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VOX AC30 CC2 Custom Classic Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Product Highlights

Product Description

The VOX AC30 Custom Classic is the culmination of over 45 years of high quality, guitar amplifier design and fabrication. VOX has taken the best AC30 designs and added a number of useful, very cool features to create the most tonally flexible and affordable AC30 to date!

History in the making
Why has the AC30 been an icon for decades? It's the amplifier's unique, warm tone, its player friendly feel and its primeval circuit design. With its straightforward what you see is what you get"control format, the AC30 was a hit with artists from the very beginning. Back then, VOX owned the '60s British invasion and to this day the AC30 is widely used by all kinds of guitarists performing in a huge range of musical styles.

With a number of modern enhancements including blendable channels, a true bypass FX loop, spring reverb and master volume, to name just a few, the new AC30 Custom Classic is an evolution of the original that is sure to become a classic in its own right.

Attaining the highest standards
In order to achieve tonal nirvana, this AC30 is manufactured in VOX' vertically integrated manufacturing facility. What this means for you is that VOX has total control of the design, the quality and the sound of your amplifier. Their factory is capable of many processes not found in most guitar amplifier factories. VOX designs and manufactures their own transformers, speakers (except for the venerable VOX Blue & Neodog which are manufactured by Celestion), cabinets and they build their own electronics. All components have been designed, manufactured or selected so that the performance and sound of your AC30 Custom Classic is second to none.

An evolution in tone
When VOX set out to create the AC30 Custom Classic, they started from their most highly acclaimed model to date, the AC30 Hand Wired. With twin inputs (high and Low) and a Master Volume circuit, these amps offer highly interactive Bass and Treble tone controls, as well as the VOX Tone Cut control (which varies the presence in the power amp section) for even greater tonal variety. VOX also included Classic Tremolo with variable Depth control and a tube-driven Accutronics reverb with Level and Tone controls as well as a Dwell switch.

Two blendable channels, a first
Not only does the AC30 Custom Classic include two channels, it also offers the ability to blend those channels together (a first for the AC30!). The Top Boost Channel serves up that classic AC30 tone, while their new expanded Normal Channel now offers two modes, Normal and Bright, which allow you to achieve the sounds of an assortment of vintage AC30s. Use the channels individually or blend them together for increased tonal flexibility to create a unique sound and feel that's all your own.

Control freaks rejoice!
The AC30 Custom Classic is fully equipped with well thought out and easy to use controls. With a Custom/Normal EQ switch, Tone control and Dwell switch for the spring reverb, Master Volume, fully variable Tremolo on all channels and a true bypass Effects Loop, they've thought of everything! VOX even included a switchable cathode resistor that lowers power output and increases tube life. Of course, the AC30 Custom Classic comes with the standard controls like Treble, Bass, Tone, Volume, Standby and more.

Multiple configurations
Not only is the AC30 Custom Classic the most flexible AC30 to date, it comes in VOX' most expansive array of models ever to cover a variety of needs and player preferences.
    Select from these configurations:
  • AC30CC1: 1x12 combo with Celestion neodymium NeoDog speaker.
  • AC30CC2X: 2x12 combo with Celestion AlNiCo Blue speakers.
  • AC30CCH: 30 Watt head.
  • AC30CC2: 2x12 combo with VOX custom GSH12-30 speakers.
  • V212BN: 2x12 extension cabinet with VOX custom GSH12-30 speakers.
  • V212BNX: 2x12 extension cabinet with Celestion AlNiCo Blue speakers.
  • V412BN: 4x12 extension cabinet with VOX custom GSH12-30 speakers.
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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor

Product Specifications

VOX AC30 Custom Classic Specifications

    Front Panel Controls
  • Inputs x 2: Top Boost & Normal
  • Input Link Switch for blending channels
  • Normal Volume
  • Brilliance Switch
  • Top Boost Volume
  • Treble
  • EQ Standard/Custom Switch
  • Bass
  • Reverb Controls: Tone, Mix, Dwell Switch
  • Tremolo Speed & Depth
  • Tone Cut
  • Master Volume
  • Standby Switch
  • Power Switch
    Rear Panel Controls
  • Loudspeaker output jack x 2: Extension & External
  • Output (O/P) Impedance Select: 8 or 16 Ohm
  • Output Bias: 82 Warm or 50 Hot
  • Smoothing: 22uF Vintage or 44uF Modern
  • FX Loop: Send, Return and Bypass Switch
  • Footswitch Jack: Tremolo and Reverb
  • Footswitch: Included
  • HT Fuse
  • Mains Input
  • Mains Fuse
    Model Dimensions and Weight
  • AC30CC1: 54 lbs. 24 inches (W) x 10.4 inches (D) x 21.25 inches (H)
  • AC30CC2: 70.5 lbs. 27.75 inches (W) x 10.4 inches (D) x 21.25 inches (H)
  • AC30CC2X: 70.5 lbs. 27.75 inches (W) x 10.4 inches (D) x 21.25 inches (H)
  • AC30CCH: 41.9 lbs. 24.2 inches (W) x 10.4 inches (D) x 10.83 inches (H)
  • VX212BN: 44 lbs. 27.75 inches (W) x 10.4 inches (D) x 21.25 inches (H)
  • VX212BNX: 44 lbs. 27.75 inches (W) x 10.4 inches (D) x 21.25 inches (H)
  • VX412BN: 97 lbs. 27.95 inches (W) x 14.37 inches (D) x 30.7 inches (H)

Customer Reviews

Review: John W from Greenville, SC, USA, Submitted: 1/20/2009

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


The AC30 CC2 has the Mojo!
Product Rating

Built like a tank; heavy, but has 3 handles for moving and you'll need them; this thing weighs 70 lbs.

Only had it a few months but with the superior construction and great reputation; I should be using this one for years.

Your general opinion of this product.

It's got the mojo! Great looks; even greater sound.

Lots of tonal controls; not crazy about the locations of the controls but it does add to that 'vintage' feel. The mother of all tube amps IMO.

You can literally get any sound out of this tube monster that you would ever want. World-reknown clean channel and very conducive for effects pedals usage.

Vintage grille cloth and rugged build make the AC-30 a good looking amp.

Packaged well from Vox and AMS. Boxed and plastic-wrapped from Vox and double-boxed from AMS.

Review: Roger Lee from Phoenix, Arizona, USA Submitted: 4/17/2008

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


There is no other amp that can compare!!!

No defects detected in workmanship at all.

Review: Louden Swayne from Robbinsville, North Carolina Submitted: 2/5/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Nice Piece of Amp

Your general opinion of this product.

Built well. Heavy as all get out. This amp if taken care of should last forever.

The finest feature of this amp is the power. This is the loudest 30 watts I have ever heard. Killer vibrato.

Lots of switches. Unlimited choices. Will take some time to tweak.

Worth the price.

I have only palyed an Les Paul through it. A studio LP. Sounds great.

Review: AMS Customer from USA Submitted: 2/5/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


AC30- Love It!

Your general opinion of this product.

Very well constrcuted- only complaint was I had to tighten the handle screws- they were a little loose

Best features are the combinable normal/top boost channels,reverb is great, switchable power and biasing really nice,as well as filter cap selector

Extremley eay to get used to, got fabulous sounds right away

I don't think I would pay more, but feel price is good for what you get

The sound is what sold me on this amp- absolutely great! Very broad range of tones..vintage , modern, 60's English The tone is AWESOME - at all volume levels


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