Stetsbar Stop Tail Tremolo System

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    Product Description

    The Stop Tail Stetsbar tremolo is their most popular item which is designed to fit guitars such as the Gibson Les Paul, SG, ES 335, Flying V and other guitars that share the common Gibson specification for stop tail positioning. Some non US made guitars require metric stop tail bolts but otherwise fit directly. We include both inch and metric spec bolts with our retail package. Experience the superior range, stability and feel of the Stetsbar tremolo!

    How Does It Feel?

    • Use all your normal playing techniques of damping, vamping, choking, semi-harmonics, etc.
    • Rest the palm of your hand on the bridge area as normal without fear of activating the trem by accident.
    • It’s like taking two guitars to the gig: a hard-tail and a tremolo guitar. One doesn’t interfere with the other.
    • When you want tremolo, you get it. When you don’t, you won’t. This is all because the Stetsbar moves horizontally to produce tremolo rather than rocking on a vertical fulcrum. Activating the tremolo accidentally is impossible until you decide you want it.
    • Play double-stop string bends without putting your guitar out of tune.
    • With Stetsbar’s unique “floating lock” use dropped D and other drop tunings on the fly, and when a stringbreaks the other strings stay in tune.
    • With no locking-nut needed or complicated bridge mechanism, re-stringing is as quick and easy as ever

    Fitting a Stetsbar is very straight forward if you have experience of guitar maintenance. All the hardware to the rear of the bridge pickup is removed and the Stetsbar simply mounts directly to the existing stop tail bushes. If you have any concerns, it is always wise to contact Stetsbar about what guitar you want to fit your Stetsbar to so that they can advise of any issues.

    Re-string, intonate and play! And remember, the Stetsbar requires no additional routing or drilling - your guitar will restore to absolutely original condition if you want to move the Stetsbar to another instrument. How many other pro trems can say that?

    Professional-Level Performance Without Compromising Your Guitar
    • Tuning and intonation stay correct - even after dive-bombing.
    • The friction-free action gives you the sensitivity for delicate and accurate control of the trem’s effects. Its smoothness comes from the trem and bridge gliding horizontally back and forth on rollers, giving you shimmering vibrato with the lightest of touches.
    • The bend range is big: up to one octave down and a third up.
    • The cost of installation is either zero or minimal. It’s so straightforward to fit that you can do it yourself in about 40 to 50 minutes. Around 70% of Stetsbar owners fit their own. If you prefer to have a Guitar Tech do it, the cost is small because it’s so quick to fit. $50 for 20 to 30 minutes of their time is all it can take.
    • There are no complicated mechanisms with lots that can go wrong and requiring lots of maintenance. The uncomplicated Stetsbar is deliberately designed with few moving parts, all precision-made. The result is a very simple mechanism giving years of reliable, maintenance-free performance.
    • There is no friction to break your strings, wear out the bridge or require you to use roller saddles that dull the tone. By the trem and bridge gliding back and forth together friction and string fatigue are eliminated, avoiding any need for roller saddles. Your strings last as long as normal and your tone stays bright.
    • Your guitar’s sustain and clarity of tone won’t be reduced due to any lessening of the strings’ break-angle from the top of the saddles. With Stetsbar, the break-angles remain exactly the same as those of the top guitar brands. If anything, your sustain will increase due to the extra mass of the Stetsbar on your guitar.
    • A Stetsbar can be so easy to install and remove that putting a tremolo system on your guitar is no longer a major, irrevocable, one-off decision. You gain the freedom to use a tremolo as the mood takes you or as your musical needs require. You can switch the Stetsbar easily between different guitars you own

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
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    Product Rating brightstarbrightstardullstardullstardullstar
    Not that easy to install!
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstar
    Good design, carved top is harder to install on
    Product Rating
    What is your opinion of this product?
    I think the idea and design is excellent. The application may be tricky depending on your guitar. E.G. an EPI Prophecy may be much harder than a Gibson LP Studio Pro to install on. I think it would fit perfect on a 335, again depending on the stop tail hardware used. I gotta have a trem bar, and don't play my stop tails much because of that. I have an EPI with a monster good neck, I now have a trem bar that doesn't cover the whole bottom of the guitar.
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstardullstardullstar
    Good but need flat surface
    What is your opinion of this product?
    Unable to install on my Epiphone LP. Surface must be very flat, mine was not and it buzzed horribly. It's a shame as the effect of the tremolo is awesome!
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