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Ampeg SVT 4PRO Bass Guitar Amplifier Head Video

Ampeg SVT 4PRO Bass Guitar Amplifier Head Video

The Ampeg SVT-4PRO redefines the harmonically rich sound and legendary performance of the Ampeg SVT. This versatile and powerful bass amplifier delivers up to 1600 watts of unsurpassed musical power, and offers the classic vibrancy of tubes with several outstanding features.

In the world of high performance bass amps, Ampeg's SVT amplifiers stand alone. In true Ampeg tradition, the SVT-4 PRO offers you more power, performance and flexibility than any other bass amplifier in its class. Below are some of the outstanding features of the SVT-4PRO - features which set it apart from the competition!

Ampeg SVT 4PRO Features

  • Input Peak LED
  • Dual 1/4-inch Inputs
  • -15 dB Pad
  • Variable 0 - 7:1 Compressor
  • Bright Switch
  • Nine Band Graphic EQ
  • Defeatable Optocoupler Limiters
  • Internal 24 dB/Octave Crossover
  • Linkwitz-Riley State Variable Filters
  • 50 - 1KHz Variable Crossover Point
  • High/Low Balance Control
  • Tuner Out Jack
  • Mute Function
  • 1/4-inch Biamp High and Low Outputs
  • AC Convenience Outlet
  • 15 Amp Circuit Breaker

Ampeg SVT 4PRO Bass Guitar Amplifier Head