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    Savarez 520 Traditional Classical Guitar Strings

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    Product Description

    World-renowned, Savarez Traditional sets are designed to give the guitarist optimum feel and tone. The Traditional set features rectified nylon trebles and traditional wound basses.

    The Trebles
    Savarez came up with a solution to a problem which nobody had solved before: how to give guitarists the means to play in tune and to choose the ideal tension for strings and guitar to give of their best.

    The rectification process created and then perfected by SAVAREZ has risen to this challenge.

    Now, “NEW CRISTAL” nylon represents the culmination of the technological progress of these traditional strings. The surface texture of rectified nylon limits finger slipping and improves the control of finger placing for greater playing comfort.

    The Basses
    These basses have always been our best sellers, and are the fruit of thorough research into raw materials and manufacturing techniques. This research has been carried out in collaboration with musicians in search of new sonic horizons.

    Both Basses and Trebles
    They are checked with high-precision purpose-designed apparatus, kept up to date with each new wave of technological change (computers, high sensitivity stress gauges, laser beams, photoelectric cells etc.)

    245 years of experience in strings making and more than 70 years in the Acoustic Bronze and Phosphor Bronze allow SAVAREZ to introduce relevant improvements in terms of innovations regarding the newest acoustic strings range.

    Those innovations apply to:

      The use of newest raw materials of highest quality combined in a very specific way maximize the characteristics of sound and playing

      The use of especially designed new machines: high precision, automatic controls.

      The creation of advanced making process assures a perfect precision in the elaboration of the strings and a permanent control of the quality.
    The very specific quality of sound, the projection and the volume of the sound, the dynamic and the balance of the play have been defined by famous and well-know guitarists. They have played the strings uncompromisingly for months. Their advice and feedback has been decisive. excellent intonation, a long last living and a special quote for the feeling and touch under the fingers.The special packaging made with an anti oxidation protection bag allows the strings to remain originally fresh and qualitative.

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