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Product Description

The Samson G Track has so many features packed-in, you will wonder how your studio ever operated without one! Samson's G Track is the world's first USB condenser microphone with a built-in audio interface, allowing simultaneous input of vocals along with guitars, bass, or keyboard while also providing monitoring through an on board headphone output. And the G Track allows you to switch the interface so that you record vocals only or instruments only or a mix of both. In addition, G Track features a large 19mm diaphragm configured in a supercardioid pickup pattern to provide a smooth, flat frequency response.

Samson G Track Features

  • Large diaphragm studio condenser microphone
  • Works seamlessly with GargeBand, Logic Express and Logic Pro
  • Record electric guitars and vocals at once
  • Record stereo instruments like keyboards or drum machines
  • Mic and instrument/line gain control with a clip LED
  • Stereo input jack for instrument and line level signals
  • Stereo headphone output for no latency monitoring with level control
  • Threee position headphone switch for stereo, mono, computer monitoring
  • USB bus-powered and compliant
  • Heavy-duty desktop stand, Audio I/O and USB cables included
  • Vista Compatible
  • Optional shockmount (SP04) available

G Track is fully USB bus-powered and compliant with any Mac or PC computer. The unit works brilliantly with any DAW software program. For additional adaptability and convenience, G Track is bundled with a heavy-duty mic stand, as well as Audio I/O and USB cables.

Though ideal for the traveling musician or the project studio, G Track’s versatile functionality can be applied to create ideal solutions for anyone who records audio, particularly podcasters, educators and business professionals.

Record Vocals and Instruments at Once
For musicians, the convergence of computer and audio technologies has established the home/mobile studio as a credible alternative to the traditional recording facility. G Track allows you to record vocals like a standard USB mic, or two mono instruments through the line/instrument input or a mix of one mono instrument and vocal. Now singer/songwriters can directly record vocals and instruments quickly and easily with one device, making G Track a must have for any songwriter's home studio. And its ease of use and portability allows you to take it anywhere inspiration may strike you.

Perfect Your Podcasts
As podcasting has evolved, a need for impeccable communication quality and production convenience has been established. Proven in satisfying these criteria, the all-in-one G Track USB condenser microphone is a podcaster's dream come true. Given a simple USB connection straight into your Mac or PC computer, it provides your podcasts with unparalleled performance in audio recording, as well as extreme ease of data mixing, transfer and broadcast. Use the included desktop stand to provide your broadcast studio with a more professional aesthetic. With G Track affordable for all, the voices of millions of web journalists are empowered to establish a discernable identity in the congested world of podcasting.

Gets an A+ for Adaptability
With computer-based technology becoming a vital part of education, G Track is a must among students, professors and administrators. In addition to podcasting, G Track can elevate the educational values of Skype, VoIP and screen capture-type software programs like Camtasia Studio and NaturallySpeaking. These applications, all of which can be used to teach, study, and/or catalogue academic materials in-person or from afar, are dependent upon the superior degree of audio capture delivered by G Track. So, whether you’re teaching an online course, reviewing a past lecture or studying for a big exam, G Track helps to make education a more accessible and interactive experience.

G Track Means Business
Track provides answers for those business professionals in need of revitalizing their corporate communications. Regardless of the specific application (web design, multimedia presentations, company meetings, corporate events, etc.), G Track’s features allow for the easy, cost-effective recording of studio-quality audio clips to be used to invoke interest among internal stakeholders or event attendees.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  631-784-2200 Warranty:  2 Years on Audio and Wireless (1 Year on AH8 Transmitter), 90 Days on Rechargeable Batteries, 3 Years on Power Amplifiers

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Samson G Track Specifications
  • Frequency Response: 20 - 16 kHz
  • Polar Pattern: Super-cardioid
  • Element Type: Back condenser type
  • Diaphragm Thickness: 3 microns
  • Sensitivity: -40 (+/-3dB/Pa)
  • SPL: 132 dB
  • Weight: 1.38 lbs
  • Dimensions (HxW): 6.32 x 2.87 inches
Frequency and Polar Charts
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Customer Reviews

