bass, bassoon, tuba or fantastic synth bass tones. You can also instantly transpose the pitch of the bass pedal over a nine-octave tonal range to play any instrument sound you like.

    Create Unique Live Musical Arrangement - Or Play Drums and Sound Effects
    The PK-5 offers four different Performance modes - Bass, Poly, Drums and Sound Effects Modes - which each give you an exceptional variety of performance possibilities. In Bass Mode you can play authentic bass lines using one or both feet. Poly Mode lets you play two or more notes simultaneously. You can play drums or control sound effects with your feet using the Drum and Sound Effects Modes. Two Function footswitches provide instant control over a wide variety of useful function. You can also set the PK-5’s Performance Modes to transmit on any MIDI channel and switch to other channels simply by selecting the appropriate footswitch.

    BASS MODE (monophonic)
    The PK-5’s Bass Mode lets you play instrumental bass notes one at a time, similar to playing conventional organ bass pedals. You can use the MIDI PROGRAM function switch to change the sounds from external MIDI devices using your feet, while the OCTAVE/PARAMETER switch gives you handsfree control over Octave Shift, Double Octave, Retrigger, Hold and Velocity ON/Off function, making it easy to create dynamic MIDI performances.

    POLY MODE (polyphonic)
    In Poly Mode, you can use the PK-5 to play harmony by pressing two or more bass pedals simultaneously. And when you connect the PK-5 to instruments featuring Roland’s Intelligent Arranger function such as the E-30 Intelligent Synthesizer or RA-50 Realtime Arranger, you can create sophisticated auto-accompaniments simply by playing one or more of the bass pedals to define a desired chord. You can also set the PK-5’s Octave Shift and Velocity On/Off status and transmit MIDI Program Change Messages in Poly Mode, the same as in Bass Mode.

    Drum Mode (polyphonic)
    The PK-5 features a Drum Mode that allows you play the drum and percussion sounds of external sound sources with your feet in “real-time”. Factory Set in Drum Mode includes preset note numbers specially designed for use with Roland instruments* which have built-in drum and percussion sounds. In User Set, you can custom-assign MIDI note numbers to design a drum and percussion set using any variety of MIDI devices.

    *These instruments include the E-Series Intelligent Synthesizers, the D-5/10/20/70 Linear Synthesizer, U-110 PCM Sound Module, U-220 RS-PCM Sound Module, U-20 RS-PCM Keyboard, MT-32 Multi-Timbral Sound Module, Kr-55/100/500/3000 Digital Keyboards, and the RA-50 Realtime arranger.

    Sound Effects Mode (polyphonic)
    Like the Factory Set in Drum Mode, the Factory Set in Sound Effects Mode accommodates the numerous built-in sound effects of the E-30 Intelligent Synthesizer and PRO-E Intelligent Arranger. The User Set in Sound Effects Mode lets you create imaginative sound scenarios utilizing any MIDI device you choose. Or you can use Sound Effects Mode as your second drum and percussion set in addition to the Drum Mode User set.

    Take Full Control of Your MIDI Setup with the PK-5’s MIDI Controller Mode
    The PK-5’s MIDI Controller Mode functions as the “brain” for an entire MIDI setup, letting you select and instantly transmit any desired MIDI command - including Program Change and Control Change - hands free. When used with instruments featuring Roland’s Intelligent Arranger, the MIDI Controller Mode’s Factory Set lets you access versatile functions such as Start/Stop, Intro/Ending, Fill In, and Break Mute. You can also configure an User Set for use any MIDI keyboard, synthesizer or instrument. If you play a GR-50 Guitar Synthesizer setup, for example, you can control volume, hold, modulation and sound patch with your PK-5. You can easily select Factory Set and User Set from a Function switch, and a MIDI Channel switch lets you select MIDI channel numbers quickly and easily. Free your hands for expressive musical performances while a you use the PK-5 to manage your MIDI setup.

    A Versatile Accessory for any MIDI System
    Roland’s PK-5 greatly enhances musical performances for any instrumentalists. Home musicians will appreciate the PK-5’s array of array of user-friendly operations while they experience a new level of convenience when they play their favorite MIDI instrument. Professional musician can enjoy the freedom of play bass lines while performing on another instrument or take advantage of the PK-5’s comprehensive control capabilities for all MIDI operations. Whether use with a single MIDI instrument or with an entire MIDI rack, the PK-5 adds a whole new dimension of expressive potential to any musician’s performance.

    Product Specifications

    Roland PK5 Specifications

    • Pedalboard: 13-key velocity-sensitive polyphonic/monophonic
    • Input/Output: AC IN, MIDI (IN/OUT/THRU)
    • Dimensions: 425(W) x 560(D) x 120(H) mm (16 inches x 22 1/16 inches x 4-3/4)
    • Weight: 8kg (17 lb 10 oz)
    *Specifications and appearance subject to change without notice.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  (323) 890-3700 Warranty:  M.I. Products: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
    Instrument Amps: 3 years (1 year on speakers) parts, 2 years labor
    Rackmount Power Amps & EQs: 3 years parts & labor
    BOSS Compact Pedals: 5 years parts, 90 days labor
    BOSS (other): 1 year parts, 90 days. labor
    ep, MT, TL, E-Series: 1 year parts, 90 days labor
    CPM-300 Powered Mixer: 3 years parts, 3 years labor
    AC Adapters, Mech, Footswitches, Headsets: 90 days parts, 90 days labor
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