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Vox Valvetronix VT50 Guitar Combo Amplifier

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Product Description

Producing the true sound and feel of a bona fide tube amp, the VT50 guitar combo amplifier is great for gigging or recording. Sophisticated modeling technology is used to provide twenty-two different amps. Plus twelve high-quality effects are built-in. You can create your tone using the desired amp and effect, and save it in memory as one of eight programs (two banks x four channels). No matter your playing style or music genre, the VT50 is an amp that will perform.

Vox VT50 Guitar Combo Amplifier Features

  • VOX Valve Reactor circuit with a 12AX7 to produce real tube power amp sound
  • 22 realistic amp models (from high-gain to legendary boutique and vintage amps
  • 12 effects (including independent reverb, rivaling the quality of dedicated units)
  • Three banks for each amp model, giving you a total of sixty-six preset programs
  • 22 programs of song presets simulate the sounds of famous guitarists
  • The ability to save eight of your own edited programs
  • Power level control allows you to obtain power amp distortion at low output levels
  • Headphone output to allow you practice at home, even at night
  • VFS5 footswitch option (not included) for hands-free operation
  • Provides an external speaker output
VOX Valve Reactor circuit delivers true tube power amp sound
The VOX Valve Reactor circuit is the key factor that separates the Valvetronix series from other modeling amps. The 100% analog original power amp circuit actually has the same power amp circuit as a full-tube amp, using a 12AX7 miniature triode to reproduce a distinctive tube amp sound unattainable by digital technology. In other words, it replicates aspects that have an important influence on the sound of a tube amp, such as the power amp's class A/AB operation and the interaction of the power stage with the speaker, thus reproducing not only the response of the original amp's power amp circuitry, but also the power amp's distortion as well as the nuances and subjective sound pressure of a full-tube amp.

Since there's a power level control that allows you to decrease just the volume without affecting the tonal character, you can adjust the volume while enjoying the same sense of drive as when the master volume is at maximum. This means that you can obtain the exact same sound even when you're unable to play at maximum volume, such as when you're at home.

Twenty-two amp models use high-quality modeling technology
Another indispensible aspect of the Valvetronix series is the modeling technology that is the source of its diverse amp sounds. The sounds of twenty-two tube amps sought-after by the guitarists are built in, including vintage amps that are now hard to find, as well costly boutique amps. The coverage includes not only vintage types, but also the latest high-gain types, accommodating a wide variety of playing techniques and styles.

Twelve high-quality effects deliver the essentials with plenty of variation
Effects are an important part of creating your guitar sound. The VT series contains twelve effects with quality rivaling that of dedicated stand-alone processors, ranging from familiar standards to fresh new types. Of these, the reverb effect is always available, and three of the other eleven types are composite effects that allow up to three effects to be used simultaneously. Noise reduction can also be used at the same time. Each effect has multiple parameters that you can adjust to create the precise sound you want. There's also a tap switch that makes it easy to set the delay time or modulation speed. Independent reverb is provided, giving you an even broader range of sound-creating possibilities.

Sixty-six preset programs including song presets that simulate the sounds of famous guitarists
For each amp model, the VT series provides a song preset that simulates the guitar sound of a famous guitarist, giving you a total of twenty-two such presets. These song presets make it easy to instantly obtain the guitar sound of well-known songs everyone has heard. Each amp model also has a basic preset that represents the most typical settings, as well as an effected preset that takes full advantage of the effects, totaling forty-four presets. Together with the song presets, you have a total of sixty-six preset programs. Of course, you can also save your own favorite edited programs as one of eight user programs.

Headphone output and expandability allows home recording and late-night practice
There's a headphone output that can be connected to headphones or to your mixer or multi-track recorder. Since the tonal characteristics of the cabinet are applied to this output, the sound will not be impaired even if you make a direct-line recording or listen through headphones, ensuring that you continue to get that great spatial depth and character.

Optional VFS5 foot switch lets you switch programs or turn effects on/off with your foot
By using the optional VFS5 foot switch you can switch programs, turn reverb or other effects on/off, or make speed/tap settings using your foot. This is a great advantage when you're creating sounds or performing live..

Product Specifications
Vox Valvetronix VT50 Guitar Combo Amplifier Specifications
  • Amp Models
    • Boutique CL, Deluxe Tweed, Super 4x10, AC15TB, AC30HH, Express Train, AC50CP2, UK 25TH, US ’90S, UK Modern, Boutique Metal, Modded CL, Tweed 2X12, Tweed 4X10, AC15, AC30TB, Boutique OD, AC30BM, UK ’80S, Cali Metal, UK ’90S, Metal Bull
  • Effect Models
    • Delay, Tape Echo, Chorus, Comp, Octave, Flanger, Phaser, Rotary, Tremolo, Pitch, Reverb, Noise Reduction
  • Number of amp types: 22
  • Number of effects: 12
  • Number of programs:
    • 66 preset
    • 8 user
    Input/output jacks:
    • 1x Input
    • 1 x Footswitch jack
    • 1 x Phone jack
    • 1 x External Speaker Out jack
  • Power amp output: 50 watts RMS @ 8 ohms (maximum)
  • Speaker: 1 x VOX original (12 inch, 8 ohm)
  • Signal processing:
    • A/D conversion: 24-bit
    • D/A conversion: 24-bit
    • Sampling frequency: 44.1 kHz
  • Power supply requirements: AC (local voltage)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): TBA
  • Weight: TBA
  • Included items: Power cable

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  631-390-6500 Warranty:  1 year parts and labor

Review: Mirawho from The beautiful San Fernando Valley Submitted: 3/11/2012

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Great little amp at a great price.
Product Rating

For it's size, it is pretty beefy, so I would assume it is a well made amp. Time will tell

Your general opinion of this product.

