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    Zoom MRT3B Micro RhythmTrak Drum Machine

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    Product Description

    The Zoom MRT-3 delivers hundreds of incredibly real drum sounds, hundreds of patterns, all in a palm-sized box.Zoom engineering has produced some of the best sounding, easiest to use, and most value packed drum machines we have ever used, but the MRT-3 just blew us away in all categories.

    Packed into a very user friendly, compact chassis were 199 absolutely killer drum sounds (no wonder since they were sampled at 47.6 kHz), and 70 drum kits each with 14 different drum/percussion sounds (50 kits preset/20 user).

    Also loaded into the Zoom MRT-3 are 396 preset patterns and 99 locations for recording your own custom patterns for your next session. Recording patterns was really easy using the 7 very responsive, touch sensitive pads and song recording was a snap using the large LED display and mega memory banks of the MRT-3 (99 song locations each up to 99 patterns long, 20,000 notes/events capacity).

    The MRT-3 also features MIDI IN for external sync and sound triggering, mono and stereo 1/4" outputs (will power stereo headphones), and a footswitch jack for start/stop control.

    Operates for up to 15 hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries or optional AC adapter.

    Zoom MRT-3 Preset Patterns

    • 8 beat x 12
    • 16 beat x 8
    • Fusion x 14
    • Jazz x 13
    • Rock x 35
    • Hard Rock x 11
    • Country x 6
    • Blues x 9
    • Dance x 8
    • Metal x
    • Thrash x 3
    • Punk x 2
    • Pop x 19
    • R & B x 14
    • Funk x 15
    • 16 Beat Rock x 6
    • Groove x 3
    • Ballad x 13
    • Shuffle x 7
    • Hip Hop x 32
    • House x 6
    • Techno x 8
    • Drum 'n' Bass x 7
    • Trip x 3
    • Ambient x 4
    • Industrial x 3
    • Reggae x 4
    • Ska x 3
    • Latin x 12
    • Bossa Nova x 2
    • Samba x 2
    • Afro x 3
    • Middle East x 4
    • Intro x 19
    • Fill in x 73
    • Ending x 7

    Zoom MRT-3 Drum Kits

    • Live Rock x 4
    • Studio x 4
    • Standard x 4
    • Funk Trap x 4
    • Epic Rock x 3
    • Ballad x 3
    • Modern x 3
    • Rap/Hip Hop x 4
    • Techno Beat x 4
    • General Drum x 6
    • Latin Special x 1
    • Percussions x 1
    • Mastering x 6
    • Power-bend Down x 1
    • Special Effect x 2

    The Zoom MRT-3 Micro RhythmTrak is an incredible stand-alone drum machine, and is also the perfect add on to any digital audio recorder that lacks a built in rhythm programming. The unit has a consistent appearance and functions with the Zoom MRS-4 4 track digital recorder. The MRT-3 features 7 velocity sensitive drum pads, 50 preset and 20 user drum kits (user can make an original drum kit), 396 preset and 99 user patterns, 99 song memory (maximum notes/events: 20,000), 20 note polyphony, quantizes to 96 PPQN, and tempos of 40-250 BPM. Connections include a Mono out (Line) 1/4" phone jack, Stereo out (Line and Headphone) 1/4" stereo phone jack, a MIDI Input and a Control foot switch jack. The unit is powered by 4 "AA" batteries or an optional AC adaptor.

    The Zoom MRT-3 links to the Zoom MRS-4 4-track recorder, sending its output to the MRS-4's AUX input and is synchronized through the MIDI clock, acting like a built in drum machine.

    Zoom MRT-3 Features

    • Works seamlessly with MRS-4
    • 7 Velocity sensitive Drum pads
    • 50 Preset, 20 User Drum Kits (User can make original drum kit)
    • 396 Preset, 99 User Patterns
    • 99 Songs
    • 20,000 Maximum notes/events
    • 21 sounds Polyphony
    • Quantize: 96 PPQN
    • Tempo: 40.0-250.0 BPM
    • Mono out (Line): 1 x 1/4" phone jack
    • Stereo out (Line and Headphone): 1 x 1/4" stereo phone jack
    • MIDI: In
    • Control In: 1 x Foot switch
    • AC Adaptor: AD-0006D (Option)
    • Battery: 4 x AA size

    Hundreds of incredibly real drum sounds, hundreds of patterns, all in a palm-sized box.

    396 Preset Patterns, 99 User Patterns, and 99 Songs
    A total of 396 presets (99 x 4 banks) offer an incredible array of patterns and styles, including intros, fill-ins and endings. By modifying these patterns, or by recording a new pattern, you can create up to 99 of your own user patterns. You can then combine any of the total 495 patterns and construct up to 99 different songs.

