Tronical 6 On Side Electric Guitar Tuners

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    Product Description

    For use with the TronicalTune Plus system backplate. These tuners feature a black finish and are designed for guitars using an “in line” Fender style configuration (6 tuners on the top side of the headstock). Not for reverse headstock guitars.

    Tronical 6 On Side Electric Guitar Tuners Features

    • Intelligent tuner for TronicalTune Plus system (must be used with TronicalTune Electronic Backplate)
    • 40/1 tuning ratio
    • Can be manually tuned without the use of the TronicalTune Plus system
    • Accurate within +/- one cent in highest accuracy mode
    • Supports string gauges from .008 through .56
    • Set of six

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    A great idea
    Product Rating
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    I love the idea of being able to change tunings because my band plays a lot of stones, SRV, Goo Goo Dolls, and Zeppelin. I can go standard to flat or open G tunings with the press of a few buttons and don't have to carry a bunch of guitars. I have this set up on a fixed bridge guitar as I feel such a radical change in tuning would cause a floating bridge to change the neck action too much. The jury is still out on durability and I would like to see battery available for purchase in the event one goes bad. The only reason I gave it 4 star instead of 5 was because when I put this on my American Standard Strat the Tronic Tuners operate backwards as opposed to the stock tuners and this was designed for a strat style guitar. When you tune it manually for a tuning not in the presets, its not intuitive, and the motor resistance does not make for easy fine tuning.
    MSRP: $309.00
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