Yamaha EZAG Self Teaching Acoustic Guitar

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    Product Description

    The Yamaha EZ AG Self Teaching Acoustic Guitar Delivers the Dream!
    The world is full of guitar players – and those who want to play guitar. Learning to play means lessons, chord books, learning how to tune, sore fingers, and sounding bad for a long time. What if you could bypass the lessons, books and tuning, and then have the guitar experience of strumming, playing chords and having a band back you up so that you sounded great from the beginning? Until now, it was just an idle dream. Until now.

    The Yamaha EZ AG has a fretboard with lighted bars to guide your fingers to the proper chord positions, with no strings, no sore fingers. Since the EZ is intelligent, you don’t need a chord book and, when playing an internal song, it shows you which chords to play. Perform for friends and family with the built in sound system or practice in private with headphones (or with the built-in speaker). In addition to the 25 built in songs, a huge library of songs is available for download from the Internet, including all your favorites.

    Yamah EZ AG Features

    • Futuristic self-teaching electric guitar with Guide lights
    • No sore fingers!
    • No tuning required!
    • No broken strings!
    • 12 lighted frets show hand position for chords and 6 strings for strumming or picking
    • 3 play modes:
      • Strumming (right hand)
      • Chord Training (left hand)
      • Full Play (L/R)
    • 12 built-in songs plus 13 guitar riffs to learn and play along with
    • Flash ROM: download new songs for learning from the Internet
    • General MIDI compatible: Internet ready
    • LED gives visual feedback
    • Volume, tempo, balance and capo controls
    • 20 voices:
      • 9 realistic guitars
      • 8 bass guitars
      • banjo
      • shamisen
      • piano
    • Optional power adaptor (#YAC PA130MM)
    • Built-in speaker
    • MIDI In/Out
    • Headphone jack
    • Power: 6 AA batteries or PA3C power adaptor (optional #YAC PA130MM)
    The EZ-AG is a new musical instrument that provides all the fun and excitement of a guitar without the sore fingers, broken strings, poor tuning and tedious exercises. Now, anyone, of any age, can learn chords and strumming by following lights.

    The EZ-AG features 12 lighted frets that show beginners the actual hand positions for chords, plus six strings that emulate strumming or finger-picking. The onboard selection of songs can be expanded via the Web - songs can be downloaded into the guitar's Flash ROM via MIDI IN/OUT connections and a quick connection to a computer.

    The EZ-AG reproduces realistic guitar sounds, bass guitar sounds and the timbres of a banjo, piano and more through its built-in speaker.

    Yamaha technology has made the EZ-AG one of the first, and certainly the easiest pathways to playing and having fun with the guitar. You're literally playing in minutes. And, as easy and fun as the EZ-AG is - you're really learning to play.

    Guitar-type features include volume, tempo, and balance controls, standard and open tuning options, plus an electronic capo for pitch adjustment. You can plug the EZ-AG into a standard guitar amplifier, or use the mini-headphone jack for private practice. The EZ-AG operates on six AA batteries, or a Yamaha PA3C power adaptor.

    So, read on and see how this amazing product from Yamaha could keep you interested in learning and playing guitar long after your purchase.

    Lighted frets: Help you learn to play
    The EZ-AG has 25 built-in songs and riffs for you to learn to play separated into left and right hand parts, allowing you to learn to strum and play chords at your own pace.
    • Chord Training: Start one of the songs and the EZ-AG will show you the chords by lighting the frets. Just press the lighted frets and the chord will sound (the EZ-AG strums for you). You can slow the tempo or put the guitar in Waiting mode where it will actually wait for you to press the correct frets and then continue on through the song to the next chord!
    • Strumming: The EZ-AG plays the chords (left hand part) for you while you concentrate on strumming (right hand part) in time with the music.
    • Full Play: You strum the chords (both hands together) to the current piece of music.
    Sounds like a guitar to me
    One of the differences between the EZ-AG and a conventional guitar is the LED and the series of switches that surround it. This control center allows you to:
    1. Adjust the volume of the guitar and the balance between the lead voice and song/riff tracks
    2. Select a new song
    3. Choose a different lesson mode
    4. Select a different sound
    5. Adjust the tempo
    6. Change the tuning using capo controls
    7. Select Standard Tuning or one of the Open Tunings.
    Buttons are clearly labeled and the guitar is easy to operate. There are a total of 20 voices or sounds for you to choose from including 9 guitar, 8 bass, banjo, shamisen and piano. For learning and playing along with, the guitar comes with 12 songs and 13 riff-based patterns. In addition, the guitar is GM (General MIDI) and Yamaha XF compatible, allowing you to add new songs from your computer via MIDI. An example setup might be the EZ-AG guitar and an optional UX-16 MIDI-USB interface. Then, head out on the Internet (example: yamahamusicsoft.com) in search of your favorite songs. Once you find the files you’re looking for, connect the guitar to your PC (using a MIDI interface like the UX-16 above) and use the included Song Filer software to transfer the song into the EZ-AG.

    Note: Although the EZ-AG will play back any GM file, the lighted fret learning function will only work with specially designed XF MIDI files like the selection found at yamahamusicsoft.com.

    Everything you need to get started playing the guitar
    The EZ-AG can be used with a PA3C AC adaptor (not included). For portability, you can also play the guitar using batteries (not included). It has a built-in speaker, so no external amplifier is required. However, there is an output jack so that you can connect the guitar to an external amplifier or to headphones (not included). MIDI in/out is also built in and, in addition to downloading songs into the Flash ROM, can be used to transmit data (example: note data, strumming etc.) to your favorite sequencing program. With the EZ-AG, learning to play has become as easy as following the lights on a fret board. It not only prepares you for a future of playing, but also makes learning interactive and fun for those who may prefer the guitar to a traditional keyboard.

    Product Specifications

    Yamaha EZ AG Self Teaching Guitar Specifications

    • Frets: 12
    • Strings: 6
    • Displays: LED display, 6 x 6 fret LEDs
    • Sounds:
      • Total Number: 20
      • Guitar: 9
      • Bass: 8
      • Banjo: 1
      • Shamisen: 1
      • Piano: 1
    • Media Storage: 480KB Flash ROM (maximum 99 songs)
    • Songs: 25 (12 songs + 13 riff songs) - additional songs can be loaded into internal memory from a computer. General MIDI (GM) and XF song compatibility
    • Play Modes:
      • STRUM (right hand)
      • CHORD (left hand)
      • BOTH (both hands)
    • Tempo Range: 32-280
    • Volume Range: 0-127
    • Balance Range: 0-127
    • Capo Range: 0-6
    • Tuning: 28 tuning settings in addition to normal
    • Connectors:
      • DC in 12V
      • MIDI IN
      • MIDI OUT
    • Speakers: 10cm
    • Power Supply:
      • PA130MM AC Power (optional)
      • Six: 1.5V AA size batteries
    • Dimensions (W x D x H): 34 x 12 x 3.25 inches (863 x 307 x 81 mm)
    • Weight: 4.3 lbs. (1.9 kg) without batteries

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