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Product Description

The first Telecaster® pickup (1948) had an unprecedented edgy sound and great sustain. Leo Fender called it the Broadcaster®, and Seymour Duncan makes one exactly like it. The STL-1b duplicates this fat, most sought-after vintage sound. The pole pieces are larger diameter, Dun-Aged™ magnets. Replace both your rhythm and lead pickups to get the classic Broadcaster sound that started a legend.

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  805-964-9610 Warranty:  1 Year (if not altered)
Jim L. from north fort myers, FL, Submitted: 12/29/2010

Great pickup!
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This is a great product at a bargain price.
Rick Pascual from LIC, NY USA Submitted: 1/23/2009

Fantastic Pick Up for Esquire Conversion
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This pick in particular is an amazing sounding device. I put it in a brand new Squire Custom Vibe Tele that I converted to Esquire electronics (single Pick up and different wiring ) and this inexpensive (but very well made) import Tele came alive with the spankiest Esquire sounds you've ever heard. It sounds great super clean or real dirty with pedals. If your considering this pick up, get it, you won't be sorry.
Kip Count from New City, NY Submitted: 2/5/2008

Amazing Pickup - Excellent Value
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Quality seems to me to be flawless. You can tell a cheap pickup from a top notch pickup, and this definitely falls into the top notch category.

It does what it does. It's main feature is making your average sounding guitar sound killer. And it does just that.

Again, what can you say? It's a pickup. strum your guitar and it works. can't be much easier than that.

this is cheap as heck for what it does for your tone. WHAT a difference. I have Fender Mexican Tele and it's like night and day. I can't believe I was once stressing over my amps tone when all i Needed to do was add this pickup!

awesome awesome awesome. i have a traynor ycv40 combo. the gain channel comes to life with this pickup. before, it was kinda nasal and nasty sounding, and not in a good way. now it's all opened up beautifully. once again, this pickup rules. clean channel... am
MSRP: $83.00
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