Tronical TronicalTune Type C1 Self Tuning Guitar System

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    Product Description

    The Tronical TronicalTune Type C1 Self Tuning Guitar System adds automatic and easy tuning at the touch of a button to a variety of Fender, Ibanez, Godin guitars and more! This incredible technology was developed after nearly a decade of development and seamlessly self-tunes you guitar in seconds. The TronicalTune Type C1 system installs in about 10 minutes with no additional modifications. See Type Template Chart to check compatibility with your guitar.

    The system is incredibly easy to use and provides 12 factory tuning presets plus 6 user tuning presets, eliminating the need to take multiple guitars with different tunings to your gig! The TronicalTune Type C1 is also ideal for beginners who don’t want to worry about tuning their guitar, allowing them to focus on playing.

    Tronical TronicalTune Type C1 Self Tuning Guitar System Features

    • Compatible with a variety of Fender, Yamaha, Ibanez, Godin and Warmoth guitars
    • Switch tunings on the fly within 5-10 seconds
    • Six RoboHead Tuners and a form fitting PCB Board are powered by a rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
    • Hex Nuts, Washers, Wrench and a Charger are included as well
    • The system weighs only 287 grams depending on the model
    • 80-300 tunings are possible per battery charge
    • 12 Factory Presets are included as well as 6 User Presets
    TronicalTune Type C1 literally installs within 10 minutes after removing your existing hardware tuners. Use the included wrench to tighten the Hex Nuts and you're ready for string up mode!

    String Your Guitar
    Not only does TronicalTune tune your guitar, but it also winds and unwinds your strings when you need to change them. No more searching for clumsy string winders, now you can re-string your guitar in minutes. The Locking Nut RoboHeads also provide rock solid stability and incredible ease of use

    Begin to Tune
    12 Factory Presets are included as well as 6 User Presets to give you a variety of the most commonly used tunings at your finger tips. With a press of a button and a strum of the strings you are in tune, it's that easy!

    Product Specifications
    Type C1 Compatibility Chart

    • 1950 Classic Vibe Stratocaster
    • 1950 Holo ake Stratocaster NOS
    • 1950 Stratocaster CS Fiesta Red
    • 1950 Telecaster CS Thinline
    • 1952 Telecaster CS Butter Scotch
    • 1952 Telecaster Relic
    • 1957 Stratocaster CS NOS active
    • 1957 Stratocaster CS Close Classic Masterbuild
    • 1957 Stratocaster CS Hardtail
    • 1956 Stratocaster CS Tao Turquose
    • 1957 Stratocaster NOS
    • 1957 Stratocaster Relic HSS
    • 1960 Classic Vibe Telecaster
    • 1960 Classic Vibe Telecaster Butterscotch
    • 1960 Classic Vibe Telecaster Thinline
    • 1960 Classic Vibe Stratocaster
    • 1960 Stratocaster CS Doutone Relic
    • 1960 Stratocaster CS Fiesta Red
    • 1962 Stratocaster CS Heavy R
    • 1964 Telecaster CS Masterbuild
    • 1965 Stratocaster CS closed classic
    • 1968 Stratocaster Heavy
    • 1970 Telecaster CS Paisley Logo
    • Blond
    • La Cabronita „F“ Hole MN
    • Mustang
    • Richie Kotzen Telecaster
    • Stratocaster CS Robert Cray
    • Sonoran SCE
    • Telecaster TY Yellow
    • Vintage Modified Telecaster
    • Vintage Modified Jazzmaster
    • Vintage Modified Mustang
    • Vintage Modified Jaguar

    • Paci ca (all Modells)

    • BBM1
    • RG440
    • RG550XH
    • RGIR Series
    • S5470  Series
    • S970CW
    • SA960QM
    • SIR70FD

    • Freeway Classic
    • Session - Series
    • Progression - Series

    • Strat style
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