Tama HH905N Iron Cobra Lever Glide 2 Leg HiHat Stand Double Braced

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    Product Description

    Tama HH905N Iron Cobra lever glide hi hat stand provides a newly designed footplate that is more flexible and controllable making you a very happy drummer! Tama has designed the HH905N hi hat stand with a specially developed nylon washer that minimizes contact to the cymbal for maximum resonance and vibration of your hi hat cymbals. The two legs give absolute flexibility for setting up the drum set and the Lever Glide provides a unbelievable light playing feel.

    Tama HH905N Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand Features:

    • Double braced
    • Newly designed footplate
    • 2 legs
    • Lever Glide system
    • Improved Hi-Hat clutch
    • Precise adjustment
    • Duo Spike

    Spring Supported Hi-Hat Seat
    The spring assembly in the hi-hat seat tilts the bottom cymbal only when you open the hi-hat cymbals. By adjusting the spring tension, you can adjust the angle to achieve your preferred degree of half-open sound or closed sound.

    Hi-Hat Clutch With Minimal Cymbal Contact
    Minimizing the contact area between the clutch and top hi-hat cymbal increases the hi-hat cymbal’s natural resonance. In place of the traditional felt washer, we created a special nylon washer that minimizes cymbal contact, allowing the cymbal to vibrate to its fullest.

    More Precise Spring Tension Adjustment
    Spring tension of the Tama HH905N Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi Hat Stand can now be adjusted easily with a single hand. Incremental tension settings are increased to six, allowing every drummer to dial up the perfect resistance level.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  215-638-8670 Warranty:  5 Year Drum Shells; 2 Year Titan Stands; 1 Year Pedals & Drum Hardware
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