Whirlwind FXEQBP Perfect Ten 10-Band Graphic EQ Bass Pedal

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    Product Description

    When bassists need superior control to shape their tone, they choose the Perfect Ten EQ pedal. Providing balance with clarity, the Perfect Ten is excellent for any type of music. Play through it once and you'll never play without it.

    BASS TEN 10-Band EQ opens up a whole new world for bass players. This unbelievably clean 10-band EQ has made it possible for bass players to tailor their tone with a level of precision and clarity that hasn't existed in a pedal until now. Its CONSTANT Q makes adjustment easy and intuitive. Constant Q means that each band's frequency width remains the same for small boosts as well as large boosts, giving you unparalleled control and sensitivity. Built in the USA, this tour proven pedal will become a must in your arsenal.

    Unlike most graphic EQ effects, these circuits are designed to be “Constant Q”, meaning that the width of frequencies on either side of the center frequency that are affected by the fader remains constant, regardless of how much that frequency is boosted or cut. This provides a more intuitive fader interface, giving you superior control when shaping your sound.

    Whirlwind FXEQBP Perfect Ten 10-Band Graphic EQ Bass Pedal Features

      1: INPUT JACK - Connect an electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboard or bass here.

      2: OUTPUT JACK - Connect a cord out to your amplifier here.

      3: 18 VOLT INPUT - Connect a 3.5 mm 18 Volt DC regulated supply, 100 mA capacity or greater with a center negative plug. The Whirlwind PS118EFX (included) is recommended for proper operation. 18 VDC 2 100 mA

      4: ON/OFF FOOTSWITCH - Engages and disengages the EQ e ect. When engaged, the LED above the footswitch will illuminate and the fader LEDs will increase in brightness.

      5: FREQUENCY FADERS - Each fader is marked with the center frequency that is controlled by that fader. Lower numbers represent bass like tones while higher numbers represent more treble like tones. When the fader is positioned at the center detent, that frequency is not being boosted or cut, it is “ at”. Raising the fader above the detent position increases the level for that frequency while lowering the fader below the detent position reduces that frequency’s level. The range of each fader is +/- 15 dB for the Bass Ten and +/- 12 dB for the Perfect Ten.

      6: VOLUME FADER - Controls the over all volume of the output. The center detent is “unity gain”, there is no volume boost or cut except for slight increase or decrease in volume due to boosting or cutting with the frequency faders. Raising/lowering the volume control provides a up to +/- 15 dB boost for the Bass Ten and +/- 12 dB for the Perfect Ten.

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    Phone:  888-733-4396 Warranty:  3 Years Direct Box, A/B Box; 1 Year Little Imp, Cable Tester
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