    199 Sound Sources, 50 Preset Drum Kits, and 20 User Drum Kits
    Zoom has the most authentic drum sounds in the industry. The MRT-3 comes with 199 of the most realistic drum sounds you'll ever hear from a drum machine. 50 preset drum kits are programmed in, consisting of 14 sound sources (7 pads x 2 banks), to support various applications and music genres. Furthermore, you can create 20 of your own drum kits by combining any available drum sounds, and then setting the tuning, level, and pan.

    Built-in Mastering Kit
    Recording with drum sounds this real will add a whole new dimension to your music. And when you are done, you can further enhance your work with the built-in Mastering Kit that simulates the equalizing and balancing done during professional mastering sessions.

    User-Friendly Interface
    Zoom engineers worked extremely hard to design a simple and easy-to-use interface. The MRT-3 features optimized key arrangements, transport keys that are common to our MRS Series, and a big, bright display. Great for beginners and professionals alike.

    Illuminated Switches and Pads
    The pads light-up when active so that you can check the sound visually while you record. This function is convenient for checking complicated patterns. In addition, PLAY / STOP / REC switches and mode change switches are also illuminated, letting you see the current status at a glance.

    Touch Sensitive Drum Pads
    In the studio it's hard get the perfect drum mix. Getting the right mic placements, setting the EQ and effects takes time and money. By fully utilizing the touch sensitive pads on the MRT-3, you can create complex drum sounds easily. Touch-sensitive pads allow you to control levels, and mixes in ways that even advanced DAW software can't.

    MIDI IN TerminaL
    Since the MRT-3 is equipped with a MIDI IN terminal, synchronized play with a sequencer or a recorder that has a MIDI clock transmit function is possible. The MRT-3 also supports a Song Position Pointer, so it can be used as external rhythm device for recorders that don't have integrated rhythm sections. In addition, the MRT-3 can be used as a drum sound generator by using a NOTE ON trigger.

    Remote Controlled by Foot Switch
    By connecting an optional FS-01 foot switch, you can use convenient functions such as start/stop, start/pause, trigger bass-drum, open/close high-hat, tap tempo, and mute.

    Light-Weight and Compact, With a 2-way Power Circuit
    A 2-way power circuit is built in, allowing the use of either of a battery or an AC adaptor. The MRT-3 is lightweight and compact, so that it can be taken anywhere. Use it at home, in the studio, or outdoors---any environment you like. The MRT-3 will run continuously for over 15 hours on 4 AA alkaline batteries.

    Optimized For Use With The Zoom MRS-4
    By connecting the MIDI OUT on the Zoom MRS-4 Digital Recorder to the MIDI IN on the MRT-3, and the stereo out on the MRT-3 to the AUX IN on the MRS-4, the two devices will work together as a completely integrated, single recording system. You can create drum patterns using the MRT-3, and then record your audio tracks on the MRS-4. Since there is no need to a record drum parts on the audio tracks, you can use the extra tracks on the MRS-4 for other instruments. Flexible arrangements are possible by changing the drum kit or substituting a pattern after recording.

    Product Specifications

    Zoom MRT-3 Specifications

    • Rhythm patterns: 495 (Preset: 396, User: 99)
    • Songs: Maximum of 9
    • Instruments: 199
    • Drum kits: 70 (Preset: 50, User: 20)
    • Maximum events: 20,000 (Pattern: 1 sound = 1 event, Song: 1 step = 1 event)
    • Tempo: 40 - 250
    • Resolution: 96PPQN
    • Polyphony: 21-voice
    • D/A conversion: 16-bit
    • Sampling frequency: 48kHz
    • Drum pads: 7 (Touch sensitive)
    • Display: 4-digit 7-segment LED
    • Mono out: 1/4 inch phone jack x 1 (Nominal output level: -10dBm, Output impedance: 1kOhms or less)
    • Stereo out: 1/4 inch stereo phone jack x 1 (Nominal output level: -10dBm, Output impedance: 1kOhms or less)
    • Control in: Foot switch Input x 1
    • MIDI: IN x 1
    • Power requirement: AA size battery x 4 or AC adaptor DC9V/300mA/Center minus type
    • Battery life: Over 15 hours (Alkaline type battery)
    • Dimensions: 144(W) x 165(D) x 52(H) mm
    • Weight:440g (Without battery)
    • Supplied accessory: Operation manual

      * 0dBm=0.775Vrms

    Notice: This device is a professional-grade system to be used only in commercial environments.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  631-542-5270 Warranty:  1 Year
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