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Aphex Dual RPA 500 Tube Microphone Preamp Video

Aphex Dual RPA 500 Tube Microphone Preamp Video

The new Aphex Dual RPA 500 Tube Microphone Preamp was created with the inspiration of 207D and Channel preamps. This two channel Mic Preamp has the Mic-Limiter technology held by Aphex, 207D and 1788A that works before the preamp. Clipping the input would be nearly impossible with the limiter on. The main applications of this Microphone Preamp are both live performances and professional studio recording. Aphex's Mic Limiting technology is used in every input and is great for live performances. Professional recording utilizes the Dual RPA 500 because of its tube back end that has warmth and gain, while still having the fast response of the solid state front end.

Aphex Dual RPA 500 Tube Microphone Preamps Feature:

  • 3 Way switches selects 16, 20 or 24dBu output levels
  • 20 segment input meter clearly displays input levels
  • 65 dB of gain for operation of dynamic, condenser, and ribbon microphones
  • 26 dB pad for very loud sources
  • Illuminated buttons for Phase Reverse, 75Hz high Pass Filer, Phantom Power, and Mic Limiter on-off
  • Front panel 10Mohm 0.25 inch instrument connection inputs
  • Front panel inputs override the rear inputs in the receiving frame

Professional recording studios also enjoy the 0.25 inch input so that its super easy running instruments through the Mic Preamp. Studios dont have to sacrifice sound and response for anything with this hybrid Mic Preamp. Live performances benefit a lot from the Mic Lim circuit that limits transients before the preamp. The effects of the circuit are there wont be clipping in the preamp or anywhere else down the path. For the perfect use of a Dual RPA 500, use on overhead mics, a drum kit, or a snare drum.

Aphex Dual RPA 500 Tube Microphone Preamp