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Schecter Omen 8 8 String Electric Guitar

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Product Description

Featuring a basswood body and a 24 fret bolt-on maple neck, the Schecter Omen 8 8-String Electric Guitar is masterwork of looks and tone. With its rosewood fingerboard and updated Pearloid Semi-Goth inlays, the Schecter Omen 8 8-String Electric Guitar offers Schecter tuners and their CTM8 bridge for a stability and sustain filled instrument.

Schecter Omen 8 Electric Guitar Features
  • Bolt-On Neck to Body Construction
  • Maple Neck with 24 Fret Rosewood Fingerboard
  • Schecter Diamond Plus Pickups
  • Schecter Tuners and CTM8 Bridge
  • Black Chrome Hardware
Schecter Diamond Plus - Omen 8Schecter Diamond Plus Omen 8
Over wound coils with a Ceramic Magnet give this aggressive high output pickup the push that will send your Amp over the edge. Made for crunchy rhythms and blistering leads. Perfect for drop tunings.
This pickup will cut through the mix with ease.

Rosewood FingerboardRosewood Fingerboard
The most common fingerboard, rosewood is naturally oily, and works well for any surface that sees frequent human contact. The sound is richer in fundamental than maple because the stray overtones are absorbed into the oily pores.

 SchecterTuners Schecter Tuners
These high quality tuners feature a classic design in a lubricated and sealed housing to protect gears for a lifetime of maintenance free playability. Details include a 15:1 gear ratio for smooth and precise tuning, removable knobs, threaded hex peghead bushing, and a 10mm diameter peg hole.

Maple NeckMaple Neck
Maple has a uniform grain, it’s strong and stable, and it has less reaction from environmental changes than other hardwoods. Its tone is highly reflective, and focuses more energy onto the body wood. Maple transfers a bright tone to the body.

Schecter SGR1C Case Schecter SGR1C Style Case
To protect and transport your guitar, Schecter recommends the optional SGR1C Style Electric Guitar Case (#SCE SGR1C).

warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  818-846-2700 Warranty:  Limited Lifetime

Product Specifications

Schecter Omen 8 8-String Electric Guitar Specifications
  • Construction: Bolt-On
  • Body: Basswood
  • Neck: Maple
  • Fingerboard: Rosewood
  • Frets: 24 X-Jumbo
  • Inlay: Pearloid Semi-Goth
  • Tuners: Schecter
  • Pickups: Schecter Diamond Plus Omen-8
  • Electronics: Volume/Tone/3-way switch
  • Bridge: Schecter CTM8
  • Scale: 26.5 inches
  • Tuning: F#/B/E/A/D/G/B/E
  • Hardware: Black Chrome
  • Optional Case: #SCE SGR1C

Customer Reviews

Review: John H. Williams Submitted: 9/28/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Great guitar but horrible pickups, still well worth the price
Product Rating

Product Review

This is a great guitar and well worth the money, but the pickups don't pickup the high strings very well and you can't adjust the poles on these pickups...I'm looking to installing new Seymour Duncan pickups in mine.

Review: Mike b Submitted: 6/9/2017

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.



Worth more than the price tag

Product Review

Well made axe and great sound. Takes a little getting used to at first because of the string spacing. Most chords on the f sharp string and b string are identical. Had to raise the action a little but no biggie. I recommend this guitar for any first time buyers that want the challenge of the extra low strings.

Review: Gabriel Palmer Submitted: 2/22/2016

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Unexpectedly High Quality

Product Review

I gotta say, this guitar's build quality is superb. It is so so so much more than expected and beat the hell out of most of the guitars I played worth thousands in terms of build quality. Especially the neck. Love the neck. The tuning machines are alright but I would recommend a better gear ratio for the lower two strings at least. I gave mine some spare 18-1 locking tuners I had laying around and it did wonders for tuning stability. Tonally, it's alright. I found that the pickups are muddy as all getout when tuning to 8 string standard but EQ can clear up a lot of that if you're patient. That being said I switched it up and tuned it to 7 string G# standard/drop F# with a high F# fer funnies and it came to life, it sounds incredible now somehow. No mud anywhereand I dunno why that is but will not argue. If they woulda put in some quality PUs in this would compare to guitars double or triple the price easily. Buy it guys, this one is a great start into 8strings and much nicer than the Ibanez RG8 I promise! It's also a monster modding platform given the exceptional build so if you like to tinker this is a good one for that too! WORTH IT!

