Shure N-WHLB Replacement Stylus For Shure WhiteLabel Phono Cartridge

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Product Description

Replacement needle for Shure WhiteLabel phonograph cartridge

About the WhiteLabel Cartridge
The Shure Whitelabel cartridge is a truly revolutionary piece of DJ technology. It is an optimal choice for Digital DJs, providing superb tracking of time-coded records, and minimal sonic coloration when mixing between digital files and analog records.

Tailored for the club environment, Whitelabel features sonic characteristics including solid drop bass, flat mids, and accented highs. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the cartridge additionally delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance, and better skip resistance. It also includes an adjustable stylus overhang, reliable electrical contact, and improved stylus visibility.

Shure N-WHLB Replacement Stylus Features

  • Integrates the head shell and cartridge into one piece
  • Innovative features for today's DJs and turntables
  • The new standard for club DJs
  • Cartridges perform more accurately
  • Requires less tracking force to stay in the record groove
  • Less destruction to record groove
  • Skip Resistance: high
  • Output: high
  • Record Wear: very low
  • Sound Emphasis: solid drop bass with detailed mids and highs
  • Form and Function — The striking visual design of the cartridge maintains the requirements for proper performance, sonic clarity, and record preservation.
  • Reliable electrical contact — Tonearm connector designed for most common turntables. Includes tension absorbing gasket, limiting abuse and damage caused by over–tightening of cartridge onto tonearm.
  • Adjustable overhang (50mm-54mm) — Retains forward and backward adjustment of a standard headshell.
  • Forward-mass weight displacement design — Cartridge weight is displaced close to the cantilever for optimal performance. Forward–mass design produces lower tonearm resonance, higher skip resistance, lower tracking force requirements, and improved sonic characteristics.
  • Improved stylus visibility — Lets DJs see. where they’re dropping the needle

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  800-257-4873 Warranty:  2 Years

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Shure N-WHLB Replacement Stylus Specifications
  • Frequency Response: - 20-20,000Hz
  • Color: Dark Blue
  • Tracking Force Range: 1.5 -3 grams
  • Recommended Tracking force: - 2 grams
  • Stereo output of cartridge: - 6.5 mV
  • Frequency response of cartridge: - 20-20,000 Hz
  • Stylus: Spherical stylus with 0.7 mm radius

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