Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Pedal

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    Product Description

    The Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Pedal is a high-gain distortion that boasts an awe-inspiring tone thanks in part to a genuine 12AX7 tube! Achieve every heavy distortion sound for heavy riffs or soloing, as well as cutting high-gain lead sounds. Vox also gives the V8 Distortion a mid-shift switch that lets you change the band where the mid-range peaks. Turning this off gives you a broad range with an emphasized attack. Turning it on will shift the band to be more suitable for lead playing.

    Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Pedal Features

    • Discrete circuitry - the result of a relentless design philosophy
    • True bypass design provides tonal confidence even when the effect is off
    • Tough die-cast body that stands up to the rigors of the road
    • Newly developed Hi-Volt technology allows the tube to operate at 200V, even on battery power
    • Gain control lets you adjust the tonal character
    • Heater current’s slow start circuit ensures vacuum tube longevity
    • Controllable high-gain distortion that retains that retain the natural essence of your guitar
    • Highly usable Mid Shift switch adds extra presences tonal definition
    What is Hi-Volt?
    Vox has revealed a new vacuum tube circuit technology called Hi-Volt. This circuit, featured in all Tone Garage series pedals, delivers high voltage (200V) to a 12AX7 vacuum tube by using 6x AA batteries or the DC9V power supply.

    The discrete circuit works at 20V, which is still considered high voltage operation compared to other general effects products. The result is a natural and dynamic tone which is similar to that of a vacuum tube amplifier. Even though vacuum tubes are considered big by modern component size standards, our engineers were able to keep these pedals small, so you don’t have to worry about them taking up too much space on your pedal board.

    Gain control that lets you vary the character of your sound
    The transistor amplification circuit in the V8 Distortion pedal has also received a good deal of consideration. Vox designed the gain control so that adjusting its position does not simply change the amplitude, but will also change the tonal character in a subtle way. From zero to max, it yields an array of highly usable and natural distortion tones.

    Carefully designed power supply circuit that extends vacuum tube lifespan
    Since high current flows through a vacuum tube when the power is turned on, Vox has provided a heater current slow start circuit that extends the lifespan of the vacuum tube and also avoids malfunctions for the AC adapter.

    Product Specifications
    Vox Tone Garage V8 Distortion Guitar Pedal Specifications
    • Input impedance: 1M ohms
    • Output impedance: 2.2k ohms
    • Vacuum tube: ECC83 / 12AX7
    • Connections: INPUT jack (guitar input), OUTPUT jack (line output)
    • Power: AA battery x 6
    • AC adapter: DC 9V (Option)
    • Vacuum tube operating voltage: 200 V
    • Consumption current: 240 mA
    • Battery Life: Approximately 7 hours
    • Accessories: AA alkaline battery x 6 (for verifying operation)
    • Dimensions (WxDxH): 3.43 x 5.20 x 2.48 inch
    • Weight: 14.81 oz (not including battery)
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor
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