Zildjian A Custom Sizzle Ride Cymbal

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    Product Description

    The Sizzle Ride is pre-drilled with the traditional configuration of six rivets for clear stick definition and sparkling "sizzle" spread.

    A Custom cymbals deliver a sophisticated expression of classic Zildjian A Series sounds. They feature thinner weights and radically innovative hammering.

    A Custom Series Features

    • Selective: Concentrates on an exlusive range of sounds drawn from the A Zildjian palette.
    • Distinctive: Radical new rotary hammering techniques, exclusive to Zildjian, and special thin weights create a sophisticated sound quality reminiscent of cymbals from the forties and fifties.
    • Modern: Enables contemporary drummers to add classic A sounds to today's music.
    • Unique: Every cymbal is individually cast and rolled from the secret Zildjian alloy, creating instruments that each have a distict voice and character.

    Zildjian Rides - More than just a timekeeper
    The Ride cymbal is an integral part of every cymbal set-up, from acoustic jazz to heavy rock. When the High Hat takes the role of timekeeper, the Ride is free to become the drummer's most personalized means of self-expression. The clear, well-defined sound, along with its flexibility to voice both riding and accents, opens up unlimited possibilities for the drummer.

    What makes a great Ride?
    There are two basic types of Ride cymbal. One type has fewer overtones and extreme stick definition, while the other has good stick definition as well as plenty of spread with more overtones. Zildjian offers both of these extremes and everything between, to give you every possible choice. The hallmark of a great Ride is the consistent balance between stick attack and overtones at any dynamic level.

    Product Specifications

    Played by

    • Vinnie Colaiuta - Karizma
      One of the most influential drummers of all time, Vinnie Colaiuta took the world by storm in the late 1970’s with his work with the late, great Frank Zappa, and has never looked back. Although Vinnie became one of LA’s busiest session players during the 1980’s, his work with pop icon “Sting” brought him to the forefront of drumming (and music), recording and touring with him from 1990 – 1998. Vinnie’s recording credits are too numerous to list, encompassing literally thousands of album recordings, to movie soundtracks, to T.V. commercials, to his own solo record, but until you actually see Vinnie behind the drumkit, you can never truly appreciate the depth of his brilliance. Catch Vinnie's latest release "Document" recorded with fellow Karizma band mates David Garfield, Neil Stubenhaus and Mike Landau.

      "When I helped Zildjian design the A Custom Cymbals, I had a clear picture in my mind. They have a "sweet" sound, not too dark, not too light. They are thinner cymbals that speak very quickly. A Customs open up as soon as I touch them. They are strongly reminiscent of the old A Zildjians, but with a more contemporary feel."

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  781-871-2200 Warranty:  2 Years on Cymbals as of October 1, 2009
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