Whirlwind pcDI Passive Direct Box

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    Product Description

    The pcDI is the first direct box designed to interface unbalanced stereo line sources with pro balanced low impedance equipment. Now with the Whirlwind pcDI you can connect the outputs of your CD players, computer sound cards, iPODS, MP3 players, tape decks, etc with professional mixing boards, recorders and PA equipment.

    Featuring two separate DIs, the pcDI allows connections of mulitple units in one box. You input your signals with one 3.5mm (1/8 inch) mini TRS stereo jack or two sets of color coded RCA phono type in and through jacks. Output is via corresponding color coded XLRs.
    "...built like a tank!"

    Each section features
    • Color coded RCA phono in/through jacks
    • Color coded XLR output jacks
    • Ground Lift switch to help eliminate hum and buzz
    • -20dB pad switch for connection to hot input signals
    • Stereo/Mono switch for stereo operation or safely combine both inputs into a mono signal sent to both outputs
    • Uses Whirlwind's TRHL-M transformer with metal shield

    Whirlwind pcDI Connections and Switches
    Input (RCA phono jacks X 2 and 3.5mm (1/8 inch) stereo TRS jack)
    Use to connect the audio outputs of computer sound cards, CD players, tape decks, etc. The RCA phono jacks are color coded – red is usually used as the right side channel in stereo applications. The 3.5mm (1/8 inch) jack is a tip/ring/sleeve type. The tip is common with the + side of the white RCA phono, the ring is common with the + side of the red RCA phono jack and the sleeve is common ground to both.

    Thru (RCA phono jack X 2)
    Y connections or loop through from the inputs.

    Low-Z Balanced Output (XLR jack X 2)
    Male XLRs, which provide balanced low impedance (150 Ohms), mic level signals suitable for connection to balanced, low-Z equipment (mixing console, workstation, etc.) The output signal is attenuated approximately 20dB below the input level. These jacks are color coded to match their corresponding inputs.

    Pad (Switch X 2)
    Most instruments will operate properly when set to the O position. Set to the I position (adds 20dB attenuation to the input signal) for use with very hot signals to reduce the possibility of distortion.

    Ground/Lift (Switch X 2)
    These switches are usually left in the I position (grounds are connected from input to output). If hum occurs in either channel when using the pcDI, setting that channel’s switch to the O position may help to reduce it. (This disconnects the ground between the input and the corresponding XLR output.)

    Stereo/Mono (Switch)
    In the Stereo position, each input is sent only to its corresponding output XLR. In the Mono position both inputs are safely summed to BOTH ouput XLRs.

    Product Specifications

    Whirlwind pcDI Specifications

    • Impedance Ratio (input to output, per channel): 133:1
    • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz ±1dB
    • Level Change (input to output): -20dB (pad out), -40dB (pad in)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  888-733-4396 Warranty:  3 Years Direct Box, A/B Box; 1 Year Little Imp, Cable Tester
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