Tronical 3x3 Electric Guitar Tulip Tuners

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    Product Description

    For use with the TronicalTune Plus system backplate. Features tulip tuners with black finish. For guitars using a “3+3” configuration (3 tuners on each side of the headstock).

    Tronical 3x3 Electric Guitar Tuners Features

    • Intelligent tuner for TronicalTune Plus system (must be used with TronicalTune Electronic Backplate)
    • 40/1 tuning ratio
    • Can be manually tuned without the use of the TronicalTune Plus system
    • Accurate within +/- one cent in highest accuracy mode
    • Supports string gauges from .008 through .56
    • Set of six

    Donovan S
    Product Rating brightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstarbrightstar
    Great add-on if you need multiple tunings!
    Product Rating
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    I already had one of these, with the Gibson GForce brand on it. Became so integral to my playing in the band, I purchased another for a backup guitar. I use 7 different tunings onstage, so this made it easy to switch, and quicker than manually retuning every time. Normally I would set up a tuning I would need in the next set on this guitar, and use another guitar for standard tuned songs, swapping out as needed. But occasionally I still have to retune completely mid-set. This product rocks for such needs. It does tune slower if the band is still playing (such as if you knock yourself out of tune mid song) or in noisy environments, but what can you expect - it needs to "hear" your guitar to tune - it is not inline with the output signal or anything. The chrome option was what made me pull the trigger, as I used this to replace the chrome Grovers I had already on a Les Paul.
    MSRP: $309.00
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