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Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue Electric Guitar Video

Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue Electric Guitar Video

The Return of a NEW Classic!
When a new guitar design is introduced, history says that guitarists don't immediately accept it. Such was the case with many, now iconic guitars including the Flying-V, Explorer and even the Les Paul. But ultimately, if the design is a great one it will stand the test of time and eventually, find it's place into the guitarist's arsenal of go to axes. When the Nighthawk was first introduced in 1993, it represented a departure from Gibson tradition with it's 25.5 inch scale length and it's versatile combination of coil-tappable humbucking and single pickups. Now, 18 years later, guitarists who originally dismissed the Nighthawk as too different now recognize what a great guitar it really was and is!

Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue Features

  • Solid mahogany body with a glued Slim Taper mahogany neck for a warm tone and great sustain
  • AAA Flame maple veneer gives this guitar a great high end look
  • Humbucker, single coil, and mini humbucker give you almost any tone you want
  • 5 way selector switch plus push/pull coil tap for added versatility
  • Mother of pearl Crown inlays on the rosewood fingerboard

Great Tone Woods and Premium Construction
The design of the Nighthawk is essentially a combination of a SG (lower bout and thinner body) and a Les Paul (upper bout). Like those classic guitars, it features a solid Mahogany body (with added belly scarf for comfort) and a glued-in SlimTaper Mahogany neck giving it a well rounded, warm tone with excellent sustain. To add brilliance as well as a smooth, durable playing surface, the Nighthawk Custom is fitted with an rosewood fingerboard. For even more tonal spice as well as killer looks, a AAA Flame Maple veneer is glued to the top. And don't forget, the Nighthawk bridge with it's string-thru body design ensures even more sustain and power.

Epiphone Nighthawk Custom Reissue Electric Guitar