Shure Whitelabel DJ Turntable Cartridge

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    Product Description

    The Shure Whitelabel is designed for party and club DJs spinning everything from house and techno to trance, dance, and jungle. With a sleek and ergonomic design, the cartridge additionally delivers higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance, and better skip resistance. It also includes an adjustable stylus overhang, reliable electrical contact, and improved stylus visibility. Whitelabel’s sonic characteristics include solid drop bass, flat mids, and accented highs, all tailored for the club environment. Shure phono cartridges are micro-manufactured, electro-mechanical devices that tell an entire audio system what's happening along the half-mile groove that's cut into the typical analog disc. The quality of the information provided by the cartridge determines how faithfully any audio system will reproduce the recorded sound.

  • Skip Resistance: high
  • Output: high
  • Record Wear: very low
  • Sound Emphasis: solid drop bass with detailed mids and highs
  • Features

    • The Design: Industrial, ergonomic, and plays to the cartridge's technological benefits of headshell mounted cartridges.
    • Forward-Mass Design: Center of gravity is displaced closer to the cantilever for optimal performance. Forward-mass produces higher trackability, lower tone-arm resonance, better skip resistance and requires lower tracking forces.
    • Adjustable overhang (50mm - 54mm): Unique to Shure products, adjustable overhang retains the forward and backward adjustment of a standard-mount headshell, providing maximum flexible adjustment between S-arm and straight-arm turntables.
    • Electrical Contact: Engineered for optimized compatibility with most professional turntables, a rubber tension gasket and rounded gold plated pins limit possible damage caused by over-tightening cartridge to the tone-arm.
    • Stylus Visibility: DJs can see exactly where they drop the needle.

    Product Specifications


    • Replacement Stylus: N-WHLB
    • Stylus Color: Dark Blue
    • Stereo Output (1kHz at 5 cm/sec peak recorded velocity): 6.0 mV
    • Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz
    • Typical Tracking Force: 2 grams
    • Tracking Force Range: 1.5-3 grams

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-257-4873 Warranty:  2 Years
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