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Allen and Heath ZED14 USB Audio Mixer Video

Allen and Heath ZED14 USB Audio Mixer Video

The Allen and Heath ZED14 Compact USB Mixer, a small format, USB-equipped stereo mixer for live and recording!
The Allen and Heath ZED14 has a fantastic pedigree which comes from nearly 40 years of making mixing desks for the professional sound community. The audio circuitry is based on years of continual development and refinement and the performance of all the elements within the mixer is has been perfected to ensure the very best sound quality possible.

This is a mixer for anyone, from entry-level to professionals, who appreciates fantastic sound, rugged build quality and imaginative feature sets. It’ll be equally happy running your gig on stage, recording live or mixing down in your studio at home.

Bundled in with this mixer is SONAR LE music creation and audio production software, giving you a fantastic, high spec digital audio workstation. The two team up together in many ways - from straightforward recording of a stereo mix, to recording tracks individually to build up a song, or for inserting a SONAR LE effects plug-in.

Allen and Heath ZED14 USB Audio Mixer