This has enough features to keep the novice busy for a while and keep the players interested for a long time.

The amp is easy to use and very user friendly.

I have been able to acheive all tones and sounds with it I need, so it is versatile.

Good looking amp

Review: DanSpec from Blythe, Ca, USA Submitted: 3/7/2011

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Cant beat the warm full sound!

Very dependable. I did have to tighten the nut that holds the input jack in place once.

Still works, and Im very hard on it.

Your general opinion of this product.

I really love this amp. You can stand in front of it and rock the f out. I like the way it makes my guts jiggle.

Great tone! Thats why I bought it.

Looks cool!

Knobs work well.

Review: Al Submitted: 7/26/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Can`t beat it!!!

Very well made!

I haven`t owned it but a couple weeks But I can tell this amp will take a beating.

Your general opinion of this product.

I have used it now for about 2 weeks and I have to say it is well worth every cent!! Vox has always put out a great product and this is another one!!

Review: Randy B. Submitted: 1/24/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Worth the Money!

I consider this amp to be solid and reliable.

I just got it 2 weeks ago, but I'm confident that it will be reliable for years to come!

Your general opinion of this product.

I'm glad I decided on this amp. It didn't cost that much, and its loaded with great versatile tones!

Review: Jay from NY Submitted: 1/14/2010

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


Lots of Options

I've owned this amp for 3 months. No problems to report.

Your general opinion of this product.

Overall I think this amp has a lot to offer, with only a few small setbacks. The amp models are all very distinct and different. The overall appearance is classy and pretty solid. On the 50 Watt no effects loop... So no wah/vol/expression. The amp is powerful and stands up to drums in a live setting but you have to up the mids to cut through. 100 watts is probably better for gigging, but the 50 holds it's own in practice and small gigs. There is a speaker out so additional cab will add to volume.

The tones liked I mentioned earlier are exceptional especially on the clean settings. Some pretty good overdrive can be attained with that hint of tube driven power.

This amp played great right from the start. You can definately feel and hear the difference over a pure solid state amp. It's not pure tube but it sounds close.

Review: JR from N. Virginia Submitted: 12/11/2009

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


This is a great amp crippled by poor design.

No issues in the 2 months I had it.

Your general opinion of this product.

This is a perfect amp for the studio. The sounds are great with my Strat, LP Gold Top (P90's), and my RG470. The overdrive is creamy, the effects are pristine. Now the problems: There are 8 presets that can be programmed by the user and selected via the footswitch. However, the volume spikes and then goes to the set level when switching between presets. Also, the effects can not be altered (i.e. Tap Tempo, Rotary speed, etc.) while in preset mode. In order to use the footswitch for Tap Tempo, you have to be in manual mode which limits you to one amp model. To top this off, if you start with overdrive in that particular model then THERE IS NO WAY TO GO TO A CLEAN CHANNEL!! What good is this on stage?? The only way to fix this is to run my RP7 pedal through the amp but why would I buy a modeling amp to use my old effects pedal?! This is a great amp crippled by poor design. I have a Bugera V55 on order to replace this amp.

Good weight compared to 2x12 combos.

Great tone, loved the AC15/30 models.

Metal grill was a rugged touch.

Preset amp models sounded great.

Review: Abelardo Cabrera jt, Submitted: 11/1/2009

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Vox The King Of Beer {Amps}

Like i said untill the end.

For as long as i have had my vox Amps no problem and i think that they will be with me untill the end.

Your general opinion of this product.

Vox Amps have a tone and sound that everyone should try the vox amps are dead on to the original amps and the others are closer then any Line Six or other like amps out there and as for the money you spend vox is worth twice if not more .

Good weight you know its made well but can still be moved by one person.

Great tone and it seems to get better with time im sure if the speaker ever has to be changed i would be happy with a stock Vox speaker there tone is on track deep when you want and sharp for all out lead play.

Black is Black

Its a amp lets put it this way it does what its suppose to do and then some.

Review: Chris D. who needs a drummer. from Pottstown, Pennsylvania, Submitted: 7/21/2009

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


Big sound, little amp.

It's solid, affordable, and the look and tones are just plain tasty! Quit reading my stupid review and get the VT50!

I'm still new to the VT50. As far as I can tell, though, it's solid. This amp, I can tell, will most likely hold up just fine.

Your general opinion of this product.

Basically, this little guy has power! Until I heard the VT50, I was Mesa all the way, but this amp is horribly underrated. All 22 models on the VT50 have a stand alone sound. All of them are unique and clear as day. This amp also has POWER! It's hard to find a 50 watt amp that holds its own versus drums. It may not look impressive, but this amp simply rocks.

It's, as I've said, flexible. It has everything you'd want from an amp, minus size.

The tone is all over the place. This amp is GREAT for any guitarist.

It's a very vintage looking amp, but modern at the same time. Both classy and badass.

As I've said before, this amp is a powerful little guy. It holds up even when cranked up, and still wants more. Just get one!
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