Line 6 X2 XDR 955 Handheld Digital Wireless Mic System

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    Product Description

    Pro Wireless, Maximum Range
    X2 XDR955 Rackmount Wireless Microphone System from Line 6 is a breakthrough in digital wireless technology. It features award-winning solutions that traditional analog wireless systems simply cannot deliver. Vocalists, public speakers and presenters can expect total freedom, superior tone and refreshing simplicity from X2 XDR955.

    Line 6 X2 XDR 955 Handheld Wireless Features

    • 24-bit A/D conversion
    • Extended frequency response (10Hz–20kHz) matches high-quality audio cables
    • Extended operating range (300-foot line-of-sight)
    • Expanded dynamic range (>115 dB)
    • Compression-free signal for a wired feel
    • Cardioid microphone polar pattern
    • Exclusive dual-RF anti-jam technologies block static, interference and dropouts
    • 5 compatible user-selectable channels (can be used simultaneously)
    • Roams freely throughout N. and S. America
    • 8 hours of continuous microphone battery life
    • Full two-year warranty
    • Includes rack hardware, antennae, batteries and power supply
    Performers can finally keep their attention on their performances instead of on their wireless system. X2 XDR955 provides the kind of revolutionary support that wireless users have always dreamed of.

    24-bit Conversion
    X2 XDR955 features 24-bit analog-to-digital conversion at the transmitter (and subsequent digital-to-analog conversion at the receiver) to capture and reproduce all the important dynamics and nuances of your vocal performance.

    Frequency Response
    The extended frequency response of 10 Hz–20 kHz produces clear and commanding voices at up to 300 feet, the entire length of a football field. And the expanded dynamic range of more than 115 dB, which outperforms that of any comparable analog wireless system, provides crystal clear voices with ample headroom. The historically squashed sound of analog wireless is a thing of the past.

    Compression Free
    X2 XDR955, like all award-winning Line 6 Digital Wireless systems, delivers a 100% compression-free broadcast to preserve the tone and feel that are characteristic of a high-quality audio cable connection. Performers will fall for the wired sound of X2 XDR955 instead of tripping over dozens of feet of tangled cable.

    Extra Signal Protection
    X2 XDR955 instills confidence in professional vocalists, public speakers and presenters. It provides multiple layers of protection to shield its strong signal against static, interference and dropouts. Analog wireless signals remain susceptible to interference because they are commonly broadcast over crowded frequencies. X2 XDR955 uses dual-RF anti-jam technology to broadcast dual signals to four receivers that work simultaneously to avoid signal dropouts. Plus, the system uses a proprietary digital data stream that only recognizes signals embedded with a unique digital signature.

    Ease of Use
    Free of complicated setup, X2 XDR955 is the apex of simplicity. It includes all necessary batteries, antennas and accessories. Plus, where analog wireless systems demand that users troll for usable frequencies everywhere they use their wireless system, X2 XDR955 delivers instant out-of-the-box usability throughout all of North and South America and eliminates the need for an FCC operator’s license. Hit the ground running with X2 XDR955.

    Professional Advantage
    The microphone boasts many pro advantages. Its built-in transmitter provides the ultimate in convenience with a selectable lockout mode that protects your performance from unwanted interruptions in channel-selection or power. The cardioid capsule offers excellent isolation and feedback rejection. Two AA batteries ensure over 8 hours of continuous microphone use.

    The durable rack-mountable receiver is constructed of polycarbonate housing impact-tested to 300 lbs.

    Product Specifications
    Buy with Confidence
    All wireless microphone systems available through AMS are compliant with current FCC rules for safe operation without a license when they leave our warehouse. If you choose to modify a system after purchase, it may no longer be in compliance and may therefore require a license to operate. To learn more about the FCC’s rules regarding wireless microphones (which are subject to change), please call the FCC at 888-CALL-FCC (TTY: 888-TELL-FCC) or visit
    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  818-575-3600 Warranty:  July 12, 2017 Helix warranty: 2 Years for qualifying customers who register a Helix Floor, Helix Rack, or Helix LT processor, or a Helix Control pedal in the United States within the first year of ownership. Customers who already own a Helix product will have a second year added to their current one-year Helix Warranty at no cost: 1 Year on other products; G-Port and RiffTrack Package: 90 Days; B-Stock: 90 Days
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