Review: Philip Submitted: 4/9/2013

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


It was a good omen for me to order the Schecter Omen 8!

This guitar is simply fantastic overall. I was initially somewhat apprehensive about getting a guitar that is priced as an intermediate instrument. I must say without hesitation that I am VERY well-pleased.

I have had this guitar for about one week. Having been a guitar player for 20 years now, a teacher for 8 years, and having worked professionally in musical instrument retail sales, I can tell that this guitar is made to last.

Your general opinion of this product.

Overall, the instrument is great and will suffice for all my applications. I am truly taken aback by the overall quality of this guitar. I am very happy and excited to have it!

The neck feels amazing. It is rather thin for an 8 string and fits the hand well. A player can reach almost all the strings and frets just fine. There is slight restriction on the upper frets due to a mildly insufficient cutaway on the lower horn. Yet, I cannot see any major deficiencies resulting. The strings feel pleasant and have nice bounce and spring in them. The controls are in excellent spots for my taste.

I play a wide and eclectic variety of styles, from jazz to metal to classical. I personally enjoy the many tones of the instrument. The basswood body and bolt-on maple neck with rosewood board offer good and nice clarity in conjunction with the pickups. I have to agree with other reviewers in that, while on a distortion setting, the B and F# strings tend to become ever so slightly dull and buried. Yet, the clean tones are astoundingly good in quality. I know this will work perfectly for jazz. The cleans are additionally reminiscent of the great cleans from Billy Corgan, Marty Friedman (think of his "Scenes" solo album 1992), and even George Benson and Paul Jackson Jr. I think the pickup output is more than sufficient for any application. For reference, I play a Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber DC-2 amplifier.

The matte walnut satin finish is clean and wonderful without any error. I love it. The black binding is a great touch and makes the instrument look even more expensive than it is. The frets are perfectly finished and polished.

The action is GREAT upon immediate play, and should not require much adjustment. I have a 1999 Ibanez JEM 7D Vai model as well as a 1979 reissue Dean V, and the action on this Omen 8 is just as enjoyable. The strings feel wonderful and comfortable!

Review: from unkownlocation82410 Submitted: 12/31/2012

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Best guitar ever!

The guitar is very sturdy and smooth! It is a very dependable guitar and is made of quality materials.

It has endured hours and hours of rigorous playing. It handles my virtuoso soloing very well.

Your general opinion of this product.


It is very smooth. It is very playable. Everything was spot on.

It handled the lower notes very well and the higher ones just as nice. The pickup do a good job t picking up a quality sound.

It looked sick! It is the prettiest guitar i have ever played.

All it needed was a quick tune up and it was ready to go.

Review: T knez from Snowflake AZ Submitted: 8/5/2012

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


Great guitar!!

Built like an ox

its only been a week

Your general opinion of this product.

Great guitar but weak, muddy pickups, especially on the fat string. I installed a Dimarzio 8 string bridge pickup and what a difference!! Soon I will do the neck. I play the shnitzle outta this thing( a la Cannibal Corpse, Behemeth style) and it keeps in tune very well.

Stout, yet it has a very playable neck. I went from a 6 string right to this 8. It was strange for 30 min but now I can't put it down.

Flabby, muddy, blurry bridge pick up. neck pick up is tolerable. Lose them both and upgrade, I chose Dimarzio's.

Top notch.

Had to adjust the neck tension as usual. Raise pickups, and the bridge tension on the heavy gauge stringe for down tuning.


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