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    Yamaha Tyros 3 61 Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard

    Order your Yamaha Tyros 3 61 Key Arranger Workstation Keyboard and enjoy 0% Interest Payment Plans, Free Shipping, Free Extended Warranty and 45 Day Money Back Guarantee.
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    Product Description

    Considered the most powerful, easy-to-use, and top of the line arranger keyboard on the market, the 61 Key TYROS3 provides all the sounds, styles, and features you need to perform the music you want to play!
    Featuring the highest quality synthesizer keyboard Yamaha has ever made, the easy-to-use packed TYROS3 is the most expressive and musical keyboard in its class. By combining Super Articulation 2 technology and state of the art digital features you get stunning sound quality and musical versatility. Building on the impressive features of the TYROS2, this different, but better, 61 highly touch responsive Key 128 Note Polyphony design includes registration memory buttons on the right side of the keyboard, a first for Yamaha, a new design without chainsaw cutted edges, and a new screen with higher resolution.


    • Super Articulation 2 Technology using AEM technology
    • 2-track HDR
    • Studio Quality Reverb
    • Performance Enhancing Control Sliders
    • Guitar Accompaniment Algorithm for realistic guitar chord sounds
    • New 3-layer piano, voice, guitars, drums and Motif synth sounds
    • Lan Port Internet Direct Connect
    • RGB/Video Out
    • 32 MIDI Channels
    • Music Finder
    • One Touch Setting
    Super Articulation 2 Technology:
    Yamaha introduces a completely new level of sonic realism and musical expressiveness with a brand new technology: Super Articulation 2! Super Articulation 2 is the most advanced tone generation technology on the market, which features detailed samples of special expressive techniques used on specific instruments, adding unique characteristics to every instrument. The TYROS3 contains 11 Super Articulation Voices created with AEM (Articulation Element Modeling) technology, used to stimulate these characteristics to the instruments. Using AEM, the most appropriate sound samples are selected in sequence in real time, from sampled data.

    Performance Enhancing Control Sliders:
    8 sliders have been provided just below the LCD display that allows you to quickly adjust all parameters shown in the display. The additional ASSIGN slider allows you to assign a desired function (volume, reverb, etc.) and control it in real-time during your performance.

    2-track Hard Disk Recorder:
    The Hard Disk Recorder lets you record your performances to two audio tracks - Main and Sub. A Bounce recording feature lets you record even more tracks, allowing you to easily record multiple parts in layers.

    Massive 80GB HDD:
    With 80 GBs, an incredible amount of MIDI data, style data, wav files and more can be stored on the keyboard's internal hard disk without worry of filling it.

    LCD Screen:
    For those wanting to see lyrics and the sheet music that accompanies an artist’s song, or even your own, can now get what they want with the Backlit LCD Screen built into the TYROS3 which displays lyrics, chords, and notation. This is a great way to learn how to read music, and since the pages scroll automatically, you don’t have to worry about flipping pages to sheet music any longer! Another cool feature you’ll find only on the TYROS3 is that the color LCD screen is visible from any angle! Now, no matter where you are on stage or in the studio, you don’t have to worry about not seeing the screen!

    Convenient Multi Pad Sync function / Registrations and OTS Information:
    You can add even more to your performance as you play with several preset phrases by using the Multi Pads. These can even be synchronized with Style/Song playback. The information displays for Registration Memory and One Touch Setting allowing you to confirm the registered panel setups easily.

    High-Speed Communication:
    The built-in LAN Internet Direct Connect (IDC) terminal lets you easily connect your instrument directly to the Internet. IDC lets you connect directly to the Internet – without a computer – letting you delve into the thousands of MIDI songs on Yamaha’s website, and download your favorite music for playback. The USB terminals compatible with USB 2.0 High-Speed enable high-speed communication with USB storage devices and computers to online and on-demand music.

    Music Finder:
    When you want to play in a certain genre of music but don't know which settings to choose, what can you do? Use Music Finder! It features over 1800 preset records, each with its own specially selected Style and Voice settings and choice of four registrations, giving you instant professional sounds!

    Voice Expandability:
    Download additional Voices from the website and load them to the Tyros3 - and increase your selection of available voices (fees apply).

