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Aphex Comp 500 Audio Compressor Video

Aphex Comp 500 Audio Compressor Video

Not only does the Aphex Comp 500 Audio Compressor sound great, it is also incredibly easy to use and very affordable.
The module is an optical compressor that features an electronically balanced input and a Jensen JT-11DL transformer balanced output. The Aphex COMP 500 also offers stereo linking, LED metering and illuminated switches. The optical element was designed and produced exclusively for Aphex.

Aphex Comp 500 Audio Compressor Features:

  • Jensen output transformer
  • LED metering of Gain Reduction and Output Level
  • Transparency in the behavior of the optical element
  • Release Time flexibility from a leveling amp behavior to a compression behavior
  • Stereo linking to an adjacent COMP 500

Professional Studio Recording-The COMP 500 is well suited for recording and mixing music, dialog or sound effects. The Aphex COMP 500 optical compressor brings your audio levels under control, while preserving tone and attack. Try two COMP 500s stereo linked on your stereo mix buss. The COMP 500 provides top of the line compression and will make for a welcome addition to any studio.

Aphex Comp 500 Audio Compressor