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AKG Quincy Jones Studio Headphones Video

AKG Quincy Jones Studio Headphones Video

AKG Q701 Quincy Jones Signature Reference Headphones
Sparkling harmonics, incredibly low distortion and unequalled realism in the lower frequencies Ė itís the huge, airy, three-dimensional sound available only in the finest high-end speaker systems and microphones. Now, AKG has engineered it into the most accurate and responsive reference headphones they've ever produced, the Q701's. Hear music exactly as the artist intended in true surround sound.

AKG Q460 Quincy Jones Signature Headphones
Signature Edition Q460 mini headphones will connect you to your favorite music from virtually any portable player with all the dynamics you expect - and Quincy Jones demands - from the AKG brand. Designed for long hours of comfortable use, the Q460's fold flat for easy portability and feature a detachable, single-sided cable in two different lengths. We donít think youíll find a livelier, more accommodating traveling companion.

AKG Q350 Quincy Jones Signature In Ear Headphones
With three signature colour combinations to choose from, the AKG Q350 in ear headphones make for a sleek and stylish upgrade to any portable device without compromising best-in class sound or comfort. Designed for durability and high output with the precise, unfiltered acoustics that have made AKG headphones the studio standard for more than 60 years, Q350's crank out big sound at a quality that few headphones can match Ė no matter their size.

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