VOX AC50 CP2 Classic Plus Guitar Combo Amplifier

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    Product Description

    The Vox AC50 CP2 is an EL34-powered tone machine that delivers that classic VOX tone. A rock and roll legend with a versatile high-gain channel, it goes beyond anything in VOX’s 50 year history and into all-new VOX sonic territory.
    With the new AC50CP2 50-Watt combo, the Classic Plus range delivers amps that do it all – from the ‘50s to tomorrow. Sound big? You bet. What do 50 years of classic VOX sonic history sound like? Play one.

    Two Channels, Endless Possibilities
    The Classic Plus is a channel-switching valve pre- and power-amp guitar amplifier that can produce many flavours of tone, from pristine clean to impressive high-gains, and all points between. The two channels have a variety of wide-ranging controls to help you create the sound textures that you desire.

    Channel 1 covers classic VOX AC30 tones, from sparkling clean to raunchy overdrive. The EQ on this channel is of the interactive passive format that is historic to VOX Top Boost amplifiers and boasts the addition of the famous Tone Cut control, which musically rolls off high end as it is turned up.

    Channel 2 picks up where Channel 1 leaves off, delivering everything from modern blues and classic rock tones all the way to high gain classic metal sounds and fluid lead tones. While Channel 2’s EQ controls are also of the interactive passive format, they are centered on different frequencies to enhance the higher gain capabilities of Channel 2. The Channel 2 Bright Switch brings in an extra capacitor (switch down) across the Gain control to boost the high-mid and upper frequencies and is particularly effective on lower gain settings. The Bright Switch is great for giving extra bite and clarity to muddy sounding humbuckers. The Fat Switch adds extra gain, and focuses the mid range of the guitar and amp, which helps produce a singing tone when playing lead lines.

    The Presence Control circuit is another unique feature to the AC range. It combines the traditional active power amp feedback circuit with a passive circuit within Channel 2’s preamp. This not only focuses the Presence boost, but, if you turn the control down, it will also introduce a high frequency cut filter that can be used to de-fuzz the preamp distortion, making it less aggressive and sweeter. Since the channels of the Classic Plus are totally independent, you do not need to compromise to achieve your desired tonal palette. It’s almost like being able to mix and match two completely different amplifiers!

    Total, Tonal Control
    The Classic Plus range is packed with features and controls that meld the best of VOX’s history with modern conveniences. The Classic Plus features a long spring, high-quality Spring Reverb with individual, foot-switchable level control for each channel, plus series FX looping with selectable level control and bypass switching. The Bypass slide switch will either engage the loop (switch ON) or disconnect the effects loop circuitry from the rest of the amplifier (switch OFF). With the Loop switch in the OFF position, the Send jack socket is still operational and can therefore be used to send the signal to another device such as a tuner or slave amplifier. The Loop Level switch allows the loop to used at two different signal levels (approximately +4dBV (high) and -10dBV (low)). This will enable a wide range of devices to be connected to the amplifier. Channel switching and on/off reverb control is managed with the supplied VF002 dual footswitch.

    Go Direct
    The Classic Plus range features extensive direct recording and line out capabilities from both balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4 inch outputs with rotary level control and ground lift switching. To enable great sounding connection into PA or recording equipment, the DI also features a speaker emulating Low Pass Filter (LPF) network. This can be switched into or out of circuit as required. Another great plus of the DI circuit is that it is post the power amplifier’s phase inverter valve, and before the Output Master Volume control. No matter how loud or quiet your stage level is, you have totally independent control of the DI output level. You can even turn the Master Volume totally off and use the DI output for silent recording for those midnight sessions.

    Power Trio
    The Classic Plus range is comprised of the 50-Watt AC50CPH head (4 x 12AX7/ECC83, 2 x EL34B), the 100-Watt AC100CPH head (4 x 12AX7/ECC83, 4 x EL34B), and the 50-Watt AC50CP2 combo (4 x 12AX7/ECC83, 2 x EL34B). The AC50CP2 comes loaded with two VOX original design 12 inch speakers voiced for maximum performance with the Classic Plus. Pair either of the heads with VOX’s V412BN cabinet, and you’ve got an unbeatable tone machine. No matter how you play, there’s a Classic Plus for you. And with their combination of unmatched tone, flexibility and ultra-cool looks, the Classic Plus range is at home on any size stage. Plug in and hear them roar!

    Product Specifications

    Vox AC50CP2 Specifications

    • Power Output: 50 Watts RMS into selectable 8 or 16 ohm loudspeaker load
    • Loudspeaker Complement: 2 VOX-Wharfedale GSH1230 8 ohm loudspeakers wired in series for a total of 16 Ohm load
    • Tube Complement:
      • 4 x 12AX7/ECC83 (V1:Low microphonic)
      • 2 x EL34B
    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 27.6 x 10.4 x 21.3 inches (702 x 265 x 540 mm)
    • Weight: 77.2 lbs (35 kg)
    • Included items: Power cable, VF002 footswitch

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor
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