Whirlwind Rochester Gold Box Distortion Pedal

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    Product Description

    The Whirlwind Gold Box Distortion pedal is a classic handwired tank of a box that delivers a wide range of sonic distortions. The Gold Box distortion pedal of the Rochester series provides distortions from a subtle warm tube driven tone to a balls-to-the-wall searing hot overdrive with that vintage sustain and classic tone you grew up with.

    "As one of the original founders of MXR, I first brought these effects pedals to guitarists almost 40 years ago. They were the ones that started a revolution and no one has made them quite the same since . . . hand-wired, American made, built to last forever and with the exact same circuits and quality components.

    It's the way we did it back then and it's the way we've approached everything we've done since. With this new line of vintage pedals, the ONLY things we changed are the addition of true-bypass, a 9 Volt power inlet and an LED to indicate when they're active.

    To celebrate 40 years in rock-n-roll, we're proud to release the Rochester Series pedals. You're gonna love 'em."

    - Michael Laiacona, President and owner of Whirlwind

    Product Specifications
    Whirlwind Rochester Gold Box Distortion Specifications
    Whirlwind Gold Box
    1. Input Jack: Connect a cord from your instrument here. Removing the cord from the input jack when not in use disconnets the battery which will prolong battery life.
    2. Output Jack: Connect a cord to your amplifier here.
    3. 9 Volt Input: Connect an optional power supply here. Accepts an industry standard 9 volt regulated DC supply with a 2.1mm barrel type connector.
    4. Output Level: Controls the overall volume when the effect is engaged.
    5. Distortion: Controls the amount of distortion applied to the signal.
    6. Status LED: Illuminates when the effect is active.
    7. Footswitch: Turns the effect on and off. When off, the unnit is completely removed from the signal path (True Bypass).
    8. Battery Compartment: Remove 4 screws on the bottom of the unit to access the battery. Be sure to leave the protective insulator in place to prevent the circuit board from contacting the metal case.
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  888-733-4396 Warranty:  3 Years Direct Box, A/B Box; 1 Year Little Imp, Cable Tester
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