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Zoom Multistomp MS50G Pedal

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Product Description

Zoom's MS50G MultiStomp Guitar Pedal is the first of its kind. It offers the power of a multi-effects pedal and flexibility of an amp modeler in a single stompbox design. With 55 classic stompbox effects and amp models, easy-to-use interface, auto-chromatic tuner and versatile power options, guitar players will be astonished with how much this single stomp offers.

Zoom Multistomp MS50G Pedal Features

  • Single stompbox design
  • Easy-to-use interface includes LCD, footswitch, and analog-style cursor keys/parameter knobs
  • 55 effects types (47 stompbox effects, 8 amp models) can be used in any combination
  • Use up to six effects simultaneously
  • 30 preset patches ready for immediate use
  • Create and store up to 50 original patches
  • Integrated auto-chromatic tuner
  • Tap tempo function
  • 1/4-inch input jack, two 1/4-inch output jacks
  • Powered by two AA batteries (included), AC (adapter sold separately) and USB bus powered

    Single stompbox design.
    With a heavy duty, die-cast body, the MS50G has the classic look of a single analog stompbox. It features a large LCD, single footswitch and analog-style cursor keys/parameter knobs that form an easy-to-use graphical interface. This intuitive design makes creating, saving and rearranging the effect chain a breeze and provides easy navigation in live and studio settings.

    Amp simulation.
    A newly developed sigmoid curve clipper re-creates the smooth clipping of a tube amp's waveform. This allows the MS50G to simulate amplifier sounds, including clean, crunch and full-gain drive tones that are authentic to the original models while maintaining the nuances of picking and strumming techniques.

    Customize your rig.
    The MS50G's eight super-real amp models range from vintage to the latest trends in amp technology, each with its own distinct cabinet modeling that can be used to alter its tone characteristics. By combining amplifiers and cabinets, you can digitally design your own custom rig.

    The most realistic sounds to date.
    The ZFX-IV DSP effects processor boasts amazing power and clarity, upgrading everything from sound to functionality and operability over previous ZFX versions. By using 32-bit floating-point processing, the MS50G can produce sounds that are more realistic than ever before.

    All the classic stomps in one.
    The MS50G offers 47 diverse types of effects, including some of the world's most popular stompbox guitar pedals and rack-mounted processors. The pedal's wide range of effects includes distortion, compression, modulation, delay and reverb.Up to six simultaneous effects. With the MS50G, you can use up to six stompbox and amp effects simultaneously and arrange them in any order you like. This allows you the freedom to build complex tones, as well as the ability to bring individual elements in and out of the effects chain as you like.

    Presets... Right out-of-the-box.
    Right out-of-the-box, the MS50G also features 30 presets that include a versatile collection of guitar sounds that utilize some of the world's greatest stompbox and amp effects. This extensive catalog of great guitar tones is more than enough to get you started. In addition, the MS50G allows you to create and store up to 50 of your original patches without a hitch.

    Pick your patch order.
    With the MS50G, you can program which patches are recalled and the order in which they appear. For example, you could select three patches-(A) CLEAN TONE, (B) HEAVY RIFF and (C) LEAD SOLO-and program the MS50G to cycle through only those three tones each time you press the footswitch.

    Smaller boards, bigger tones.
    Perfect for use in combination with traditional stompboxes, the MS50G can be added to your pedalboard to decrease the size and complexity of your setup, while expanding your system's effects and modeling capabilities.

    Precise tuning.
    The pedal's auto-chromatic tuner offers smooth, real-time response with precise guitar tuning and accuracy. Whether you're in the middle of a performance or practicing alone, simply hold down the pedal's footswitch to start getting your strings back in tune. In addition, the MS50G's LCD display makes the tuner easy to see on a dark stage. You can also tune silently in the tuner's MUTE mode or with all effects bypassed in its BYPASS mode.