    Included Accessories:
    • Owner’s Manual
    • Music Rest
    • CD-Rom

    Product Specifications
    Yamaha Tyros 3 Specifications

    • Keyboard: 61 Keys (C1 ~ C6) with After Touch Response
    • Polyphony: 128 notes
    • Display: Visible from any angle TFT 7.5 inch Color LCD. Contrast and angle are adjustable. Music Score, Lyrics, Text, Wallpaper customize

    • Voices:
    • Voices + Drumkits: 1540
    • Super Articulation 2 Voices: 11 voices
    • Super Articulation Voices: 53
    • MegaVoices: 23 voices
    • Sweet! Voices:26 voices
    • Live! Voices:70 voices
    • Live! Drums:12 drum kits
    • Cool! Voices: 58 voices
    • Organ Flutes: 20

    • Voice Expandability:
    • Function: Voice Editor (Normal voice and Drum Kit)
    • Memory: 4 MB pre-installed. Maximum memory size 1024 MB (optional)
    • Memory Type:168 pin DIMM x2

    • Effects Type:
    • Reverb: 42 Presets + 3 Users
    • Chorus: 106 Presets + 3 Users
    • DSP (For Voice/Style/Mic): 272 Presets+10 Users
    • Mic Effects: Noise Gate x 1, Compressor x 1, 3 Band EQ x 1
    • Master EQ (5 band): 5 Presets + 2 Users
    • Master Compressor:5 Presets + 5 Users
    • Part EQ (2 band):29 Parts (R1, R2, R3, Left, Multi Pad, Style x 8, Song x 16)
    • Poly/Mono: ON/OFF
    • Vocal Harmony: 60 Presets + 10 Users
    • Real-time Controllers: Pitch Bend Wheel
    • Tempo: 5 ~ 500, Tap Tempo
    • Octave Button: Yes
    • Transpose: Yes
    • Tuning: Yes

    • Auto Accompaniment:
    • Preset Styles: 450 (403 Pro Styles, 47 Session)
    • Control: Intro x 3, Main Variations x 4, Fill In x 4, Break, Ending x 3
    • Fingering Type: Single Finger, Fingered, Fingered On Bass, Multi Finger, AI Fingered, Full Keyboard, AI Full Keyboard
    • Style Creator: Yes

    • Quick Access Memory:
    • One-Touch Setting:4 Per Style
    • Music Finder: Programmable up to 2500 records
    • Registration Memory: 8 Pads x Unlimited Banks
    • Multi Pads: 4 x 123 Banks, plus user

    • Songs:
    • Preset Songs: Large Built-In Demo
    • Internet Direct Connection: Lan Port Internet Direct Connect (IDC) for free online, on demand music

    • Memory Devices:
    • Flash Memory (Internal): 3.2 MB
    • Hard Disk Drive (Internal): 80GB 2.5-inch IDE
    • Storage Devices (via USB to DEVICE): USB Flash Memory, USB hard disk drive, etc.

    • Connectivity:
    • USB to Host: Yes, x 1 (USB 2.0)
    • USB to Device: Yes, x 2 (USB 2.0)
    • MIDI: MIDI A In/Out, MIDI B In/Out
    • Display Output: Video Out (NTSC / PAL Composite), RGB Out

    • Audio:
    • Phones: x 1
    • Microphones: MIC/Line In (Stereo)
    • Loop Send: (L/L+R, R), Aux Out (Level Fixed): Selectable
    • Loop Return: (L/L+R, R), Aux In (Level Fixed)
    • To Satellite Speaker (L/R), To Sub Woofer (L/R)
    • Amps & Speakers: Optional (TRS-MS02)
    • Power Supply: AC (Inlet)

    • Physical:
    • Dimensions: 44.9 x 17.7 x 5.6 inches W x D x H (1,140 x 450 x 142 mm) Without Music Rest and Speakers
    • Weight: 33 lbs (15 kg)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  714-522-9000 Warranty:  7 Years: DSR, DXR, and DXS Speakers; 3 Years: Power Amps, Speakers; YDP, CP, N100, PF & P Series Digital Pianos
    1 Year: Digital Mixers, Studio Monitors, Analog Consoles, Powered Mixers, Multi-Track Recorders, Digital Effect Processors, Signal Processors, Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Sequencers, Tone Modules, Portable Keyboards, Guitars, Drum Shells & Hardware, Drum Shell Finish.
    1 Yr Parts, 90 Days Labor: Drum Pedals, Cymbal Stands, Rack Systems
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