Wi Digital JMWAL35 AudioLink Digital Instrument Wireless System

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    Product Description

    The Wi Digital JMWAL35 AudioLink Digital Instrument Wireless System is the smallest most advanced stereo digital wireless system and works for every instrument in the band! Along with having amazing features and CD quality uncompressed audio, the entire AudioLink system can fit in the palm of your hand!

    The Wi AudioLink instrument system is not just another wireless guitar rig. It gives every member in the band the wireless mobility they want without sacrificing the audio clarity they need. This high-quality 2.4GHz stereo digital wireless music instruments system provides up to 100 feet of secure, un-compressed 16bit, 48kHz CD quality wireless audio connectivity and operates without radio frequency (RF) interference, signal loss, or crackle inherent in UHF/VHF systems.

    Wi Digital AudioLink Digital Wireless System Features

    • Stereo digital wireless system for every instrument in the band
    • 16-bit, 48 kHz Stereo CD Audio Quality (Uncompressed Audio)
    • Digital, linear audio with 15Hz ~ 20KHz performance with deep bass, crisp highs, and excellent midrange tones
    • Simple, elegant, rugged, ultra-lightweight design
    • Fast easy setup
    • Total wireless freedom of movement
    • Extreme power flexibility with built-in rechargeable batteries, USB bus power capability and optional AA battery adapter
    • No need to power down or stop your performance to recharge the batteries
    • Dual internal antenna for automatic backup frequency
    • Networks with all Wi digital wireless products for customized audio signal routing matrix for on-stage and studio setups
    • Automatic audio signal routing from one transmitter to up to eight (8) receivers sequentially with a press of a button
    • Cross platform compatibility with the optional Wi USB transmitter for PC and MAC connection
    Wi Digital AudioLink Applications
    • Portable stereo digital wireless system for every instrument in the band
    • Supports stereo foot pedals and guitar signal processors
    • Total wireless freedom of movement with visually unobtrusive almost invisible wearable design
    • Attaches to any instrument without posing any risk of damage to your gear
    • Support for in-ear stereo monitoring applications
    Crisp Highs and Thundering Low Tones
    The Wi AudioLink's 15Hz to 20kHz frequency response covers the full harmonic spectrum of musical instruments including Guitars, Keyboards, Pianos, Woodwinds, Brass, Percussion and Strings; and delivers crisp highs and thundering low tones to satisfy the most demanding musicians.

    Simple, Fast Setup, Elegant, Ultra-Light Design
    The Wi AudioLink is the first stereo digital wireless system ever to combine all the features required for musical instruments and in-ear monitoring in an elegant, ultra small, pocket portable, rugged, lightweight design. This combination of audio performance, simplified setup and portability lets you set up quickly and easily!
    • No complicated frequencies to assign
    • No heavy cables to hoist or route
    • No tangle of speaker cables
    • No bulky gear to haul
    • No clumsy antennas
    • No knobs to tweak
    Two Internal Antennas
    The Wi AudioLink transmitter and receiver each have two internal antennas that seek the signal individually for fewer dropouts. In the rare event of a dropout, the 'Auto-Mute' feature kicks in to prevent intermittent static.

    Extreme Power Flexibility
    The Wi AudioLink power source's flexible design boasts four power options:
    • Internal rechargeable battery for 4-to-6 hours of battery operation.
    • AA USB battery adapter (optional) provides up to 13 hours of extended operation.
    • Universal AC power adapter for continuous operation.
    • USB bus power to charge and operate your Wi AudioLink.
    Audio Signal Routing
    Jangus Music's audio routing feature allows musicians to send the audio output from their instrument to up to 8 different digital wireless receivers sequentially with a simple press of the Link button. This powerful feature eliminates the hassle of removing, swapping or disconnecting cables.

    Ultimate Cross Platform Compatibility (Mac/PC/TabletPC/iPod/iPad/iPhone)
    The Wi AudioLink system is designed to remove all communication barriers between your musical gear and personal computers. This dynamic system can be linked to any MAC, PC, Tablet PC or iPad using the optional Wi USB AudioLink adapter (JM-UST01) and to iPod, iPad and iPhone using the optional Wi Pad Audiolink adapter (JM-IPT01). The Wi AudioLink receiver puts all of your computer's essential audio controls including volume, mute and audio track control in the palm of your hand.

    Supported Instruments
    • Electric Acoustic Guitars
    • Electric Lead Guitars (Passive and Active)
    • Electric Bass Guitars (Passive and Active)
    • Electric Violins and Upright Bass
    • Electronic Wind Instruments
    • Electronic Drums and Percussion
    • Digital Pianos and Keyboards
    • Guitar Foot Pedals and Multi-Effects
    • Amplifiers and Powered Monitors
    • Mixers and Live Sound Systems
    • DJ Gear and Samplers
    • Digital Multitrack Recorders
    • Studio Monitor Headphones
    • In-Ear Personal Monitors
    • MP3 Players and Devices with headphone jack

    Product Specifications
    Wi Digital AudioLink Digital Wireless System Specifications
    • Transmission Format: 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless
    • Bit Rate: 16-bit , 48 kHz Stereo CD Audio Quality ( Uncompressed Audio)
    • Frequency Response: 15Hz -20kHz
    • Frequency Selection: Auto
    • Connectors: 1/8 in. TRS Stereo
    • Input impedance: 1M ohm
    • Max input level: 3V RMS
    • Output impedance: < 10 ohm
    • Max Output level: 700mV RMS
    • SNR: > 89 dB
    • Distortion: 0.12 percent THD
    • Antenna: Two Internal Antennas
    • Wireless Range: 100 ft.
    • Input Support: Passive Guitars, Active Guitars, and Stereo Line-in
    • Audio Signal Routing: One Transmitter to Eight (8) Different Receivers
    • Rechargeable Battery Life: 4 - 6 hours (10-13 Hours with optional AA battery power booster)
    • Power Input: 5V DC, 500 mA (USB Bus Power)
    • Maximum Units Operating at Same Time: 10
    • Computer Compatibility: MAC and PC (With optional Wi USB adapter model JM-WUST01 )
    • Dimensions: 1.2 x 0.6 x 3.34 in.
    • Weight: 0.068 lbs (1.08 Oz)
    • Package Contents Include
      • Wi AudioLink Transmitter
      • Wi AudioLink Receiver
      • Two (2) 1/8 to 1/4 in. TRS Stereo Cables
      • Two (2) 1/8 to 1/4 in.TRS Mono Cables
      • USB Power Cable
      • Universal USB Power Adapter
      • Hard Shell Carrying Case
      • User Guide
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