    Power proof.
    The MS50G can operate on three different power sources: AC adapter (sold separately), batteries or USB bus power when plugged into your computer. Two AA alkaline batteries (included) provide seven hours of continuous use.Note: Firmware updates for the MS50G can also be performed when plugged into your computer via USB. Enjoy the world's first single stompbox multi-effects pedal: the MS50G MultiStomp Guitar Pedal from Zoom.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  631-542-5270 Warranty:  1 Year

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Zoom Multistomp MS50G Pedal Specifications
  • Effect Types: 55
  • Simultaneous Effects: 6
  • Patch Memory: 50
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz
  • A/D Conversion: 24bit, 128times over-sampling
  • D/A Conversion: 24bit, 128times over-sampling
  • Signal Processsing: 32bit floating point and 32bit fixed point
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz +1dB -3dB (10kΩload)
  • Display: LCD
  • Input:
    • 1/4 inch phone jack
    • Rated input level: -20dBm
    • Input impedance: 1M ohm
  • Output:
    • 2 x 1/4 inch phone jack
    • Maximum output level: +5dBm
    • Output load impedance: 10k ohm or higher
  • Power
    • DC9V / Center negative / 500mA; ZOOM AD-16 AC adapter (not included)
    • Batteries: AA/LR6 battery x 2; Battery Life: 7 hours (with alkaline batteries)
    • USB: Bus Power
  • Dimensions (DxWxH): 130.3 x 77.5 x 58.5 mm
  • USB: Firmware Update
  • Weight: 350g without batteries

Customer Reviews

E.J Morales Submitted: 11/27/2018
Product Rating
Simple to use.
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
This product is simple to use, very easy to setup and navigate. Sound is not the best but gets the job done. I do recommend this product.
Robert Douglas Submitted: 10/6/2015
Product Rating
Swiss Army knife of guitar pedals.
What is your opinion of this product?
I could sit here and pick this pedal apart but to be fair the practical aspects of employing the upgrades i might suggest would set the price of this product far higher than it is currently. That being said, it is just as the title states, a swiss army knife of guitar pedals. It does all of what it does reasonably well.
Tom Submitted: 9/22/2015
Product Rating
real amp modeling
What is your opinion of this product?
takes time to get the miraculous sounds
Hank Submitted: 11/23/2014
Product Rating
Recommended - great balance of performance and value
What is your opinion of this product?
I bought this pedal specifically to take on a six week tour with a return flight, so hauling a full sized pedal board wasn't an option. The compact size allowed me to stash the unit in my guitar gig bag. The quality of the effects is excellent.Build quality appears to be very good as well. With a bit of tweaking I was able to recreate my basic sound convincingly. The tuner is stable and accurate. The only drawback I encountered is that even if six effects are used simultaneously, only one effect can be foot-switched while playing. For the money,this is the pedal to get. Delighted, no regrets.
CoverBandForLife-Unfortunately from Sunny California Submitted: 2/13/2013
Product Rating

Pretty amazing for single stomp box
Well, it's made in China, surprised?
Too early to tell how reliable, it's digital, so a little more precious.
Your general opinion of this product.
Overall, I'm very impressed even with a few of it's shortcomings.
Intuitive design. Controls layed out well and make sense. The manual sucks.
The sounds are very good. I tested it in the loop and in front of the amp. It worked best in front of the amp for me. I originally wanted to use the time based effects, but liked many of the others. The "others" did not work well in the loop, lots of noise. So in front of the amp it went, last in the chain. You can program your patches in order and program it to toggle with the footswitch, but beware, you can't turn it off! If you program a patch to be a "direct thru" then you're ok but not good for live. I plan on using some effects that I need once in a while but don't have the space on my pedalboard; tremolo, octave, pitch shifter, univibe, etc. I have to manually change it but no biggy. Even if you just use the tuner and one effect, it's a bargain.
The paint job looked good, would have preferred cherry walnut though.
Action? I'm married, I don't get much action.


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