Fern Submitted: 10/6/2018
Product Rating
I love this thing
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
i love it very nice mic
Jesus hurtado Submitted: 10/10/2017
Product Rating
It's an amazing microphone!! Don't think about it! Just buy it!
What is your opinion of this product?
It's a great product
Patrick from Crothersville,Indiana.USA Submitted: 1/28/2013
Product Rating

recording with g track
yes, has good qualities
sound on recording
not user friendly at all
It is good but cant figure out how to mix down and put on cd (burn)very hard to figure out
Your general opinion of this product.
ok but had to use with audicity and it sounds tinny
George Potor from Lewisburg PA USA, anonmyous33922 Submitted: 2/9/2010
Product Rating

Lotta Bang for the Buck
The USB plug allows easy use with my MacBook Pro laptop. No need for any other power source.
Works great with GarageBand. Used the manual, but probably didn't need to.
Darnell Nodestine from Chinle, AZ, USA, Submitted: 9/20/2009
Product Rating

The Amazing Samson G-Track!
Yes. I'd recommend this to anyone. If they're beginners at recording, of professionals. It provides portablilty, and it delivers.
All the versatility into this little object for the price. I'd add a subscription to a podcast site if I could.
To be honest, I didn't even need the manual. I just simply hooked it up to my computer, installed the Sonar software, and hit the record button.
Outstanding. I first though it would hiss alot, but with a little adjustment to the sensitivity, it's incredible!
Thomjon Borges from Princeton, MA, USA Submitted: 5/5/2008
Product Rating

An ideal solution for voiceovers...
I was quite surprised at just how well made the G-Track is... even for a Samson. Very heavy-duty and extra solid. I have already (accidentally) drop this mic with no effect on the sound or performance. In fact, it did not even dent.
I bought this for ease of use, especially on the road, and was not disappointed. I was up and running in less than 5 minutes. Once dialed-in, I never had to mess around with the settings. Lets me gets to work and get done fast.
Very true. Actually considering the price, the tone is exemplary.
Mario Romero from Waco,Texas United States, Submitted: 2/29/2008
Product Rating

My 1st. home studio condenser mic!
quality,its very solid! and heavy. Looks great. I like how the volume is on the micropone. So I can set the levels as im recording,as if I were to hit the loud notes.
Well,first off,I can say is DONT buy the SAMSON SP01 shockmount. I bought it,along with the mic,and your headphone wires and the output for midi drum,or anything else will NOT fit,cos the way the SP01 is made. I have to return it,and get another one. If you notice the picture on the site that has the shockmount,the little clips that hold the black string together are really close,and the SP01 are more spaced out,and its hard to have wires connected. I should be recieveing my other shockmount,that will be more useful. But other that,you dont have to use the shockmount. I just added it to make it look more professional.
Well,I say it took me a few hours to a day.. messing with the software,and gettin it to record.
kray Submitted: 2/5/2008
Product Rating

Comes with EVERYTHING! Great in Windows, Very Poor
Your general opinion of this product.

When I hold it in my hand it feels very sturdy. It seem easy to mis thread the mic in the included mic stand adapter which would not be good. The mic moves inside the box and it appeared to survive the shipping trip. Not sure why the mic is not secure in the box.

This mic comes with EVERYTHING you need. It comes with a desk mic stand, a sub cable, a guitar cable, a stereo line with RCA adapters (for keyboard or other stereo source), and head phone extension cable 1/4" stereo to 1/8" stereo. Right out of the box you'll have everything you'll need. The greatest part is that the mic is all you need because the instrument connection is on board. It's a mic, it's a sound interface, and it is a mixer. You just can't beat this. I almost forgot it comes with Sonar LE which was simple for me to use because I've used the full version. Sonar only runs on Windows though.

I read the different configuratio


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