Rock N Roller R6 Multi-Cart Equipment Cart Package

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    Product Description

    Packaged with the Carpeted Shelf, Solid Deck or both, the Rock N Roller R6 Multi-Cart Equipment Cart is the cart for you! Critically acclaimed, the Rock N Roller R6 instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations replacing the need for 8 different carts! This equipment cart can carry huge loads yet folds small for easy compact storage. The R6 is equipped with R-Trac wheels and brakes. The patented Rock N Roller is considered so innovative that they are even featured in college engineering text books for outstanding design.

    R6RT Multi-Cart
    Powdercoated steel tube frame telescopes from 28-42.5 inches in length with 24 inch foldable sides. 8x2 inch R-Trac no-flat rear wheels and 4x1.0 inch front swivel casters with brake. Pre-punched holes in foldable sides allow optional accessory attachments. Load capacity: 500 lbs./27 cubic feet, Weight: 22 lbs.

    Rock N Roller R6 Multi-Cart Equipment Cart Features:

    • Instantly transforms into 8 different shapes replacing 8 different cart types
    • Carries huge amounts of equipment yet folds small for storage
    • Featured in college engineering textbooks for outstanding design
    • Lightweight, rugged and ergonomically efficient
    • Designed to work with vehicles, planes and trains.
    • Winner of Accessory of The Year Awards
    • Reduces time and effort moving equipment by 50%
    • Designed for professionals where speed & efficiency are crucial
    • Used by major TV networks, news crews, pro sports teams, Fortune 500 companies and thousands more.
    Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart Introduces R-Trac Wheels
    The Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart 8-in-1 Equipment Transporters introduce the new innovative R-Trac no-flat wheel series. R-Trac wheels were designed to have distinct advantages over typical pneumatic, solid rubber, and urethane wheels:
    • Pneumatic-like ride
    • No-flat (no air leaks)
    • Low rolling resistance
    • High-strength polymer hub
    • Extremely light weight
    • Cool high-tech appearance
    • Up to 30% lighter in weight than traditional pneumatics or solid wheels
    R-Tracs reduce the overall weight of Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart making the critically acclaimed carts even more efficient and easier to maneuver.
    1. Storage/Transport 2. Short Furniture Dolly 3. Short Platform Cart 4. Short Hi-Stacker 5. Long Hi-Stacker
    6. Long Platform Cart
    7. Long Furniture Dolly
    8. Wheel Handtruck

    Rock n Roller Solid Deck
    The Rock n Roller Solid Deck for Multi Equipment Cart is a one-piece carpeted 1/2 inch ply deck that attaches and detaches instantly to prevent small items from falling through frame bed. The Solid Deck was designed for use with the Rock N Roller Multi-Cart Equipment Cart with R Trac Wheels. 39L x 16W Inches.

    Rock n Roller Carpeted Shelf
    Double the carrying load of your Rock n Roller Multi Equipment Cart with the Rock n Roller Carpeted Shelf! This detachable shelf quickly transforms your multi equipment cart into a mobile workstation. Carpeted 1/2 inch ply with steel tube support beams.

    Surface dimensions: 39 x 16 x .75 inches. 200 lb. capacity. Weight 8 lbs.

    Product Specifications
    Length (compacted)
    26 inches
    28 inches
    35 inches
    35 inches
    34 inches
    42 inches
    Length (Extended)
    39 inches
    42.5 inches
    52 inches
    52 inches
    52 inches
    60 inches
    Width (frame bed)
    11 inches
    12.5 inches
    13.5 inches
    13.5 inches
    13.5 inches
    15 inches
    Width (rear wheels)
    14 inches
    18 inches
    19 inches
    20 inches
    20 inches
    22 inches
    Height (folded)
    6.5 inches
    9.5 inches
    9.5 inches
    11 inches
    12 inches
    12 inches
    Height (unfolded)
    30.75 inches
    33.25 inches
    38.75 inches
    40.5 inches
    41.5 inches
    42 inches
    Front Casters
    4 x 1.0 inches
    4 x 1.0 inches
    5 x 1.25 inches
    5 x 1.25 inches
    8 x 2 inches R-Trac
    6 x 1.5 inches
    Rear Wheels
    6 x 1.50 inches R-Trac
    8 x 2 inches
    8 x 2 inches
    10 x 3.0 inches
    10 x 3.0 inches R-Trac
    8 x 2 inches R-Trac
    15.4 lbs
    22 lbs
    27.7 lbs
    29 lbs
    33 lbs.
    35 lbs.
    Load Capacity
    350 lbs/
    25 cubic feet
    500 lbs/
    27 cubic feet
    500 lbs/
    32 cubic feet
    500 lbs/
    32 cubic feet
    500 lbs/
    32 cubic feet
    700 lbs/
    32 cubic feet
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800.950.1095 Warranty:  Cart Frame: One year from date of purchase.
    Tires and Casters: 60 days from date of purchase.
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